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The Team

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The Team Unit 4 Db

  1. 1. The Team<br />Carla J. McCoy<br />Unit 4 Discussion Board – MGT110<br />April 12th, 2009<br />American InterContinental University<br />Brief Description of a Previous Group Project Situation<br />My group project that was recently submitted was for Business Management and Leadership class which described a personal response on Suggesting and Summarizing in-depth how my team would lead, plan, organize, control, and lead in order to achieve the goals of a successful training guide on delegation. Delegation among peers and the workplace are always based on many criteria and require each team member to take part effectively. For the next part of this assignment I chose # 3 to do this assignment on. (My Contribution To The Unit 4 Group Project- Part 1 – MGT240, 2009)<br />Managed Meetings<br /> I was the group leader for my team and I can say that the group I had was excellent with response, providing information about times they were available for chat sessions, and responding to the group bulletin board in a timely manner. In analyzing how effectively the group managed meetings I realize that due to everyone’s various time zones, work schedules, family situations, and health problems that everyone may not have been able to come to meetings that were held at the times they were held but everyone put the effort in to communicate and give an explanation for their situation at hand which helped the situation tremendously. (Business Management and Leadership - MGT240, 2009)<br />What the group did well<br />The group I was in provided good team work. We all responded and communicated with one another on a regular basis which made it much easier to see what areas needed to be focused on and which ones didn’t. Our group had a Contribution to turn in that we all had approximately 4-5 weeks to turn in prior to group even beginning and everyone in my group got their work turned in on time, including me. Emails were frequent between group members so the communication was awesome. Any emails that were sent or received were posted on the group bulletin board for the entire group to see so everyone in our group could be kept up to date on. Another thing I’d like to point out is that our Professor kept in contact with each of us wanting to know if any of us had questions which were very helpful because some of us did. (Business Management and Leadership - MGT240, 2009)<br />What the group didn’t do well<br />I can honestly say that this particular group that I was in did everything just fine. I didn’t see any areas that needed a change. Time zones, work schedules, Family situations, and Health problems did prevent everyone from showing up to group chats as they were scheduled but there was also opportunity for them to have a single group meeting with me being as I was the group leader at a later time in the evening in order to catch them up on the previous group chat so it all worked out just fine. I had group chat a few times during the week and then a couple of times with a few other group members that could not make it during the daytime group chat. It takes effort and responsibility for your own work to be able to effectively get your own work done and I believe every person in my group put some hard work into that project, so there’s not much I can say about that particular group that they didn’t do well. (Business Management and Leadership - MGT240, 2009)<br />Recommendations about Managing Meetings<br />If for any reason the group were formed again, I believe I would have the same recommendations that I had with this group because the only thing that didn’t really work out was the group chat times where people were available at the same time but as we know this is something that can’t be helped. I realize that everyone doesn’t have as much time as I do to be able to call various meetings during the week in the daytime and then turn around and be able to offer group chat meetings again in the evenings because everyone’s situations are different and it’s great that AIU recognizes that. Communication in any form whether it be in group chat sessions, emails, group bulletin boards or even through AIU’s Instant Messenger is still communication and through all of these sources that are made available to use I see no reason why any group should not be able to effectively get their work done in a timely manner, have their questions answered, or feel lost and not know what to do. (Business Management and Leadership - MGT240, 2009)<br />If I were going to recommend anything about group meetings I would recommend that group leaders first and foremost get all the time zones of their peers, work schedules, see if anyone has health issues that need to be taken care of, and ask if they will even be able to be available during the week we have group. Once a group leader has this figured out he or she can then begin to look at a calendar and set times for group chats and give each and every other person plenty of chances to attend a group chat even if it only has to be with the group leader. This way everyone effectively communicates, get’s their work done, and is kept up to date with what’s going on. One other problem I’ve noticed about some other groups I’ve been in is there are not to many people who want to step up and volunteer to be group leader and I’m haven’t gotten it quite figured out yet if it’s that they are scared that people will judge them by the way they lead, or if they just don’t want to do it. It’s good to step up and be group leader though when you have the opportunity because you certainly learn what works best for your group. (Business Management and Leadership - MGT240, 2009)<br />References<br />Business Management and Leadership, (2009) My Contribution to the Unit 4 Group Project –<br /> Part 1 MGT240 classroom with Dr. Michael Crowley retrieved on April 12th, 2009 from: <br /> <br />