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Wow awec 2013_v04

  1. 1. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 1
  2. 2. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 2
  3. 3. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 3 5 years financing Airborne Wind Energy projects WOW SpA Ing. Carlo Perassi AWEC 2013, Berlin
  4. 4. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 4 Summary: •who we are; •Italian projects; •International partnerships; •Foundation.
  5. 5. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 5 Wind Operations Worldwide S.p.A. WOW SpA A financial holding founded in 2008 as WOW Srl and turned into WOW SpA in 2009.
  6. 6. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 6 It was the first worldwide and it is still one of the few financial holdings founded to support the airborne wind energy industry.
  7. 7. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 7
  8. 8. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 8 NOKE Srl “Hands on” company founded to support technology projects that WOW SpA, as a pure financial holding, could not directly manage.
  9. 9. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 9 NET Scrl A consortium founded to support projects related to renewable energy and environment management in Calabria.
  10. 10. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 10 ZEFIRO RD Srl A company with a “laboratory” set up in the Capannori Airport to develop projects mostly related to sailing or flying in Tuscany.
  11. 11. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 11 WOW America Founded in New York City to reproduce in the USA the “WOW way” scaled up to the American size.
  12. 12. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 12 ŠCEC ŠCEC is not a particular kind of complementary currency available in Italy. It is more like a network to share discount tickets.
  13. 13. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 13 ŠCEC During our last capital increase period, it has been possible to subscribe to it by paying part of the share premium using ŠCECs.
  14. 14. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 14 ŠCEC As far as we know, that was the first time in Europe that some kind of “complementary currency” has been legally admitted to be used to buy shares.
  15. 15.
  16. 16. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 16 Kite Gen Research Srl We sold our KGR shares and, also thanks to our effort, KGR has been able to sell its shares at an increased price.
  17. 17. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 17 Kite Gen Research Srl Again, as far as we know, that was the first time in Europe that shares of an AWE company increased their value due to financial reasons.
  18. 18. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 18 Calabria: AWE and agricolture Consorzio NET Bringing together renewable energy projects
  19. 19. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 19 (CRV) Crotone Airport
  20. 20. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 20 Small airport Up to 30% of its area could be used for extra activities 5 minutes warning 2 minutes to land Unused 12 hours/day
  21. 21. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 21 Electrical vehicle A completed research project prototype now owned by WOW SpA. Plan: set up a large scale production. AWE? “Combo” off-grid
  22. 22. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 22 General purpose electrical vehicle Mass 1750 Kg Max torque 3.2 KNm Engine 12 KW
  23. 23. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 23 The cycle/link in the consortium: recharging the vehicle with AWE (while it could be already recharged without AWE)
  24. 24. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 24 Tuscany: AWE and sailing Eco Lightly
  25. 25. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 25 First system designed to have three AWE based functions: energy production traction security (backup)
  26. 26. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 26 Sailing boat: increased speed (kite) + avoiding an internal combustion engine (on board service) => sailing “fuel free”
  27. 27. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 27 Power boat less fuel (kite) => increased efficiency
  28. 28. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 28 (LCV) Airport of Lucca-Tassignano
  29. 29. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 29 Capannori Runway 910 x 18 m Square 4700 m2 4 hangars.
  30. 30. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 30 Capannori A small airport turning itself into a laboratory... among other things: a European centre for testing drones; a test field for a new kind of engine for small airplanes; an area for airborne wind energy experiments.
  31. 31. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 31 The Italian AWE test field initiative Both airports could be used to test AWE systems in challenging conditions: strong and impulsive in Calabria weak and regular in Tuscany
  32. 32. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 32 The Italian AWE test field initiative AWE companies: feel free to contact us to use the Italian AWE test field facilities.
  33. 33. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 33 WOW America is studying some American projects, supported by companies, universities and independent researchers. According to their features, WOW will fund the projects that, after our analysis, seem ready to increase the value of their company within two years by our investment.
  34. 34. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 34 Foundation WOW SpA voted to establish a non-profit foundation to support AWE at a European level: only by aggregating many companies in an organization of this kind we could successfully discuss our needs with the European Union legislator.
  35. 35. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 35 Foundation A single AWE company is not large enough to contribute to the writing of a general law or funding by the UE legislator. All the European companies can join the Foundation.
  36. 36. 15/07/13WOW SpA - 36 Questions?