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This is a presentation I wrote for a client who is looking for a new level of communication/ content creation.

This is a presentation I wrote for a client who is looking for a new level of communication/ content creation.

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  • 1. C Ccurators’ content SHAPE LIQUID IDEAS
  • 2. … is not“content curation”.
  • 3. content curation content curation co d di al i git g itent content n a l identify organize share by algorithms
  • 4. thebest recommendation isn’tone that comes from an algorithm,it comes from a human being. jeff yasuda
  • 5. what curators do.
  • 6. they don’t collect thinks to sharebut to create and present new,original content out of it.
  • 7. the person is the filter.
  • 8. the duty is to correlate things,so context will be built.
  • 9. a curator’s mission is to open new,unexpected perspectives.
  • 10. differentthe outcome isfrom the source. through form,function, meaning or design.
  • 11. curation is trending. at the curatorsconference 2012 in ny, the word got tossedaround so much that it became comical. erin griffith
  • 12. “i love the way you curated that outfit from your wardrobe. thanks.”
  • 13. “that was a really well-curated sentence.” “i know. i curated the words from my vocabulary.”
  • 14. #cure-gasm!
  • 15. why curating is relevant. [consumer perspective]
  • 16. curating - the trustworthydecision guidance fromuser to user expertise
  • 17. curating is inspirationit lets you see thingsyou haven’t seen before
  • 18. curating causes identification through shared passion
  • 19. curating can become a movementpeople take social responsibility & co-create public environment
  • 20. curators create their own brandto support a niche product thatis displaced by the mass market
  • 21. why curating is relevant. [brand perspective]
  • 22. strong and sustaining brandshave something more to say than justbuy me - in various phrases, of course.
  • 23. for this purpose content (marketing) is acommanding tool to build long-termrelationships with the customer.
  • 24. brands can act more like people as theybecome curators of shared interests.
  • 25. by their engagement to serve relevantcontent to the audience beyond sale,brands become content creators.
  • 26. some neat examples.
  • 27. red bull
  • 28. curating becomesbrand strategy
  • 29. the event drew untold millions in earnedmedia. more than 8 million peoplewatched the live stream online. #stratos#redbull were trending on twitter…
  • 30. ccitdf
  • 31. by regulation and uniqueness ofbrand specific content, red bull increasesthe brand value and benefit serially.
  • 32. bmw guggenheim lab
  • 33. curating by a majornew global initiative
  • 34. in times of permanent crisis and change,values become more relevant to thecostumer. brands can build trust designby playing an active role in society.
  • 35. participants co-create awesomebenefit & insights - brands like bmw can continue processing
  • 36. multidisciplinary curating beyond brandcompetence raises the level ofmarketing, communication and innovation.
  • 37. arte creative
  • 38. a curated platform to set newpattern for creativity & quality
  • 39. with opening an interactive dimension tothe core values, the platform deepensthe engagement & sustains the brand.
  • 40. heineken
  • 41. open innovation enhances the brandand focus on customer centricity
  • 42. make fans out of your costumers. letthem co-create the brand - they will bringunique & relevant ideas from their context.
  • 43. finally real curating is a mindset andas a curator you are privileged to dowhat you are passionate about.
  • 44. here follows the strategy part. hope you don‘tmind if i keep it confidential. it‘s for the clientonly. feel free to draw your inspiration from thisworkshop session. if you are interested in morefor your brand… ping me. i am always interestedin collaboration.
  • 45. thank you ! SHAPE LIQUID IDEAS