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This is a Proposal form for the customer and will include what the project objectives are as well as present a list of deliverables. The milestones of this project will be included and a list of the technical requirements. Limits and exclusions will be defined and Project Priorities will be identified. A Work Breakdown Structure will be evident in this article which will accompany a Responsibility Matrix. The thesis for this project is “Stop working for the project, let it work for you”

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Project Scope Checklist Customer Proposal Unit 2 Ip

  1. 1. Project Scope Checklist<br />Presented To Our Customer<br />Running Head: Project Scope Checklist Customer Proposal <br />Project Scope Checklist Customer Proposal<br />Carla J. McCoy<br />Unit 2 Individual Projects – MGT110<br />April 3rd, 2009<br />American InterContinental University<br />Abstract<br />This is a Proposal form for the customer and will include what the project objectives are as well as present a list of deliverables. The milestones of this project will be included and a list of the technical requirements. Limits and exclusions will be defined and Project Priorities will be identified. A Work Breakdown Structure will be evident in this article which will accompany a Responsibility Matrix. The thesis for this project is “Stop working for the project, let it work for you” <br />Introduction<br />As the years have passed, Small Business Works has received several requests from various customers for quality high tech websites. Small Business Works began in 1975 and was blessed with an abundance of software resources. The high tech Web Design that our highly qualified technicians create are suitable for supplying our customers with good quality business websites for years to come. Here at Small Business Works we look forward to giving our customer’s good quality service they can depend on for many years to come. One common mistake so many other businesses make when presenting a presentation to their customers is they try to hard because they are working for the project, but if you let the project work for you like we do here at Small Business Works then it better suits the needs of all business relations with our customers which begins to paint an image of the Organization to our customers as well. (AIU Online, 2009) <br />Project Objectives<br />Small Business Works objectives are written using SMART objectives. To be Specific, The Project objectives will include a six month time interval to allow time to implement the project in order to supply solid action to our customers. (E-Business Plan, 2009) We will also want to evaluate programming and graphics creations during various training sessions through all of our company’s employees. A Measurable characteristic here would e to make sure that each and every one of our employees are properly trained and given appropriate software that they need in order to learn new things and create fresh new ideas for future high tech web site creations. (Jones, & Tucker, 2003) In order to achieve this we will need a legitimate set of hours set aside just for this purpose where each employee will be separated and evaluated in order to review any problems or needs that can be resolved. We also want to provide our employees with the equipment necessary by using four factors which are Scope, Cost, Schedule, and Customer Satisfaction. (Gido & Clements, 2009) What this will do is ensure a brighter future for Small Business Works and will provide our customers with good cost efficient deliverables that meet their requirements in a timely manner by the approximate goal dates of April 5th, 2009. (Jones & Tucker, 2003) <br />Deliverables & Milestones<br />Project Task MilestonesProject Task DeliverablesPhase I:Develop a plan with mapped target areasThe plan will identify targeted programming and graphic create areas with a detailed description of the projected benefits of training and equipmentRecruit Employees for Initial sessions, monitoring, maintenance, reports, and follow-upsA team of Employees to provide three teams of 25 persons for initial training and one team of 20 for follow-ups, monitoring, maintenance, and reportsPhase II:Conduct 3 sessions1,200 training hours conducted in our empty work roomConduct a set of 2nd sessionsRe-training as necessary for those who do not receive their license in order to maintain the desired number of licensed and trained professional employeesPhase III:Develop Conceptual PlanThis plan will identify the location of training for each employee; it will also outline the context for text, programming, graphics, and training in sufficient detail in order to understand and distinguish the interaction and give a nice presentation when compiled togetherInstall SoftwareInstallation of high tech software installed on site in accordance with the placement described in the conceptual plan<br />(ABC Gateway, 2009) <br />Technical Requirements<br />MINIMUM LEVELRECOMMENDED LEVELBrowserFirefox 3.0.8Firefox 3.0.8Operating SystemWindows XP or VistaWindows XP or VistaSecurity Cipher Strength125-bit125-bitScreen Settings1028 x 768 with 75536 colors (16 bit)1028 x 768 with 75536 colors (16 bit)FirewallsShould allow HTTP(s) traffic via Port 442Should allow HTTP(s) traffic via Port 442Internet ConnectionAccess to the Internet via an Internet Service Provider. Speeds of 56K bits per secondHigh Speed broadband DSL connection, Data rate 2MB per secondMemory266MB515MBDisk Space500 MB for Browser temp files20GB for Browser temp files and extract filesProcessorIntel Pentium ™ IIIIntel Pentium ™ IV 3 GHzAdobe ® Reader (For viewing and Printing PDF content)Version 5.0 or greaterVersion 5.0 or greater. You may click the icon to download the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader free of charge<br />(RBC Dexia Investor Services, 2009)<br />If you want to check versions and the amount of the disk space that will be used you will need to follow these instructions. Go to Tools > Internet Options > General > Temporary Files > Settings button, which is where browser settings are recommended. When you check for newer versions of stored pages – Make sure to choose “Automatically”. When you check for the amount of disk space to use – Choose “200MB”. You will also want to make sure the Session Cookies are enabled and need to have your SSL2 and SSL3 enabled. Java will come in handy for you so make sure your Java JIT Compiler is enabled as well as automatic prompting for Active X controls. Accept pop up boxes from and be sure to add it as a trusted site. (RBC Dexia Investor Services, 2009)<br />Limits and Exclusions<br />Here at Small Business Works the customer is the business. We want to ensure you that if Volunteer Fund Raising attempts do not meet our expected needs that other Funding sources will be researched in order to create high tech websites for our customers and in order to purchase the software needed for training purposes, so we will not leave our customers without creative and innovative websites. What will not be included in our Volunteer Fund Raising Sessions are false advertisements. It’s true the cost of equipment and training may be higher than original estimations but that won’t stop Small Business Works from obtaining other resources of funding but could possibly exclude given appropriate dates for website creations to be completed and need to be rescheduled. What will not be included in the cost of equipment and training will be necessary supplies such as pens, pencils, and paper for notes. If Weather inclinations put delays on Volunteer Fund Raising, we have obtained some information from another company called Weather Resist who is willing to accompany us on rainy and stormy days so we will not let the Weather stop us from doing what we need to do to satisfy our customers if properly put into our budget. What will not be included in Weather inclination delays are Volunteer Fund Raising teams during emergency weather periods such as Tornados because we will not put the lives of our technicians in danger. (Jones, D., & Tucker, I., 2003)<br />We will not stop our system test models from being tested because we want to ensure our customers that our project will work for you as it has for us. What will not be included in our System Test Models are Night Time Technicians to properly test these machines due to our business hours. If an employee doesn’t receive their license once training is complete we wont’ let that stop us either, the employee will simply receive more training and be re-tested with the proper funding. What will not be included in an employee not receiving their license is complete funding. The employee will be required to pay for half of the cost to be re-trained in order to receive their license and we will match their cost. Wages and salaries within our company have not been met in the past but with our new ideas and project in place these are being met now according to our technician’s skills, licenses, training, and employment in years. What we will not do is allow the wages and salaries within our company not to be met again. Our employees are not left without Insurance coverage and the amount of coverage they have is being met with standard criteria where it wasn’t’ in the past. What we will not do is allow our employees to be left without Insurance coverage as they have in the past. (Jones, D., & Tucker, I., 2003) <br />Our limits and exclusions will typically prevent “scope creep”, although it is in most cases Inevitable and Natural. When we go forward with our Scope we will do our very best in preventing more requirements that are not originally included in the initial planning of this project. We will also strive not to allow the time frame for project delivery to be altered. We here at Small Business Works realize that Scope creep doesn’t have to be a bad thing if change or growth of projects occur and in most cases change should be effectively managed by not preventing the changes completely. We also would make sure that timelines and budgets were not affected by Scope Creep. (Suresh, 2009)<br />Identifying Project Priorities & Project Matrix<br />TimePerformanceCost ConstrainEnhanceAccept<br />Priorities can change during the life of a project therefore the life of this project needs to be completed prior to the due date because of pressing needs within our Organization to get other customers websites created. Cost savings are often requested by most of our customers but are also required by Management within our Business. Trade-offs is important to mention here because they are required here at Small Business Works, however that comes with rules as well. It is ok for schedules to slip but very necessary to go over the budget if this happens. It is not ok to reduce the scope and performance of the project because they can’t be compromised and can’t be sacrificed. One thing to keep in mind is that any time there are trade-offs that managers need to have an understanding of the priorities of the project at hand. (Clifford, Larson, Meredith, & Mantel, 2006)<br />Work Breakdown Structure<br />Created By:<br />(Word Press Document, 2009)<br />Small Business Works Work Breakdown Structure identifies all work that needs to be done and identifies various types of resources required for the work at hand. Although we use job titles to protect the privacy of our employees this Work Breakdown will not list employee or technicians names and will not give a set date of completion. (Word Press Document, 2009)<br />Responsibility Matrix<br />WBS Work InformationTech 1Tech 2Tech 3Tech 4Tech 5Tech 6Tech 7Tech 8Tech 9Tech 10Tech 11Tech 12Tech 13Tech 14Tech 15Tech 16 Tech 17 Tech 18 Tech 19Tech 20Tech 21 Tech 22 Tech 23 Tech 24 Tech 25Tech 26 Tech 27Tech 28Tech 29Tech 30Tech 31 Tech 32 Tech 33 Tech 34Tech 35Reporting InformationP S S S1Problem Areas P S S S S1.1Gathering InformationS SS PS1.2Delegation Missions P S S S S S1.3Preparing ReportsSSp S2System Analysis S S P S2.1System Test ModulesSSS SP2.2Preparing ReportsP3System Design S S SS3.1Input & Output S PS3.2Preparing ReportsS SS S P4System Equipment S PS S S S4.1Peculiar Support EquipmentP SSS S4.2Common Support Equipment S P S4.3Preparing Reports SSSP5Testing P SS S S5.1PNP System Software SP S S5.2PNP System HardwareS P S S5.3PNP Application SoftwareS P S5.4Preparing ReportsS S SP6ImplementationPSS S S6.1Employee & Technician Evaluations S S S P S6.2Volunteer Fund RaisingSS SS P S6.3Preparing ReportsP SS S<br />KEY: P = Primary Responsibility; S = Support Responsibility<br />(Gido & Clements, 2009)<br />Conclusion<br />Here at Small Business Works we have let the project work for us instead of working for the project. Our project has significance and involves a highly increased spectrum of trade skills and individual professionalism. Our Technicians and Employees here at Small Business Works work very closely together on various projects so satisfaction is achieved comfortably in knowing we have good working relationships. We like to demonstrate change and all of its possibilities here at Small Business Works and the fastest way to demonstrate that is through good quality work. Positive results from this Project Scope Checklist will not only improve the process of our Organization, but will also provide continual improvement. Let us show you what we are all about here at Small Business Works and you will be guaranteed some very positive results. It is our hope that this Proposal might provide some insight to our customers and allow them to focus on our project procedures with professional communication from our staff. Thank You for taking the time to review this Customer Proposal. If you would like to accept this Proposal please sign one copy and return it with a 50% deposit of the software cost. (AIU Online, 2009)<br />Accepted by:Title:By or on Date: 4/5/2009<br />(Microsoft Office Template, 2009)<br />References<br />AIU Online, (2009) Project Management Class MGT110 Unit 2 Individual Project “The<br /> Project” class Assignment retrieved on April 4th, 2009 from:<br />E-Business Plan, (2009) Project Objectives Tutorials retrieved on April 4th, 2009 from: <br /><br />Jones, D., & Tucker, I., (2003) Sample Grant Proposal City of Summerville Department of<br /> Public Safety, A Nonprofit Service Organization retrieved on April 4th, 2009 from Web Site: and also from Unit 1 Individual Project Assignment in MGT110<br />ABC Gateway, (2009) Sample Scope of Work – Project Deliverables Project Summary retrieved<br /> On April 4th, 2009 from:<br />Gido, J., & Clements, J., (2009) American InterContinental University Project Management<br /> Concepts AIU Online eBook Unit 1 MGT110 – The Life of a Project Classroom retrieved on April 4th, 2009 from: <br />RBC Dexia Investor Services, (2009) Technical Requirements Online Tools retrieved on April <br />4th, 2009 from:<br />Suresh, B., (2009) Scope Creep Management Scope Creep is not only Inevitable – It’s Natural.<br /> Project Perfect Project Management Software retrieved on April 4th, 2009 from:<br />Clifford, F., & Larson, E. 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