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Powerpoint presentation from Sept 2011 - where to find resources on composers for 8th grade Music research project

Powerpoint presentation from Sept 2011 - where to find resources on composers for 8th grade Music research project



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    Gr8composerpaper09 Gr8composerpaper09 Presentation Transcript

    • Tips & hints from your friends The Pine Point School Library/Technology Center Your @ 8th Grade Music Class Composer Biography … … …
    • Let’s start with Patron’s Catalog
      • Think about your search terms
      • Your composer’s name (duh!)
      • It’s also worth just checking
      • under “Composers”
      • Leave it in keyword mode
    • Let’s start with Patron’s Catalog
      • What are you likely to find?
        • books
        • some magazines
        • perhaps a DVD? Or cassette tape/CD?
        • possibly pamphlet files
    • Let’s start with Patron’s Catalog
      • Which sections of the library have what you need?
      Shall we try it? Click on the InfoCentre icon remember, books we’re going to share are on the special reserve shelf - look for the the “special icon”…
      • B - Biographies
      • B 920 - Collective biographies
      • 780’s (Music) - check Reference, too
    • Internet websites
      • Do you Google?
      Not for this report you don’t!
    • But wait, there’s hope…
      • Paid database subscriptions to the rescue!!
      http://www. pinepoint .org/ ltc
    • Databases
      • iConn
      www. pinepoint .org/ ltc http://www. iconn .org/ Select “High School” under “Search Individual resources”
    • Databases
      • iConn
      www. pinepoint .org/ ltc http://www. iconn .org/
      • Discovering Collection
      • Biography in Context
      • History in Context
    • Databases
      • EBSCOHost Web -
      http://www. pinepoint .org/ librarytechnology .html History Reference Center
    • Periodicals - Print
      • Calliope, Cobblestone
        • Use the print index, or go online with…
      For historical figures: For 20th century, contemporary folks:  Biography Today Current Biography  http://www. pinepoint .org/ librarytechnology .html
    • Periodicals - Online
      • EBSCOHost - Middle Search Plus:
      • http://search. epnet .com/
      www. pinepoint .org/ltc
    • Periodicals - Online
      • iConn
      www. pinepoint .org/ltc http://www. iconn .org/
      • InfoTrac Student ed.
      • Academic OneFile
    • Websites
      • You have tried ALL the sources we’ve shown you, and you’re still short on info…
      You may use the web and only IF IF, but remember, you must do some quality control on your own, and BEWARE the dreaded “Ellie’s”…
    • Websites - Authenticity
      • Who the heck is responsible for the page, and what makes them an expert?
      Anybody remember Ellie Crystal ?
    • Websites - Authority
      • Remember, books, magazines, paid databases (“the invisible web”) have had at least an initial “authority check” by librarians, editors, etc.
      When it comes to websites, that job belongs to…
    • Websites - Authenticity
      • .edu
      • .gov
      • .org
      • .com
      • .net
      • .mil
    • Websites - Authenticity
      • .edu --higher education or beauty school? Is it the official website of the school? Does it belongs to a faculty member (is it a personal or teaching page) or a student or a staff member? (~ %)
      • .gov --federal government? Might it be politically tinted?
      • .org ---not-for-profit organization. What is the group's ideology or common interest?
      • .com --commercial vendor? Is it sponsored by a commercial vendor? Paid for with advertising?
      • .net --This can be any individual who can afford to pay for server space? ISP itself? Individual? Not-very-organized group?
      dot-what??? Taken from Jan Sauer’s website - “Thinking Critically About Information” (University of South Alabama)
    • Websites If you must use a website (other than our paid databases), then you MUST fill in & turn in one of these …
    • Other annoying requirements While we’re at it, don’t forget!! EVERYONE MUST :
      • turn in a properly formatted works cited
      • Take notes on NoodleBib
    • Other annoying requirements What else??
      • At least one of your sources must be a print source
      • You must use at least 2-3 sources
      • No webpages* (PPS subscription databases are A-OK, tho’!)
      * Rare exceptions made with permission from Ms. Lozis and/or Mrs. Ansel FIRST--and one of the website evaluation sheets--in dire emergencies only! Remember, the first thing we’ll ask you is to show us that you’ve tried all those recommended places first! Otherwise, no dice!
      • Summary - where you’re going to look…
      • InfoCenter (books etc.)
      • Periodicals (print)
        • Current Biography
        • Biography Today
        • Cobblestone/Calliope
      • iConn -
        • Discovering Collection
        • Biography in Context
        • History in Context
      • Online periodicals (Middle Search)
    • Works Cited - NoodleTools to the rescue!
      • Go to library webpage: www.pinepoint.org/ ltc
      • Login to the account you made for this year
      • Make a new project
      • Share it - Composers Grade 8 2011
      • When in doubt, just ask - we’re here to help!
      The End