April 12 war world2us enters


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April 12 war world2us enters

  1. 1. Be Ready to TAKE NOTES TODAY Mrs. Doty cdoty@pgcps.orgTopics: Review Causes of WW 2 US Enters the War
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  5. 5. NellyJoseph StalinGlog
  6. 6. Homework April 22DISCOVERY EDUCATION STUDENT CENTER1.Movie – Pearl Harbor2.Quiz on Pearl Harbor Movie3.April 22– Class questions and assignments
  7. 7. Change of Class NextWeek toThursday April 259:00 am to 10:00 pm
  8. 8. TIMELINE - Write the Dates as directed1. NAME the Allied Countries? (Our Side)2. NAME the Axis Countries? (Enemy)3. 1935 Hitler’s first victory? Britain reaction?5. 1936 – German Army did what? Britainreaction?6. 1938 – What happened to German Army?Britain and French reaction?
  9. 9. 1. Allied Countries (Our Side)Britain – France - USA2. Axis Countries (enemy)Russia, Japan, Germany, Italy
  10. 10. This isEurope in1938 -39
  11. 11. Hitler‟s Expansion bus – The road to WW2 The Saar Sudetenland Riots The Rhineland Anschluss Sept Jan 1935 1938 March March 1936 1938 Munich Agreement Invasion of Sept Poland 1938 Nazi-Soviet Pact Occupation 1st Sept Czechoslovakia 1939 Aug March 1939 1939
  12. 12. 1935 – Hitler‟s first major victory camewhen the Saar (an area of land taken offGermany by the ToV) voted to return to German control. The Saar! Join with me to make a greater Germany! (otherwise the 90% NAZI will beat you up!) voted yes!
  13. 13. 1936 – Hitler marched his soldiers into the Rhineland (not allowed by ToV!) I hope Britain and France don‟t try to stop me as I‟m weak. No problem he is simply “marching into his own backyard”.
  14. 14. 1938 – In Germany Hitler has beensteadily building his army. Britain andFrance turned a blind eye as they had their own issues to deal with. Hello, I‟m Hitler – I‟m not evil! I just want to be friends!!! Well the communist USSR will have to attack him before us! Let him have his army.
  15. 15. 7.1938 – Hitler wanted Austria. WHY?8. What happened to make Prime MinisterSchuschnigg of Austria resign?9.Reaction to German invasion of Austria?France? Italy? Britain?10. Who invited Hitler to Austria? What wasthe trick?11. He won the election in Austria. Why?How?
  16. 16. 1938 – Hitler turned his attention to the south. He wanted to unite with Austia (ANSCHLUSS) The German- speaking country of Austria should be part of a „greater Germany‟!
  17. 17. 1938 – In Austria the Prime Minster Schuschnigg was not impressed! Be my friend... No way! Austria is an independent country. You‟ll regret this Schuschnigg!
  18. 18. 1938 – The Austrian Nazi party begins to Pssst....Causecause trouble starting fires and rioting to some trouble for make the government look bad. Schuschnigg. Hey....
  19. 19. 1938 –Hitler moved his troops near the My army will helpAustrian border and offer to help out with you out and the problems. „restore order‟. I said NO!...hey Britain. France. why are you tanks Help me out pls... at the border? No! Non! No! Hitler is my BFF
  20. 20. 1938 –With no help from Britain, Franceor Italy a frustrated Schuschnigg resigns. That‟s it! I quit!
  21. 21. 1938 –The ex-chief of police (AND NAZI)Seyss-Inquart takes over and immediatelyinvites Hitler‟s troops in to „restore order‟. Come on in Hitler and help us out, pretty please... (Come on he even looks evil!)
  22. 22. 7.1938 – Hitler wanted Austria. WHY?8. Prime Minister Schuschnigg of Austriaresigned – WHY?9.Reaction to German invasion of Austria?France? Italy? Britain?10. Who invited Hitler to Austria? What wasthe trick?11. He won the election in Austria. Why?How?
  23. 23. 14th March 1938 –The German armyentered Austria triumphantly. Hitlerimmediately had his men round up80,000 opponents of the union and imprison them.
  24. 24. 1938 –Then Hitler held a vote, his soldiers Vote our way intimidating the Austrian voters. 99.75% or you‟ll beof the vote was in favour of Hitler being in sorry! charge. Get in!!!
  25. 25. 12. Hitler’s 6 reasons to invade Sudetenland?(Czechoslovakia)13.1938 British Prime Minister Chamberlain andHitler meet – What happened?14. Chamberlain returns to Britain and says?15. 1938- Munich Conference – what happened?16. 1938 -Czechoslovakia asks Hitler for help.WHY?17. 1939 – What happened?
  26. 26. 1938 –Hitler next turned his attention on Czechoslovakia. The Sudetenland hadaround 3 million German speakers living in it. The German- speaking area of Sudetenland should be part of a „greater Germany‟!
  27. 27. 1938 –There were many attractive things Skoda tank Many leading about the Sudetenland to Hitler. factories German banks Deposits of coal Strongmountaindefences Deposits ofLignite (brown coal)
  28. 28. If Facebook had existed (just for fun)... Hitler (Not Evil) Hmmm sooo wants the Sudetenland! Nazis FTW! 73 Years ago Comment Like Mussolini and Franco likes this. Benes Never, that is part of Czechoslovakia. We wont give in! 73 Years ago Like Hitler (Not Evil) Looks like you having a little trouble there, help? 73 Years ago Like Hitler (Not Evil) has organised Riots Hitler (Not Evil) Mwhahahahahaha! 73 Years ago Like Benes Britain! France! Help me!!! 73 Years ago Like
  29. 29. September1938 –The British PrimeMinister Neville Chamberlain agreed tomeet with Hitler at his mountain home, Berchtesgaden (Eagle‟s Nest). Come on now...leave Czechoslovakia alone. Never!!!!
  30. 30. September1938 –Chamberlain returns home and tells the British people to prepare for war.
  31. 31. September1938 –The „Munich conference‟is arranged and Chamberlain meets Hitler with Mussolini and Daladier. Benes Whyyyyy??? (Minster of Foreign Affairs of ? I resign! Czechoslovakia) is not invited. Mwhaha, I can‟t believe I think I I‟m can trust getting him.... away with this. Chamberlain agrees to let the Nazis have the Sudetenland.
  32. 32. March 1939 –The new Czech President Hatcha could not run his country as Poland took over part of it and then the Slovaks demanded independence. Sure no worries! Errr...MisterHitler I need yourhelp. My country is falling apartand I need some help. This is working perfectly!
  33. 33. March 1939 –The Nazi tanks rolled intothe Czech capital Prague unopposed. It isobvious that Poland is Hitler‟s next target. This was the end of Appeasement,
  34. 34. At the time people were23rd August 1939 –The Nazis hold secret shocked that these two talks with the USSR and then announce enemies had made a treaty.the Nazi-Soviet pact. They had agreed to This cartoon reflects this divide Poland between them. shock! Hitler: The Stalin: The scum of Bloody the assassin Earth, I of the believe. workers I presume! This body represents Poland
  35. 35. Hitler‟s Expansion bus – Recap The Saar Sudetenland Riots The Rhineland Anschluss Sept Jan 1935 1938 March March 1936 1938 Munich Agreement Invasion of Sept Poland 1938 Nazi-Soviet Pact Occupation 1st Sept Czechoslovakia 1939 Aug March 1939 1939
  36. 36.  How did the U.S. policy change leading up to WW2? What events Led the United States to change those policies leading into WW2? Was it possible for the United States to avoid entering WW2? Would have been in support of participating in the war? Why or Why not?
  37. 37.  November 4, 1939 “Whereas the United States, desiring to preserve its neutrality in wars between foreign states and desiring also to avoid involvement therein, voluntarily imposes upon its nationals by domestic regulation the restrictions set out in this joint resolution; and…”
  38. 38. Introductory Information!The attack on Pearl Harborhappened on the morning ofSunday, December 7, 1941. It wasa surprise attack form the Japanesenavy that shocked the UnitedStates, to the point that theybecame part of WWll
  39. 39. Important Information !There are a lot of reasons whythe bombing at pearl harborhappened.- Oil-Imports-Land (Hawaii)
  40. 40. Fact!The United States was surprisedabout the attack and decided to joinWWll. The attack also changed theway Americans saw the Japanesepeople. President Franklin D.Roosevelt said “It‟s a date which willlive in infamy.”
  41. 41. Where they really prepared? The American government was aware of the attack. The Japanese people had given various warnings but the message did not get to Pearl Harbor on time and that was why the Americans were not prepared.
  42. 42. Important Vocab!Kamikaze: A member of a specialcorps in the Japanese air forcecharged with the suicidal mission ofcrashing an aircraft laden withexplosives into an enemy target, esp.a warship.
  43. 43. Let’s see how much you learned???1. What made America join WWII?2. Who was the American president during this time?3. What is a Kamikaze?
  44. 44. Citations!http://go.grolier.com/http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ataque_a_Pearl_Harborhttp://plasma.nationalgeographic.com/pearlharbor/http://www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/pearl.htmhttp://video.movies.go.com/pearlharbor/index.html