IRCE 2014: Selling to Millennials in a Noisy Social Economy


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From my session at IRCE 2014, June 10-13, 2014 Chicago - McCormick Place West. Today, Millennial Moms use social media to share information related to retail, apparel, food and beverage, and soon Millennials will outspend Baby Boomers.

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  • excellent interview...thank you for sharing! I think we are both raising a Generation Z child...which for some parents I think stands for zanek. If your child is 2 and does not have an email address and an amazon account then you are so behind the times!
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IRCE 2014: Selling to Millennials in a Noisy Social Economy

  1. 1. @CarlosGil83 #RealTalk
  2. 2. Carlos Gil, Speaker President/Founder 2008 – 2012 Social Media Manager 2012 - 2014 Head of Digital 2014 - Present
  3. 3. Multi-Channel Strategy In today’s online driven world, brands are multi-media content producers and story-tellers – Content is often overlooked however Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Yelp, and Google+ can be compared to TV (Facebook), radio (Twitter), print (Pinterest), billboard (Instagram), and yellow pages (Yelp) – your content strategy should vary by platform! In digital marketing, your “end game” should be to increase sales via engaging content and conversation Through social media, build brand awareness and long-term loyalty – there’s no short term ROI
  4. 4. Opportunity for Brands! “Always On Consumers”
  5. 5. Millennial’s 101 Millennials (¼ of the U.S. population) are the most marketing-savvy and advertising-critical generation ever Millennials rely mostly on their friends to make buying decisions They don’t want to be sold to by brands -- make them feel empowered and valued! By 2017, the Millennial generation is expected to outspend Baby Boomers (Study by Berglass + Associates and Women’s Wear Daily “What Happens When Millennials Get the Wallet”)
  6. 6. Understand Your Audience In digital marketing, the audience varies by platform and so should your content strategy i.e. Millennials seek value and savings, Baby Boomers are all about lifestyle Build content tailored to who you want to target i.e. Female shopper vs. Male shopper, etc. Millennials are highly influential consumers, want to lose an influential customer for life? Ignore them! (See Examples…)
  7. 7. Millennials Are Influencers
  8. 8. Millennials Are Influencers When I wanted to give someone my $, I was ignored by Priceline, Expedia, and Orbitz…
  9. 9. Missed Sales Opportunity
  10. 10. Turn Selfies Into Sales!
  11. 11. Content Drives Engagement
  12. 12. Be Timely and Relevant
  13. 13. Don’t Be Gatorade…
  14. 14. Speak to Your Customers
  15. 15. Don’t Advertise… And Expect Someone to Care
  16. 16. Taco Bell is Crushing It!
  17. 17. Taco Bell on Snapchat
  18. 18. Go Web-to-Store via Pinterest
  19. 19. Pinterest’s Popularity As of September 2013, Pinterest has over 70 million users According to a study by Shareaholic, Pinterest is driving more traffic to publishers than Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Google+ combined
  20. 20. Tell a Story with Pictures
  21. 21. Grow Fan Engagement on Instagram
  22. 22. User Generated Content
  23. 23. Real-time Marketing
  24. 24. Remember AOL? “Old school” rules of marketing still apply – content stimulates conversation, conversation leads to influencing sales behavior If you want to keep a Millennial as a “customer for life” you need to speak back to them when they are speaking about you Be personable and engage in one-on-one dialogue to build trust and loyalty
  25. 25. #RealTalk “Social media IS NOT advertising, it’s relationship building.” -- @CarlosGil83
  26. 26. Q & A Email: Twitter: @CarlosGil83 Coming Soon: “My Unemployed Life: Finding a Job in a Social Economy”