SPM Practice-Presentation On Royal Wedding


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This is a practice aiming at being familiar with Strategic Public Relations Model. Copyright@Carole Yanxin Zhou.

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SPM Practice-Presentation On Royal Wedding

  2. 2. BACKGROUD “The Queen is supported in her official duties by other working members of the Royal Family who carry out a wide range of public engagements.”
  3. 3. BACKGROUD Decades of scandals andembarrassments after“wedding of the century” Debate about abolishingthe Royal Family Economic Depression
  4. 4. SAME WEDDING BETTER COUPLE? They met in the college They are in a stable relationship Prince William is the most popular royal Kate is from a middle-class family and she’s charming
  5. 5. BUSINESS GOALA brand re-building for the whole family: “Modern Monarchy”Win a broad public’s support so that the royal family can be maintained
  6. 6. STATEMENT OF PROBLEMProblem: The functions of monarchyhas been weakened Economic situation is notoptimistic. Shadow of the scandals ofCharles and Diana
  7. 7. STATEMENT OF OPPORTUNITY Opportunity:  Young generation impressed the public with positive image  People like to chase their interesting life details  People in Britain are more open- minded
  8. 8. RESEARCHResearch Goals:To understand the current attitude of people toward the Royal Family, theRoyal couple and their incoming weddingResearch Methodology:Primary Research:The PR team of the Royal Wedding can be coordinated with someprofessional research institution. For example, the YouGov@Cambridge.They did a survey by throwing a national poll named Royal Wedding Specialthrough April 26th-27th, 2011.Online Monitoring: Use the Royal Family’s Official Website; the RoyalWedding’s Official Website and all the social media account to do on-linemonitoring.Secondary Research: Check the family history of the Royal Family;analyze the previous news reports of the Royal Family
  10. 10. STRENGTHEN “Monarchy is the most important symbol for defining “Britishness”
  11. 11. STRENGTHEN 68% of people think Prince William would “make a good King” while 63% people think Kate Middleton will “make a good Queen”
  12. 12.  GET MARRIED FOR LOVE• Met in St. Andrews University where they were studying art history.• The marriage is the natural result of their long-term relationship.• Also they lived together publicly for a long time before official engagement, which is a very “modern” way but the first time in the history of Royal Family.
  13. 13. STRENGTHEN Kate is “SUITABLE”• Kate is a “commoner” who was raised and born in a middle-class family.----“Hello, my people, the Familywants to stand close to you”?
  14. 14. STRENGTHENKate is “a conservative’sstyle icon”• A young and lovelywoman. Always smiling.• Her pictures can be evenfound in the fashionsection
  15. 15. STRATEGIC IMPLICATION Value the traditional side of theMonarchy and Royal Family; Maintain the positive image of thenew generation (Prince William, KateMiddleton, and Prince Harry etc.) ofthe Royal Family; Build the relevance between theRoyal Family and common people; Try to modernize the Royal Familyas much as possible.
  16. 16. WEAKNESS It costs a lot of money• Only the ceremony would cost at least $34 Million, including $32 million for security, $800,00 for flowers and $600,000 for receptions.• It would impress people that the Family is extravagant and wasteful, especially when 50% of working class respondents consider they are “less wealthy” since 1981.
  17. 17. WEAKNESSImpressed public negatively:Kate’s family company mightgrow up by relying on theroyal family.
  18. 18. WEAKNESS Shadow of Charlesand Diana’s Marriage• Weddingceremony, weddingring, the future ofmarriage etc.
  19. 19. STRATEGIC IMPLICATION Avoid lead the public to feel that the wedding is extravagantand they have to pay a lot of money for it. Emphasize that the key of development of Kate’s familycompany is not relying on the Royal Family but to providecompetitive products and play a fair game. Convince the public that last generation’s tragedy would notbe repeated in this new and blessed couple.
  20. 20. OPPORTUNITY The British social attitudes are moreopening and tolerant. Only 10% people consider sex before marriage are wrong and 21% consider homosexuality are wrong in 2011, comparing to the 28% and 62% in 1984.
  21. 21. OPPORTUNITY Most people say they belong to the middle class or to the workingclass, which means the whole social structure is more stable thanbefore. And since Kate’s from middle-class family rather than a royalrelative, it also means it’s easier to pull closer the distance betweenthe Royal Family and the public.
  22. 22. People have more welcoming attitude aboutthe Monarch’s and the Royal Family’sexistences than 11 years ago.• 45% people consider the state of the Monarch would stay the same, comparing to the 27% people in 2000.• 97% consider the Royal Family would exist for next 40 years in 2011 while only 72% people had the same thoughts back in 2000.
  23. 23. OPPORTUNITY  People consider the Royal Wedding as a positive way to help people view the monarchy and the Royal Family
  24. 24.  The well-developed socialmedia enable the Royal Family tobe more interactive with commonpeople.
  25. 25. STRATEGIC IMPLICATION Story-telling is important Truly “Like ” the Royal Family rather than simply tolerate or respect Show the fact that the royal working members are working hard to foster the development of the Britain.
  26. 26. THREATS Most people who are interested in the Royal Wedding are women. People in London are among the most indifferent groups 55% people consider the media’s coverage of the Royal Wedding is toomuch, which might result the antipathy from people toward this issue. Economists warn that the four-days weekends because of the weddingmight at least cost the economy 5 billion pounds lost.
  27. 27. STRATEGIC IMPLICATION  Avoiding turning it into merely a soap opera.  Do not occupy all the pages of newspapers or all the channels of TV.  Make clear the lost of the economy as well as the benefits of the four-days weekend.
  28. 28. COMMUNICATIONS GOAL• The Britain is still a competitive and prosperous country.• The Monarchy and the Royal Family still have fair reasons to survive since they play important roles in the British culture.• The royal working members, especially the young generation, can be the moral mode for the British people.• When the time comes, William would be a good King while Kate would be a good Queen.
  29. 29. OBJECTIVES• By September, 2011, increase by 10% positive opinion among people to the future of the Britain, especially the future of British economy.• By September, 2011, increase by 20% positive opinion among people to the behaviors of new royal couple.KEY AUDIENCES• People whose age are among 25-70 years old.• People who share neutral attitude toward the Royal Family.
  30. 30. KEY MESSAGES The United Kingdom is still a prosperous country, which plays a great role in the world. The Royal Family is trying to be a “Modern Monarchy”. The Royal Family is making efforts for the benefits of the common people and welcome Kate to the Royal Family is a significant step. William and Kate are marrying because of true love. The Royal Wedding can bring great benefits both to the British culture and the economy.
  31. 31. STRATEGIES AND TACTICS Tactical As a couple, they always show up together and doing things together A picture is really worth a thousand words Taking advantage of social media trend and being more interactive Emphasize that Kate was born in middle class.
  32. 32. STRATEGIES AND TACTICSThematic: Engagement is a good starting It’s a Modern Monarchy• Tradition is still a good thing• Yay! We’re “Modern Family” Tell the public a sweet story about true love.
  33. 33.  Economic would gain benefits, despite of the huge cost ofthe ceremony.
  34. 34. Tonality Plain. (1) Use social media to reach a broad audience. (2) Do story telling. Sweet. They would tease each other in front of the camera. In their announcement video of engagement, Kate said “William is a true romantic” with a sweet smile. Candid. William and Kate have both expressed their pre-nuptial jitters in front of public. Such kind of statement is candid and full of human emotion, which makes this couple lovelier.