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Webcasting Playbook:

  1. 1. Webcast Playbook:Everything You Need to Conduct a Killer WebcastMay 30, 2013By Carla Gates
  2. 2. Webcasts for B2B Lead GenCarla Gates“People won’t part with their currency(in this case personal data) if youdon’t offer them something in return.To capture a lead for your businessyou need to create great content toentice them to fill out your lead genforms.”
  3. 3. Choosing the Right Webcast PlatformCarla Gates• What to consider when choosing aplatform:– Pricing– Capacity (quantity and technology)– Ease of Use (for presenters and viewers)– System and platform compatibility– Tech support and training– Reputation– Features to consider: invitations,registration, recording, polling, video,customization, auto reminders, password-protection, chat, file transfer.
  4. 4. Choosing the Right PlatformCarla GatesSource: Top 10 Reviews
  5. 5. Kickass Content = Successful WebcastCarla Gates5 Rules for Kickass Webcast Content:1. It’s not all about you. It’s about giving away freecontent that’s of great value to your audience. Thinkabout their needs first, then design your contentaround that.2. Take on the role of teacher, rather than salesperson.3. Keep it brief and concise: 5 min of introductions andhousekeeping, 30 min of content, and 15 min of Q&Aat the end are best.4. Guest speakers add promotional panache; just makesure they are actually good at giving presentations.(And practice thoroughly with them beforehand!)5. Use lots of visuals. Text-heavy presentations will putaudience to sleep. Live demos & video are optimal ifwebcast platform permits.
  6. 6. It Starts With Good Planning…Carla Gates
  7. 7. Promotion Tips:Make Sure No One Misses The Webcast!• Set a registration goal; track it dailyand dial up marketing efforts asneeded. [Note: Hubspot ran the thelargest webcast ever with almost10,000 attendees]• Set an attendee goal [avg. attendanceis 30-50% of registration.]• Best days of week for highestattendance: Tues-Wed; best time ofday: 11-1pm EST.Carla Gates
  8. 8. Promotion Tips:Make Sure No One Misses The Webcast!• Ongoing promotion is key: The “next”webcast should always be listed on thehomepage and blog sidebar, so that as soonas one is done, registration for the next one isposted.• Registration best practices: reg formembedded on blog or website; or brandedlanding page.• List best practices: Integrate reg form withcontact database.• Invite your contact list by email, as well asposting on homepage.– Send a confirmation email once registered.– Send a reminder email 3 days before, 1 day before,and 1 hour before.Carla Gates
  9. 9. Promotion Tips:Make Sure No One Misses The Webcast!• Promote using all your social mediachannels. Choose a unique hashtag forthe event to be used for promotion, aswell as live tweets and questions duringthe event.• If relevant to your audience, try mediabuys, like Facebook ads, promotedTweets, LinkedIn, and display ads inindustry directories.• Get guest speaker to promote to theiremail list and social channels.– To encourage this, send “suggested copy” fortheir emails and social media posts.Carla Gates
  10. 10. Practice Makes Perfect• You’ll have multiplepositions to coordinate, so its critical todo a dry run several days prior to the webcast, using thesame people (use a stand-in for the attendees), on thesame webcast platform, and the same delivery device (i.e.,phone, computer).– Test the platform login, audio, click through the materials, practiceapplication sharing and interface controls.Carla Gates
  11. 11. Day-Of Logistics• Assign a Webcast Coordinator who is NOT the Moderator orPresenter. This person is responsible for interaction supportwith the Presenters, Moderator, and attendees; technicalsupport; and presenter coaching.• The Webcast Coordinator, Moderator, and Presenter should each usetheir own computers. In addition, assign someone else to monitor whatattendees are seeing.• Slide Deck Best Practices• Title Slide should have webcast title, date, and dial-in info asconfirmation for attendees who dial in early.• Add slides for housekeeping, agenda, and presenter intros.• Put contact info on each slide so that attendees can contact you after thewebcast, even if they sign off early.Carla Gates
  12. 12. Day-Of Logistics• Prepare 4-5 relevant questions beforehand in case thereare none from the audience.• Use a wired, not wireless internet connection, for betterconsistency and responsiveness• Presenters should use landline, not cell phone, for optimalaudio quality.• If providing dial-in conference numbers, don’t forget aboutinternational attendees.• Encourage live tweeting with event hashtags.• DON’T FORGET TO START THE RECORDING!Carla Gates
  13. 13. Post Webcast Follow-Up:Get the Most Out of Your Efforts• Nurture those leads!• Capture the list of those who asked questions (i.e.,they’re more engaged) and give to Sales team.• Give reg and attendee list to Sales team, or make surethe list automatically populates into Salesforce orother CRM software.• Send out recording link and/or the slide decktoall attendeesw/in 24hrs. About 10%ofattendees will email you looking forfollow-upanyway.• Fast follow-up helps motivate attendeesto take a nextstep while the webcast is still on their mind.• Post the recording on your blog or website, withaccompanying descriptive blog post. Tweet.Carla Gates
  14. 14. Benchmarks and MeasurementCarla Gates
  15. 15. Break a Leg!Carla GatesCarla GatesDigital Strategistcarla@3to5marketing.comhttp://twitter.com/CarlaGates247www.linkedin.com/in/carlagates/