May 3 end of ww2


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WW2 ends

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May 3 end of ww2

  1. 1. WWII
  2. 2. May 3, 2013Be Ready to TAKE NOTES TODAYMrs. Doty cdoty@pgcps.orgTopics: End of WW2
  3. 3. •••
  4. 4. •Homework April 26•DISCOVERY EDUCATION STUDENT CENTER1. Review of Power Pointfrom April 262.Quiz on Power Point
  5. 5. 5Timeline Review1939Sept.1 -GermanyinvadesPoland(officialstart tothe war)Sept. 3 -Britain &Francedeclarewar onGermanyDec. 7 –JapanbombsPearlHarbor; USenters theWar1941May -GermansSurrenderSept. -AtomicBombingofHiroshima &Nagasaki,JapaneseSurrend1945•1939-1945•US involvement 1941-1945
  6. 6. Timeline1. What years was WW2 in Europebefore American entered the war?2. What date was the Bombing of PearlHarbor by the Japanese?3. What years was American in the war?4. When did the German Surrender(month and year)?5. When was the Atomic Bombs droppedin Japan (Month and year?6
  7. 7. 7Who?Allies AxisGreat BritainFrance(note: Francesurrendered toGermany in 1940 (after6 weeks of fighting)United StatesRussiaGermanyItalyJapan(majorpowers)(major powers)
  8. 8. Name the following:Allies Countries(GOOD GUYS) Countries (BADGUYS)
  9. 9. EndingWWII
  10. 10. Learning Targets1. To identify the battles and strategies thatled to VE day & VJ day2. To analyze the impact of D-day, battle ofthe bulge and the dropping of the bomb
  11. 11. •Election of1944•· FDR won anunprecedentedfourth term inoffice in 1944.•· However, in Aprilof 1945, FDR died,forcing Vice-President HarryTruman to assumethe Presidency.
  12. 12. •Harry S Trumantaking the oath of officeafter the death ofFranklin D. Roosevelt,April 12, 1945. Thefollowing day, Trumanspoke to reporters andsaid, "...I dont knowwhether you fellowsever had a load of hayfall on you, but whenthey told me yesterdaywhat had happened, Ifelt like the moon, thestars, and all theplanets had fallen on
  13. 13. 13QUESTIONS1. How may presidential terms did FDRserve?2. What year did he take place office for thelast time?3. Was it before or after the bombing ofPearl Harbor?4. When did FDR pass away?5. Who became the new president?
  14. 14. 14D-Day in FranceJune 7, 1944• France had been taken over by the Germans• Allied Forces gathered in Great Britian toattack the Germans in France•June 7, 1944 – Allied forces crossed theEnglish Channel and landed in France inNormandy, surprising the Germany•June 7, 1944 – Allied forces also attacked byair dropping bombs on the Germans
  16. 16. June 6, 1944: D-DAY3 divisions invaded German linesU.S., British, Canadian156,000 troops, 4,000 landing crafts, 600warships, & 11,000 planesThe largest land-sea-air operation inHISTORYRegained much of French territory back!
  17. 17. D-Day:day of daysWhen? – June 7, 1944Where? – Normandy, FranceResults? – A fleet of 4,000 ships carriedAllied troops to Normandy in order to invadeFrance in an attempt to defeat the Germans.
  18. 18. On August 25, 1944,Allied forces liberatedParis from Nazirule…which D-Daystarted18IMPORTANCE OF D-DAY?
  19. 19. QUESTIONS?1. Date for D-Day?2. In the Chat box tell me what was thepurpose of the Allie troops going toFrance?3. What was a major result of D-Day in thewar?19
  20. 20. WAR MAPS ON D-DAY20
  21. 21. Battle of the Bulge:When? – December 16, 1944Where? – border areas near Luxembourg, Franceand GermanyResults? – The Germans began a counterattackagainst the Allies as the Allies attempted to drivethe Germans completely out of France.Importance? – This battle showed the desperationof the German forces. While the Germans wereable to slow down the Allied advance, they couldnot stop it completely.
  22. 22. •Victory in Europe•· By April of 1945,American and Soviettroops were closing inon Berlin.•The endless procession ofGerman prisoners marchingthrough the ruined city streetsto captivity.•· Adolf Hitlercommitted suicide onApril 30, and Germanyofficially surrenderedon May 7.
  23. 23. •Red army soldiers raising the Soviet flag on the roof of theReichstag (German Parliament) in Berlin, Germany.
  24. 24. CIRCLE IF TRUE, X IF FALSE1.The Allied Forces took over Parisafter the D-Day attack2. The purpose of the D-Day attackwas to take over Germany.3. The Battle of the Bulge tookplace in border areas near Luxembourg,France and Germany4. The Germans won the Battle ofthe Bulge24•TRUE•TRUE•TRUE•TRUE
  25. 25. Surrender25•Soviet Army stormed Berlin•Germany went back to Germanyafter Battle of the Bulge•Holocaust Camps had beenliberated-July 1944
  26. 26. Unconditional Surrender! Soviet Armystormed BerlinGermany pushedback after Battleof the BulgeCamps had beenliberated-July1944
  27. 27. 27
  28. 28. 28
  29. 29. V-E DayVictory in Europe Day!!!May 8, 1945General Eisenhower accepted unconditional surrenderof the Third Reich
  30. 30. D-V Day30•We’re soexcited ourMen cancomeHOME!
  31. 31. •· On May 8,the Alliescelebrated V-EDay (Victoryin Europe).•Churchillwaves tocrowds inBritain afterbroadcasting tothe nation thatthe war withGermany hadbeen won, 8May 1945.
  32. 32. •V-E Day Celebrations in New York City, May 8, 1945.
  33. 33. •Island Hopping in the Pacific• The U.S. began a policy ofisland hopping, usingislands as stepping-stones towardsJapan.• The two main goals of theU.S. in the Pacific were:1. to regain thePhilippines.•2. to invade Japan.
  34. 34. •· By February of 1945, the U.S. hadrecaptured the Philippines and captured theislands of Iwo Jima and Okinawa.•Raising the Flagon Iwo Jimadepicts fiveUnited StatesMarines and aU.S. Navycorpsman raisingthe flag of theUnited Statesatop MountSuribachi duringthe Battle of IwoJima.
  35. 35. •HOW ARE WE GOING TO…Defeat of Japan?•· The U.S. planned to invade Japan in 1945, thoughexperts warned that the invasion could cost over amillion casualties.•Stalin, Truman and Churchill at thePotsdam Conference.•· Upon learningabout the atomicbomb, Pres.Truman sent theJapanese thePotsdamDeclaration,warning them tosurrender or face“prompt and utterdestruction.”
  36. 36. To drop the bomb ornot?Truman just learns of the Manhattan projectThe best-kept secret of the warShould they use the atomic bomb?Might not workCould set the atmosphere on fireEnd the Earth
  37. 37. Testing…They first tested the bomb in NewMexicoMore powerful than expectedHow would the Japanese respond?1. Surrender2. Test might be a dud-nothing would happen3. Shoot down the delivery plane or moveAmerican prisoners of war into the testarea
  38. 38. •· On August 6, 1945, the U.S. dropped an atomic bombon Hiroshima, Japan, killing at least 70,000 people anddestroying most of the city.
  39. 39. •The aftermath of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.
  40. 40. •· On August 9, the U.S. dropped another atomic bomb on thecity of Nagasaki, killing at least 40,000 people.•Mushroom cloud from thenuclear explosion overNagasaki rising 60,000feet into the air on themorning of August 9 1945
  41. 41. •Before and after photos of downtown Nagasaki.
  42. 42. •Before and after photos of downtown Nagasaki.
  43. 43. V-J DayVictory in JapanAugust 15, 1945Officially marks theend of WWII
  44. 44. •Crowds outside the White House celebrate V-J Day, theJapanese surrender and the end of World War II. August 1945