Catholic Charities USA and Poverty

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Catholic Charities USA power point 2007

Catholic Charities USA power point 2007

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  • 1. Catholic Charities USA is the national office for over 1,700 local Catholic Charities agencies and institutions nationwide.
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    • Catholic Charities USA provides strong leadership and support to enhance the work of local agencies in their efforts to reduce poverty, support families, and empower communities .
    • Founded in 1910,Catholic University Washington, DC
    • Serves 7.8 million people that are in need each year.
    • With 1,700 member agencies and institutions.
    • Budget: US$3.5 billion in 2006
    • Beneficiaries: Approximately 7.9 million
    • Volunteers : 243,000
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    • Has created the diocesan Catholic Charities bureaus, to encourage professional social work practice.
    • Is a member of Caritas Internationalis, which was granted canonical status by Pope John P. II.
    • Supporting Group Members that share a common mission, values, and individual expertise and perspective. Supporting groups like religious orders, day care providers, facilities for the aging, outreach providers, and advocacy groups.
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    • One of the main CCUSA programmes is the Campaign to Reduce Poverty in America – reduce poverty by 50 percent by 2020, combat racial injustice and advocate for justice for immigrants.
    • Catholic Charities USA supports local agencies through: Advocacy; Networking; National Voice; Training, Financial, Support, Leadership; and Disaster Response.
  • 5. DISSEMINATION OF INFORMATION The media is an important tool for poverty reduction. The media educates the poor. The media increases awareness of the poverty problems.
    • Here we see a person reading a news paper in Rome,.
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  • 7. To show how many Media Types there are and to see how much the Media is used, we will compare two particular regions. The importance of the Media in New York City and Lazio (Italy) as a point of comparison.
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