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Coffee-Lovers-Will-Likely-Know-The-Differences-Bet124 Document Transcript

  • 1. Coffee lovers will likely know the differences between a mocha, a latte and a cappuccino, but not all of them will necessarily know what all the labels and designations on their coffee mean. For instance they might not know what fair trade means - we see iteverywhere from plants to our beloved coffee, but what does it actually represent?green coffee bean extract weight loss
  • 2. Well essentially fairtrade means that the coffee has been made insuch a way as to help producers in developing countries by providingthem with - well you guessed it - fair trade and to promotesustainability In the past certain imports such as the coffee bean,as well as cocoa, sugar, tea, honey, bananas etc, could be obtainedincredibly cheaply due to the financial disadvantage of thosecountries which produced it In other words, whereas $1 may besmall change to us, to them it cold be a days wages and so thatsthe kind of pay that we could get away with over there
  • 3. This of course is highly unfair and its sad and ironic that thepeople who need that extra money most are the same people whoare receiving the least This is where fair trade steps in With fairtrade you pay a slightly higher price for your produce, but this meansthat more of that profit can go back to the third world countries - bothas cash in hand and in order to promote sustainability and generallyhelp them to continue trading
  • 4. Fair trade has thus become a stamp of approval, which allowsdiscriminating customers to seek out those products that they knoware not exploiting the poorer countries This is then a win-win-winsituation The consumer wins because for only a fraction more theyget the same coffee but also get to feel good about themselves, theshop owner wins because even though they may be potentiallylosing a little profit on each coffee sold, they are nevertheless gainingby shifting enough units, and the traders in the third world countriesof course win as well because they are selling their product for moreand getting to look after their businesses
  • 5. green coffee bean extract weight loss What this means is that as abuyer it is highly important to look for that fair trade logo when buyingproducts At the same time it means that if you make coffee or tradein coffee you should seek to earn Fair Trade accreditation
  • 6. This will help you to sell more than your competition that isntlooking after the best interests of those who need it, but further it willhelp you to improve your reputation beyond that Even people whoarent your customers will be aware of your policies and the effortsyou are making to promote fair trade and this will boost yourreputation
  • 7. Finally fair trade will help you run a good business that is doinggood for the planet instead of doing damage As well as looking afterthose hard working traders who need the money to provide theirfamilies, you will also be helping to keep supplies more sustainablethus ensuring that there is still a coffee business in a hundred yearstime
  • 8. More and more people are thinking about where theirsomekeyword come from This has seen a similar rise in the demandfor somekeyword
  • 9. green coffee bean extract weight loss