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  • 1. Acne and Hormones shgh
  • 2. We have much of the role of hormones,in acne and it is worthsaying a little bit more about them before answering more questionsThe hormones that are important in acne are the sex hormones,which star being produced in larges quantities from pubertyAndrogens such as testosterone are the main male hormones,andprogesterone and oestrogen are the female ones It may seemstrange that women produce some male hormones, but theoestrogen is made from testosterone by special cells in the ovaries
  • 3. No all of it is used, so some does pass into the blood stream andcirculates round the body The female hormones can have amodifying effect on the action of the testosterone,which is whyhormonal changes and treatments apply only to women In generalprogesterone will tend to make acne worse and oestrogen will makeit better by making the skin less responsive to testosterone Mydaughter has not started her periods yet (she is 15) but has hadspots for the past two years
  • 4. I thought you had to have your periods before getting spots is thislikely to improve once she stars her periods? Starting periods isonly one of the changes associated with puberty Her level ofhormones heve probably been rising for several years and will havehad other effects on her body such as growth of breasts andsprouting hair in the pubic area She is probably normal butoccasionally there are some problems with the mix of hormones thatcan produce bad acne and stop periods, so it may be worthdiscussing things with her doctor
  • 5. Ive been told that there might be a problem with my ovaries andthat is why I get acn If this is so, what is it, and why do boys getacn? You might have a condition called Polycystic Ovaries Tounderstand this condition you have to know a little bit About how theovaries work They contain specialised cells that produce eggs andthe hormones to make the eggs mature ready for fertilisation and tomaintain a pregnancy if conception occurs
  • 6. Lots of eggs try to mature together and come up to the surface ofthe ovariy in separate -packages- (follicles) with thehormone-producng cells Usually , one of the follicles becomesdominant and grows into a fluid-filled sac, or cyst, which then burststo release the egg This cyst can measure 2 cm before it bursts Ifthe egg is not fertilised, the whole process stars again
  • 7. Polycystic ovaries occur when twice as many follicles as normal starto grow each month and none of them emerges as the dominant one We do not yet understand why this happens but the result is thatmany follicles survive to form cyst These are smaller than thenormal single cyst-5-8mm- and gradually collect on the outer part ofthe ovary
  • 8. hgh -poly- just means -many- ; and all these extra cysts make theovary twice its normal size As well as being larger, a polycysticovary does not work as well Slightly higher levels of testosterone areproduced and it is not changed into oestrogen as efficiently
  • 9. This leads to more testosterone getting into the blood stream andaffecting your skin , to cause acn Boys have a higher levels oftestosterone because it is their main hormone to find out more visit:somekeyword
  • 10. hgh