Staying Local? Don’t Go Lax on the Packing, says Carmack Moving and Storage


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It’s easy to fail to plan for a short-distance move, says Carmack Moving and Storage, but these tips can help thwart headaches down the road.

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Staying Local? Don’t Go Lax on the Packing, says Carmack Moving and Storage

  1. 1. Staying Local? Don’t Go Lax on the Packing, says Carmack Moving and StorageIt’s easy to fail to plan for a short-distance move, says Carmack Moving and Storage, but these tips canhelp thwart headaches down the road.Don’t Kid YourselfCarmack Moving and Storage says not to lull yourself into believing that the move isn’t going to requireeffort. To the contrary, a short move is just as labor intensive as a cross county relocation. According toCarmack Moving and Storage, it’s not uncommon for the moving truck to arrive only to find the client ina state of panic, with expensive décor thrown in plastic bags in a last minute packing effort. The onlydifference between a short move and a long move is the road in between, points out Carmack Movingand Storage.Pack for VacationNo, moving isn’t going to be a vacation but Carmack Moving and Storage suggests packing for a shorttrip anyway. Bags should contain enough personal items to sustain a few days “away” from home duringthe transition phase of the move. Items to include are toothbrushes, medications, personal hygienenecessities, and clothing, says Carmack Moving and Storage.Sell it and Forget itIf you’ve been holding on to those ugly Christmas sweaters since 1992, now’s a good time to share theYuletide love with someone else. And, according to Carmack Moving and Storage, there is someone outthere who either really needs your old stuff or knows someone who does. A yard sale might be in ordera few weeks prior to packing. Carmack Moving and Storage suggests clearing out everything youabsolutely don’t need about a month pre-move. This is especially important if you are selling your home,as clutter can create an image of a less valuable house, points out the team at Carmack Moving andStorage. If you need a helping hand in that arena, Carmack Moving and Storage now offers home stagingservices, which include storage of the items you do plan to take with you.Contact Key OfficialsEven if you are just moving a few streets away, Carmack Moving and Storage notes that you’ll still needto advise the post office, schools, insurance providers, and county clerk’s offices of the relocation. If youare a registered voter, you’ll need to update that information, too, since some offices are very location-specific, such as Aldermen and State Representatives, reports Carmack Moving and Storage. As well, it’sa good idea to inform your employer; they’ll have to update their employee tax records, adds CarmackMoving and Storage.Transfer UtilitiesIt’s easy to forget to switch the cable or water over in the midst of a move but if you are staying local, itshould be a fairly painless process, says Carmack Moving and Storage.
  2. 2. Keep the Kids InformedIt might be super exciting and even fun to dream of your new home but Carmack Moving and Storagereminds parents that small children are especially prone to attachment. Even tiny babies are aware oftheir surroundings. Carmack Moving and Storage believes that the kids should be informed about everydetail of the move, especially if they are moving away from the only home they’ve ever known.According to Carmack Moving and Storage, it’s a good idea to visit your new home a few days before themove, if possible. If you can, let the kids take a few personal belongings to their new room before theyget there, that way they will have something familiar waiting, suggests Carmack Moving and storage.Ensure Animal SafetyCarmack Moving and Storage says that animals are sensitive to stress and moving will wreak havoc ontheir nerves. Don’t let the dog get skittish when you are feeling frazzled. If the new home is fenced, letthem spend some time in the backyard while the movers are working. If not, Carmack Moving andStorage suggests boarding them a local kennel for the day, so that you don’t have to worry about Fidobolting out the front door. You don’t need the added trauma of losing a family member, stressesCarmack Moving and Storage.Carmack Moving and Storage first revved up its engines in 1985 when Robert Carmack bought a pick-uptruck and started straining his back helping his friends and neighbors move. He labored alone briefly but,once word got out that there was a reliable mover in the area, Rob had to get some help. Today, manyof these initial employees are still with Carmack Moving and Storage, and they are still known as the go-to guys (and gals) to get it done right. Carmack Moving and Storage offers packing, moving, storage,and home staging. For more information, visit