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    There's-Plenty-Of-Reasons-To-Drink-A-Healthier-Cof43 There's-Plenty-Of-Reasons-To-Drink-A-Healthier-Cof43 Document Transcript

    • Theres plenty of reasons to drink a healthier coffee. Recent studies may have shown that regular coffee has many health benefits, but these same benefits are often cited as causing various diseases as well. With theintroduction of healthy coffee, you can now be sure to get your delicious shot of java from a trusted source that delivers real health benefits, and no contradictions. HealthyCoffee Product Review - Is It Actually Coffee?green coffee extract
    • Yes SereniGy healthier coffee is made with a 100% arabica bean (the finer ofthe coffee beans) In the case of our gourmet black coffee, it is pre-brewed andmade with the whole bean, which gives it an exceptional and clean tasteSereniGy black coffee also contains a very low level of sodium which is oftenfound in many other coffee products Healthy Coffee Product Review - WhatMakes It Healthier? The infusion of our proprietary 100% certified organicganoderma blend is what gives this coffee its health benefits The addition ofthis herb helps negate the side effects that typically come with coffee, includingjitters, crash, headaches, anxiety, mood swings, and sleep disturbance toname a few
    • Not only that, this healthy coffee will provide you with additional healthbenefits that can be very noticeable once you have consumed the product fora short period of time (3 months) Its always important to note that the use ofthe entire ganoderma herb, not just bits and parts, is critical in terms of itshealing effect The benefits you notice will be largely determined by theintegrity of the ganoderma herb To understand the powerful effects ofganoderma (also known as reishi), visit this third party website To watch avideo from our product formulator, go here
    • Healthy Coffee Product Review - What Else Is In the Coffee? In the case ofthe SereniGy Black healthy coffee, there is nothing else added aside from100% arabica bean coffee and 100% certified organic ganoderma Asmentioned earlier, many other coffee companies have additional ingredientsnot listed which often raises their sodium levels Healthy Coffee ProductReview - What Are the Benefits? Once you realize the power of ganoderma,you will understand that its not a "run of the mill" herb Its ability to normalizeall the bodys process is the simple, yet powerful way it can have so manypositive health benefits Some of the benefits include sleep improvement,higher level of energy and stamina, natural detoxification, immune systemsupport, normal blood sugar support, healthy circulation support, and nervoussystem balance
    • For a list of additional benefits, please visit www reishi com Healthy CoffeeProduct Review - Where Is the Research? The history of ganoderma can betraced back over 4000 years in Asia, and it has been extensively studied in thelast century There are more than 3 million pages of third party documentationon this herb, and plenty of research articles pointing out the same healthbenefits described here, and more
    • To get a start, check out the research articles on www reishi com, as well asPubmed com Healthy Coffee Product Overview - Is It Price Competitive?SereniGy healthier coffee is very price competitive, especially when youconsider the value it brings to your health over regular coffee
    • You can enjoy the SereniGy black coffee for anywhere between 67 cents to$1 17 a cup Typically, people will pay anywhere from $1 50 to $5 00 a cup,with NONE of the benefits described here
    • Healthy Coffee Product Overview - Summary If you are going to consumecoffee, then you should consider looking into healthy coffee Aside fromhelping negate the side effects, healthy coffee provides health benefits youcan really feel by simply consuming your cup of coffee every morning Oncepeople get into green coffee extract their routine with healthy coffee, they havelittle to no desire to go back to their old habits If you would like to learn moreabout somekeyword, please visit somekeyword
    • green coffee extract