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  • The storyline of my video is that Paul wakes up one morning and discovers that he cannot stop dancing. He goes about his daily activities while dancing, however, when he is at college he is told of for his dancing as his college has a ‘no shuffling’ policy. This upsets Paul so he goes to see the college nurse to try and cure his uncontrollable dancing. The nurse is baffled and cannot find a cure, so Paul is in despair. However, the video ends well as Paul finds a friend who also cannot stop dancing, and he is glad that he is not alone. The ‘shuffling fever’ begins to spread as more and more people begin to join in dancing.
  • My audience feedback has been mostly positive – they have been impressed by my work and find the video comical, which was the desired effect.However, a few people have said the camera work needs working on as some of the footage is quite shaky – this emphasises the importance of using the correct equipment such as a tripod to keep the camera steady, as this will result in a more professional looking finished piece. Additionally, one person has suggested that using a wider range of different shots, such as more close ups, would have improved the video.

Evaluation presentation Evaluation presentation Presentation Transcript

  • In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? We have chosen to create a music video for Party Rock Anthem byLMFAO, which is within the pop/hip-hop genre. We have renamed the song ‘Party Shuffle’ as the song lyrics are about partying and the lyrics, ‘Everyday I’mshuffling’ are the most well known part of the song, and also our video focuses on the dance aspect of the song. This is similar to other music videos within the pop/hip-hop genre, such as Yeah 3X by Chris Brown, as this music video also focuses mainly on the dance scenes. Yeah 3x video Party Shuffle video
  • Our video is narrative and performance based. We have used lots of dancescenes, which is a typical convention of an upbeat pop video, and our video also has a storyline. This is similar to other comedy themed videos within the pop genre, for example, Last Friday Night by Katy Perry. Brief storyboard from my Party Shuffle video Brief storyboard from Last Friday Night by Katy Perry
  • The opening of the video suggest that:-The video will be comical – one of the first shots used is a close up of Paul looking extraordinarily happy. - Performance based – he jumps straight out of bed and begins dancing. - Narrative based – the camera follows Paul as he carries out his ‘morning routine’ whilst dancing. The opening sequence from ‘Party Shuffle.’
  • Paul’s outfit for the video However, we have also challenged the conventions of a pop video: - Set in a house/college – everyday setting. - Costume is quite plain – Paul is an ordinary kind of character. - This would appeal to the audience as it is more relatable. - It makes the situation seem more bizarre and comical. Screenshots of the main settings from Party Shuffle
  • Close ups of Pauly-K, the main artist, are used frequently. This is so the audience can see his facial expressions clearly, which adds to the comicalvalue of the video. Close-ups are a convention of pop/hip-hop music videos and comedy videos as it is important that the audience can see the artist’s facial expressions. A close up shot from ‘Last Friday Night’ by Katy Perry. A close up shot from ‘Party Shuffle.’ A close up shot from ‘So What’ by Pink.
  • I have used some video transitions within my music video in the form of crossdissolves. Video transitions are a convention used frequently in pop/hip-hopmusic videos. Use of a cross dissolve within ‘Party Shuffle.’ Use of a cross dissolve within ‘All About Tonight’ by Pixie Lott.
  • How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? I think that my ancillary project suits the pop genre well as I have used lots ofbright, vibrant colours and have included photos of my artist as a main part of the text, which is a main convention of a pop album cover/poster as they always feature the artist as a main part of the piece.I have used photos of Paul dancing on my album cover as this connotes the lyrics of the song and also the storyline of the music video, therefore both my main product and my ancillary products match each other. My CD label My poster My album cover
  • On my CD cover I have used picturesof Paul dancing as this connotes thetheme of the music video and thesong lyrics. Paul looks happy in thesepictures which reflects the upbeat andcheerful theme of the song.The chunky fonts used connote thepop genre and this song in particularas they are very eye-catching and in-your-face.The bright colours connote thebizarreness of the video and the songlyrics.I have used the same ‘Pauly-K’logo, font style and colour schemefor each of my ancillary projects.This means that the design for myancillary projects are consistentwhich result in them looking like amore professional text.
  • What have you learned from your audience feedback?I conducted this questionnaire and handed it out to twenty people who have viewed my music video.
  • These are the results: 9/10 – 10% 8/10 – 30% 7/10 – 50% 6/10 – 10% Yes – 80% Somewhat – 20%
  • Yes – 90% No – 10%Yes – 80%No – 10%Parts of it – 10%
  • Do you think there is something we could improve on? Yes No Yes – 50% No – 50% 50% 50%If yes, what do you think could have been improved? The camerawork Camerawork – 80% The dance scenes Dance scenes – 10% Could have used a wider range of shots Range of shots – 10% 10% 10% 80%
  • How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Whilst creating my video we used an SD card video camera to capture thefootage and tripod. I had never used this equipment before so I learnt how to capture footage on this type of camera, set up the tripod and to upload the footage onto a computer.
  • While editing my music video I used Adobe Premiere, which I have neverused before. I learned how to import video/audio clips, cut the clips, use video transitions, use audio transitions and how to export the finished video.
  • Importing a video clip
  • Using the ‘razor’ tool to cut a video clip
  • Video transitions using a cross dissolve
  • Audio transitions – using constant power to fade the music
  • Exporting a video clip
  • I used Youtube.com to upload my finished project.
  • After I uploaded my finished video to Youtube.com I noticed that there were a few ‘broken frames.’ This occurs when an SD card camera is used to capture video footage and it makes one frame of the video flash red. In order to fix this I had to go back onto premiere, find thebroken frames within the project and use the razor tool to cut them out.
  • During the process of making my ancillary projectI have used Adobe Photoshop to change theappearance of photos/text to create aprofessional looking album cover and poster.
  • Cutting round part of a picture on Photoshop
  • Using a gradient effect on text on Photoshop
  • Using the ‘plastic wrap’ effect on text on Photoshop
  • I have also downloaded fonts from Dafont.com to include varying styles of text on my ancillary project.
  • I used Slideshare.net to upload my research presentations onto my blog.