Making the most of social media on your own website visitor review


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Making the most of social media on your own website visitor review

  1. 1. Making the most of social media on your own website
  2. 2. Who we are We specialise in providing solutions to enable organisations to maximise the benefits of social media and social networking from their own website and within their own brand Created 200+ social media solutions globally for international tour operators, international tourist boards and visitor attractions Proven to deliver traffic, enquires, business, loyalty and more
  3. 3. Who we are Shortlisted for Best Online Application in the 2009 Travolution Awards Shortlisted in 3 categories in the Best Online Application Best Technology Provider Rising Brand of the Year Nominated as one of the top creative companies in the South West for 2010 by the Bristol Media collective Also offer quality video production services
  4. 4. What we do: Principles of offsite & onsite social media We believe social media strategies fall into 2 categories: 1. Onsite – Those on your website 2. Offsite – Those not on your website Important to consider both to fully utilise everything that social media has to offer
  5. 5. Offsite social media Should primarily direct traffic to your website There are over 234 social media sites - some are more popular than others ie. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and WAYN Promotions through these sites are great Also great to gather new ‘fans’ and members of your community but.... Ultimately the aim should be to direct traffic back to your own website
  6. 6. Onsite social media Organisations spend a lot of money directing people to their websites, however once there, it is important to ensure that you deliver all the information they needed to encourage a booking for visit Onsite social media involves creating your very own social media solution Onsite social media should;  drive organic search engine traffic to your site  maintain your online visitors  drive enquiries and conversions ALL within your OWN website
  7. 7. Our solution: Visitor Review A white-labelled social media and social networking solution Enables organisations to gather their own social media on their own terms Integrated seamlessly throughout the clients website Maintains traffic on client’s website Enables organisations to create and engage with their own online community through user generated photos, videos and text reviews Organisations can collect invaluable marketing materials
  8. 8. Visitor Review: Key Marketing Benefits Increased organic search engine traffic to your website Provide more engaging and interactive content on your website Gather authentic experiences under your own brand Increases browsing time of your online visitors Enhances online conversion rates by directing visitors into booking flows
  9. 9. Visitor Review: Key Marketing Benefits Encourages repeat visits to your website Builds a solid and relevant database for future marketing activities Ability to show targeted content on targeted pages of your own website Create bespoke categories to match your own marketing campaigns
  10. 10. Visitor Review: Search Engine Benefits Visitor Review can have a significant positive impact on search engines and can help to drive organic search engine traffic to your website. Increased search engine visibility can also reduce your PPC spend. SEO benefits include: Regularly added content quickly drives your Visitor Review solution up the search engine page rankings. All links on your Visitor Review solution are directed to the most relevant pages on your website increasing the chance of conversion You control the page titles, meta-descriptions and meta-tags of your Visitor Review site allowing you to target specific keywords or keyphrases in search engines Each different Category you create has its own page title, meta-description and meta-tags allowing you to target a greater range of keywords and keyphrases and provide rich landing pages for your visitors from search engines
  11. 11. Visitor Review: UGC features Some of the functionality of a Visitor Review solution include: Intro Media Allows client to select review Welcome Message photos to rotate in the intro section of their Visitor Review Clients control the welcome solution. Inspiring content message banners and links, and captures the visitor, keeps them the ‘upload’ image and can on the site longer and may also change these whenever they inspire them to experience want. Thus building a strong what you offer. brand identity with their visitors. Categories Categories are determined and controlled by the client to help online visitors navigate their site. Each category can have it’s own description and banner.
  12. 12. Visitor Review: UGC features Video If a video is uploaded with a posting it will appear first. We Advertising offer high quality video upload conversion and playback of any on your site mainstream online media Can be static or flash. A website. Rich media content great way of redirecting increases search engine traffic, visitors back to your page ranking & online visibility website. Alternatively thus driving free organic traffic the advertising spaces to the site. can be used to generate revenue. Photos Photos uploaded with reviews Comments can be selected and scrolled through. High resolution images Any comments added to the can also be stored to be used in review by other visitors are other marketing activity. automatically emailed to the author of the review to encourage them to return to the site.
  13. 13. Visitor Review: UGC features Video Embedding & Send to a Friend To increase the exposure of your media and content, URLs and embed codes are provided for online visitors as well as ‘send to a friend’ and ‘download’ options. This increases number of unique visitors to the site. Playlists Visitors can save reviews, photos Geotagging and videos to their playlist A geo-tagged map shows your encouraging repeat visits. visitors where in the world the review is from. Opening this map can show up to 30 of your Geo- tagged reviews.
  14. 14. ROI for your social media solution On average, 1 good quality review added to your Visitor Review site = 10-15 new organic visitors per annum. Therefore, gathering 1000 reviews in a year will deliver 10,000 – 15,000 new visitors. This can help reduce PPC spend By gathering your own user-generated content, you will have your own library of images to use in future marketing activity therefore reducing your media spend Showing relevant review content in specific pages on your own website will increase browsing time, increase the number of enquiries and may also increase conversion rates of your website You can measure the click-through rate to offers and enquiries
  15. 15. Creating an integrated strategy: crossing over content Crossing over content from your onsite solution to offsite social media solutions such as Facebook can generate additional visitors to your site For example, crossing over just 10 reviews to your Facebook page per month can generate extra visitors up to 2 ½ times your community per month Your own social media delivered on these sites, makes offsite campaigns even more effective but... Ultimately the aim should be to direct traffic back to your own website
  16. 16. Clients include...
  17. 17. Get in touch For further information, or to discuss how Visitor Review can benefit your organisation, please contact: Anthony Rawlins, Managing Director Simon Jones, Marketing Director t: +44 (0)117 9055 195 e: | w: