Think Clean Go Green - Madeleine arkenfjäll
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Think Clean Go Green - Madeleine arkenfjäll






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Think Clean Go Green - Madeleine arkenfjäll Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Think Clean - Go Green
    Eskilstuna, Sweden
  • 2. Positive - Recycling
    Both private individuals, schools and companies are more and more concerned about the environment. We are trying to recycle for example plastic, paper and all different kinds of garbage.
  • 3. Biogas
    Almost every bus in Eskilstuna is using biogas as fuel instead of gasoline. Gasoline gives much more bad emissions than bio-gas.
  • 4. Take a walk
    A lot of the Swedes are eco-conscious and are taking a walk or the bike as often as possible instead of taking the car to short distances. Otherwise they’re trying to go by car together.
  • 5. Negative nr 1 – few bike roads
    There are a lot of bad bike roads in Eskilstuna. That leads to that many people are taking the car instead or being forced to ride on dangerous roads.
  • 6. Negative nr 2 - Too much photocopying
    In Swedish schools we copy far too much paper, even more than we need. Besides, the students throw away or lose the papers almost immediately.
  • 7. Negative nr 3 - Bad waste sorting
    Students do not use waste sorting in the right way.
    Students are mixing their garbage even if there are different trash cans in the schools.
  • 8. Solution 1.
    We think that the community should spend more money on the enviroment and build more roads where you can drive your bikecycle on. It makes it easier for people who ride bikes and it makes it more friendly for the enviroment.
  • 9. Solution 2.
    We think that instead of copying all these papers, the teachers should put the information on the internet. In that way everyone can find it, and we’ll save a lot of time and paper.
  • 10. Solution 3.
    A lot of people do not know in which garbage bag they should put things in. That´s why we think there should be pictures or some sort of information on the garbage bag so you’ll put the rights things in the right bag. We also think that more people should have more information about these kind of enviromental matters.