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A look at netflix in canada

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  1. 1. ACloserLookatNetFlixCanadaACloserLookatNetFlixCanada A closer look at NetFlix in Canada By Carolina Pinho
  2. 2. ACloserLookatNetFlixCanada About NetFlix • NetFlix is an Internet movie subscription service that offers the opportunity to instantly watch unlimited movies and TV episodes streamed from NetFlix to TVs and computers. • Officially launched in Canada on September 22nd, 2010, the introduction marks the first availability of the NetFlix service outside the United States. • The cost is $7.99 a month. A free one month trial is offered in order to enhance customer’s experience. ACloserLookatNetFlixCanada
  3. 3. ACloserLookatNetFlixCanada Objective and Criterias • The purpose of this analysis is to explore how Twitter was affected by the launch of NetFlix in Canada. • The following criterias were adopted:  Timeline used: from May 8th, 2010 to Nov 6th, 2010.  Language chosen: English.  Keywords used on search: NetFlix.  Country chosen: Canada. • Results: over 42,823 tweets and 26.5 million impressions.
  4. 4. ACloserLookatNetFlixCanada Competition • is NetFlix’ strongest competitor, offering online orders and mail delivers and returns.  The cheapest plan offered costs $10.95 per month and allows only one DVD out –a-time with unlimited DVDs out per month.  There are no due dates or late fees.  Only 96 tweets sent from May 8th, 2010 to Nov 6th, 2010 compared to 42,823 NetFlix tweets sent over the same period. NetFlix
  5. 5. ACloserLookatNetFlixCanada NetFlix’s Tweets Popularity • Burst of 8156 tweets on Sep 22nd, when the product was launched in Canada. • 2961 tweets on July 19th when NetFlix announced product launch in Canada (compare it to 21 tweets on the previous day and 519 on the following day ). • A few days after the official launch in September 22nd , the number of tweets almost went back to the pre- launch average of 500 tweets per day.
  6. 6. ACloserLookatNetFlixCanada • Some companies are now hiring a “monitor”, someone who will spend their time monitoring social media conversations , interfering at the exact moment when a simple comment can become a huge problem or even a crisis. • Knowing the top ten twitter users, NetFlix could monitor what they are talking on twitter and interfere if and when necessary. Twitter Users with Most Mentions Twitter Sources for NetFlix
  7. 7. ACloserLookatNetFlixCanada Twitter Reach Reach: 26.5 million impressions Total Tweet Count: 42,823 (estimated total) • The blue graphic shows us that 58.60% of messages are regular tweets, against 11.47% Retweets and 29.92% Replies. • This means that Twitter users are not engaging on conversations neither creating new content. • The orange chart shows us that each Twitter user is exposed just once to a tweet. • This confirms that Twitter messages about NetFlix are not having a lot of exposure. Twitter Reach for NetFlix
  8. 8. ACloserLookatNetFlixCanada • The BuzzGraph shows the words that appear frequently along NetFlix. • Although the product is also available on PS3 and Nintendo Wii, the graphic shows Xbox as the strongest connexion to the product. This is a relevant information that NetFlix could use when planning the strategy for a new campaign. • Those keywords seen on the graph can also be used in the event of a new search (NetFlix decides to understand better what people are saying about them and Xbox for example). The NetFlix’s BuzzGraph
  9. 9. ACloserLookatNetFlixCanada NetFlix’ Sentiment 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% Positive Negative Neutral • Sentiment shows that a large quantity of messages on twitter are neutral • Positive and Negative comments are balanced • Again, we confirm that NetFlix is not getting exposure as Twitter users are not engaging conversations or creating a new content. Sentiment Chart
  10. 10. ACloserLookatNetFlixCanada Conclusion • Many twitter users have a neutral opinion about NetFlix (80%). Yet, there was a huge burst on Sep. 22nd confirming that twitter users know the brand, are interested on the service but somehow get disappointed when experiencing the product. • NetFlix should leverage MAP with the following actions: • Listen and monitor what people are saying about their product and brand on the social medias. Based on that, improve their product (e.g. offering more movies tittles and new releases). • Listen to what people are talking about NetFlix and Xbox, using this strong linkage in their marketing and sales strategies, as Xbox is a powerful brand. • Knowing who the top ten twitter users are allows NetFlix to monitor what they are talking on twitter and interfere if and when necessary. Taking charge of the situation as early as possible will help NetFlix to avoid future problems or even a crisis.