UPM GSI Corporate Presentation


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GSI (Group of Intelligent Systems) at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) corporate presentation

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UPM GSI Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Intelligent Systems Group (GSI)Carlos A. Iglesias Autor:Grupo de Sistemas InteligentesUniversidad Sistemas Inteligentes Grupo de Politécnica de Madrid Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  2. 2. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid■ Largest technical university in Spain■ 20 engineering and architecture schools■ 3.311 faculty members■ 38.885 undergraduate students■ 4.636 graduate students■ 2.229 support staff■ 2607 researchers■ More than 200 EU projects st■ 1 Spanish university in the participation in EU projects
  3. 3. Telecommunications Engineering School■ Largest Telecommunication Engineering School in Spain■ 3400 students, 240 PhD students, 100 Master students■ 250 professors■ 150 research assistants■ 130 administrative staff■ 8M € - research budget
  4. 4. Department of Telematic Systems Engineering■ Research in different areas: ● Next Generation Internet ● Network and Services in Internet ● Architecture ● Intelligent Systems■ 46 professors■ 40 PhD students■ 100 research students■ Organizers of WWW2009
  5. 5. Research lines■ Intelligent technologies in Service Engineering (SE) ● Multiagent systems ● Decision support systems ● Semantic Technologies
  6. 6. Multiagent Systems■ Network management and service engineering ● Network and Service monitoring / diagnosis ● Distributed Workflow based process management■ Methodologies ● Knowledge Engineering ● Agreement Patterns■ Agent Architectures
  7. 7. Decision support■ Service Management ● Validation of plans for deployment services ● Validation of configuration of data systems / data fusion ● SLA Management■ Security ● Intrusion detection ● Multi-sensor data fusion ● Detection of inconsistencies
  8. 8. Semantic technologies■ Semantic Technologies and Web2.0 approaches ● Lightweight semantics for services ● Ontologies for ad-hoc services■ Recommendation systems ● Contextual recommendations ● Social tagging■ Opinion mining / Idea Management technologies ● Ontologies for opinions / ideas
  9. 9. Key FP7 projects■ FP7 ICT Omelette - Open Mashup Enterprise service platform for LinkEd data in The TElco domain■ FP7 ICT Romulus - Domain Driven Design and Mashup Oriented Development based on Open Source Java Metaframework for Pragmatic, Reliable and Secure Web Development■ Eurosentiment – Shared Language Resource Pool for Sentiment Analysis of Social Media
  10. 10. Key national projects■ Web 4.0 – Question Answering and Information Retrieval with a Smart Phone■ Financial Twitter Tracker – Social media tracking with semantic technologies■ CALISTA – Decision support for managing home networks■ THOFU – Hotel of the Future■ Disasters2.0 – Intelligent Systems for assisting in crisis situations
  11. 11. Tools■ Idea Management ● Based on Drupal ● Interoperability of Ideas based on gi2mo ontology and open linked data ● Analysis of Ideas – Similarity – Metrics
  12. 12. Tools: IdeaStream Idea Management
  13. 13. Tools: Idea Analytics and Visualisation
  14. 14. Tools: social simulation■ Social simulation ● Scenario of evacuation in buildings ● Simulation of individual human psychology and emergent behaviour ● Process improvement using simulations ● Policy modelling and analyse behaviour
  15. 15. Social simulation
  16. 16. Decision support tools■ Hyphotesis confirmation / risk analysis based on bayesian causal networks■ Assessment in disaster situations■ Combination of web 2.0 and intelligent techniques
  17. 17. Decision support tools■ Diagnosis in telecommunication networks■ Hyphotesis confirmation / risk analysis based on bayesian causal networks
  18. 18. Opinion mining / Sentiment analysis■ “Linked Opinions” - Sentiment analysis meets Semantic Web■ OPAL – Integration in Drupal■ Visualisation of Sentiment Analysis in Social Media■ Big Data & Semantic Web
  19. 19. Corporate Networking■ Enhace corporate networking for the Digital Enterprise with ● Semantic scraping ● Semantic matchmaking■ Assessment on business models
  20. 20. Evented Web Automation■ EWE – Ontology for the Evented WEb■ ECA Rules for automating ● Service integration ● Mobile adaptation based on web sensors ● Social services interaction ● Home automation■ Intelligent event processing based on Nodejs and agent platform
  21. 21. Personal assistants■ Provide assistance in natural language■ Capability to execute actions (look for info■ Decision support (next action, workflow, …)■ Tools for developing dialogues■ Information retrieval from Internet combined with Question-Answering engine
  22. 22. Dialogue management
  23. 23. Clients for Virtual Worlds, Moodle, Mobile...
  24. 24. SmartTV, Phone, Chrome plugin,...
  25. 25. Scrappy■ Semantic scrapping■ Extraction of RDF triples from Web pages■ Rule induction of scraping rules based on visual features
  26. 26. Scrappy
  27. 27. Contact■ Carlos A. Iglesias Intelligent Systems Research Group cif@dit.upm.es