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Just brigadeiro business plan

  1. 1. JustBrigadeiro^
  2. 2. ContentsThe marketThe 4P’sOur targetThe environmentThe competitorsThe ProductThe PriceThe PromotionThe PlaceWho is it ?How is it ?
  3. 3. IntroductionJust Brigadeiro, a sweet taste from Brazil !Brigadier Eduardo Gomes:Presidential Election 1950Brazilian’s tradition«Vote for the Brigadier: He ishandsome and single !»
  4. 4. The Market
  5. 5. The EnvironmentChocolate is an $83 BILLION a year business, according to researchfirm MarketsandMarkets.Also according to franchisehelp.com, gourmet desserts made ofchocolate will have a share GROWTH OF 13% in the next 4 years.The average American consumes approximately 11.7 POUNDS ofchocolate each YEAR.More than 1.5MILLION monthly searches for terms related toCHOCOLATE and GOURMET DESSERTS.
  6. 6. The Environment20% of growth in 2011 for organic chocolate«Affordable luxury»Dessert trend: Just as guests want savory foods for theirappetizer and entrée, they want many tasty sweet confectionsfor dessert instead of having one large piece of cake.BRIGADEIRO is becoming a big trend on the East Coast,specifically New York, and has been well accepted by theAmerican market.
  7. 7. The CompetitorsDirectAll the brigadeiro brands in the U.S.
  8. 8. The CompetitorsAnd alsoFudgeChocolateTruffleCupcakes485 companies in L.A. 162 companies in L.A. 889 companies in L.A.
  9. 9. Our Target
  10. 10. Our Target MarketParty planners5450 companies in LosAngelesWe need to reach at least 12of them$6 billion revenue-1.0% growth
  11. 11. Our TargetsBaby Boomers Active L.A. womenMeasuring the Market (ages 40-59)Population Size: 74 millionPercent of the Population: 26.1%Percent Growth Forecast by 2010 (ages 45-64): 29.7%SOURCE: U.S. CENSUS BUREAU47% of them like to do different things in the same time.49% have a good taste56% like to have a close group of friends42% like to appeal71% take care of their appearance and image
  12. 12. The 4P’s
  13. 13. The ProductBrazilian candymade withchocolate andconcentrated milkAll naturalFamily recipe53caloriessmall & cutePerfect forparties &events !
  14. 14. The ProductObjectiveTacticsStrategy6000 brigadeiros per month, which is $72,000 a year.Manufacture and create brigadeiros, which is a brazilian chocolate candy.Our different lines of productsBasic : black and whiteFun : personalized, special eventsGourmet: pistachios, fine chocolate & sprinkles
  15. 15. The PriceObjectiveTo earn a profit margin of $50,000 in the first yearand have it icrease by a minimum of 20% each yearPrice QuantityTotalrevenueTotal FixedCostTotalVariableCostTotal Cost(Fixed +Variable)Gross Profit$1 Small 72 000 72,000 1500 28,800 30,300 41,700$2 Cup 12 000 24,000 1500 14,400 15,900 8100TOTAL 84 000 96,000 3000 43,200 46,200 49,800
  16. 16. The PriceFixed costsStrategyVariable costsGas and parking and electricity. The amount that Brigadeiro has devotedto its fixed cost is $3000 per month which is equally divided between thetwo variety of chocolates.All the ingredients required for making both types of Brigadeiro, Baking papers and cups. Theamount taken as the variable cost for both is 40% of cost for the small ones and 60% for the bigones. This brings Brigadiers mark up as 60% and 40% respectively for both kinds of chocolates.Produce 300 small brigadeiros and 50 cups for each party and cater to a minimum of 5 partiesper weekIntroduce the unbeatable variety at very competitve pricesTacticsProvide a good discount for any big orders
  17. 17. The PromotionObjectivesStrategyTo create 100,000 exposuresCreate brand awareness, inform and persuade consumers
  18. 18. The PromotionAestheticwebsiteCouponsSocialNetworksBrochuresNewsletterPRP.O.P.Tactics
  19. 19. The PromotionTotal: 100,000 exposuresJ F M A M J J A S O N D Nb of exposuresBuying cycle1. Website 25,0002. Social Media 20,0003. Newsletter 8,0004. Brochure 15,0005. Coupons 17,0006. PR 10,0007. P.O.P. 5,000No exposureBuying cycle periodExposure
  20. 20. The PlaceObjectivesTo expand the number of distributors for the ‘Just Brigadeiro’ line toinclude at least 12 different distributors in the Greater Los Angeles area.Reach our target market and achieve our short-term fiscal goal by June2014 by means of Selective Distributing through our establish channels.Increase the number of part-time employees to 5 by 2014.Open a brick-and-mortar ‘Just Brigaderios’ store to directly sell tocustomers and facilitate distribution networks. Dependant on profits -intent of opening by late 2016.
  21. 21. StrategyThe PlaceOur primary Distribution Channels involve selling ‘Just Brigadeiro’ through intermediariesto reach our target market:In order to expansively distribute our products, it is vital that we establish channels incollaboration with:Party PlannersIn the Los Angeles area. Our market includes: Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice,Marina Del Rey, Brentwood, Westwood, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Palisades and Malibu.Long term GoalThe long-term goal of ‘JustBrigadeiro’ is to open a directchannel of distribution byestablishing a brick-and-mortarlocation to reach consumers.      
  22. 22. TacticsThe PlaceMulti-channel ApproachDIRECT CHANNEL OF DISTRIBUTION INDIRECT CHANNEL OF DISTRIBUTIONPurchases made directly through‘Just Brigadeiro’ WebpageCustomer orders are made directlythrough the ‘Just Brigadeiro’ webpage.Attributes of each order includequantity, flavors & desired time ofdelivery.Logistics:Packaging, Handling & Shipping will be performed bythe business associates directly.Delivery will be dependant on location (<50 mileradius)Accept orders through PayPal and credit cardtransaction to complete sale.  Sales made through Intermediariesby means of Intensive Distribution of ProductPromotional activities through Party plannersCompanies & various media will allowcustomers to approach ‘Just Brigadeiros’ torequest Brigadeiros to be served at theirevent.‘Just Brigadeiros’ functions by handling theproduction, packaging and final sale of order.Logistics:By coordinating with the various distributors (party planners),‘Just Brigadeiros’ will work in conjunction to bring theproduct to the necessary location.Transportation to & distribution of Brigadeiros at event ismanaged by the intermediary.Manufacturer‘Just Bridageiro’Intermediary‘Party Planners’ConsumerManufacturer‘Just Bridageiro’Consumer
  23. 23. The SWOT
  24. 24. The Breakeven point
  25. 25. The Breakeven point
  26. 26. Thank you foryourattention !