LAX AirportLAX is one of the busiest airports in the USA. Los Angeles International Airport is located right next tothe Pa...
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LAX Airport (3)


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LAX Airport (3)

  1. 1. LAX AirportLAX is one of the busiest airports in the USA. Los Angeles International Airport is located right next tothe Pacific Ocean more towards the south side of Los Angeles California. LAX has 8 main terminals,one of which is the Bradley International Terminal which is where the majority of the internationalflights will base from. You will hear the LAX terminals referred to as T1 or T7 by people that workinside the airport which denotes the terminal which circle the airport in sequence, so dont worry "theGovenator" is not going to terminate you!The layout of the airport is a double decked configuration that is a very large oval. Airport arrivals arelocated on the ground floor if you will, and airport departures are located on the upper deck. Theinside circumference of the airport is an even mile. At the end of terminal 8 there is a private jetentrance and exit, but there is not a lot of private aviation at LAX.For LA bound private aviation you are more likely to see the big corporate jets at Van Nuys, which isone of the biggest and busiest private jet airports in the USA. You will also see a lot of small privateplanes using Santa Monica airport if the passengers are going into Los Angeles. There are also otherairports in the region that are part of LA including Long Beach, Burbank, and Hawthorne.LAX has as you would imagine a lot of different airport transportation options with the most usedbeing the airport taxi and limo companies, which would be the very expensive options. Airport limoscan be a good deal if you have a group that is too big for a taxi, if you charter the limousine it will workout to be comparable to a airport shuttle but you get to ride in style!The next best option if price was your major concern would be the multi stop airport shuttles whichbundle one or two, or maybe on rare busy occasions, as many as 4 or 5 different locations in onegeneral area together, so Encino and Tarzana or Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades, or Hermosaand Manhattan Beach. Many of the big hotels also have airport shuttles for their guests.Fly away bus is a great concept that works as advertised if you are close to one of there locations,you can walk, have a friend or family drop you or take a cab, and they leave at least every hour ormore during really heavy times. The cost from Van Nuys Airport to LAX is Six dollars, as I rememberthe taxi cost more by double the amount to go a couple of miles than the airport shuttle bus!Something to keep in mind is that they do not accept cash only credit cards and debit cards for theVan Nuys Fly Away. There are also specialty airport buses that run from the Disney Land & Orangecounty area.Enjoy your LAX flights to where ever in the world you call home and we will look forward to seeingyou in California again!California real estate