Diary of a passion


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This presentation tells the story of Noah and Alli characters in the novel Diary of a passion

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Diary of a passion

  1. 1. One winter day met at the county fair, they looked like they had fallen in love with her ​at first sight. But she was someone different from his class, but he insisted with his daring achievement get an appointment with it
  2. 2. After their first date they began to love more and more, knowing they were and realized they had many things in common and began to leave Day by day was love and happiness, they really were meant for each other
  3. 3. Days after Alli invite Noah to eat in the house of his family considering that it was time to introduce everyone to know the love of his life but Noah felt he did not belong to that place because he was a simple woodcutter, but she defended
  4. 4. But they continued their beautiful love, came out to play and the passing of the best . . .
  5. 5. until the time came that much love was shown for other more passionately love did not realize the time, when he suddenly saw the sun through the window, both with great expression came out in haste to house Alli . . .
  6. 6. For being late home his parents were told it would never again see Noah and consequently were to live in the city. At that time the world war broke out Alli served as a nurse in a nursing home and Noah went to war.
  7. 7. And there at the center of care met a wonderful person he was a wounded soldier and promised that it would invite heal when out And occurred so soon after they started going out and fell in love but this love Alli felt was not as strong as it was by Noah
  8. 8. In your glorious day that was getting married, her mother was reading the newspaper and it was saying that all people of rank would attend the wedding In that Alli gave to the back of the newspaper was a photo of Noah standing in front of the home of your dreams and awoke in her a great interest in seeing him again
  9. 9. Then Alli went to town and there saw the great house that Noah had built and was now on sale, knock on the door and saw Noah, who was shocked to see her again, I could not believe after 365 letters Alli had returned to he Stared at each other and neither could they hide what they were following loving as the first day
  10. 10. Alli speak with which was going to be her husband and told him the truth, he had found a love of the past and did not want to let go for love i was reborn
  11. 11. Noah then married and had many children reached old together, but old age and disease there which she forgot to moments of his past, then Noah for her to remember her past every night I was reading her diary and so was as she could remember But his illness was so severe that he could not remember easily, Noah talked to two young who had loved much and then reminded that the history they were, full of happiness began to dance a waltz piece
  12. 12. At that time Alli asked if his love could do everything, that if they wanted to stay so they could sleep forever with this beautiful time
  13. 13. and then fell asleep. . .