Build your own online community with Visitor Review


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Build your own online community with Visitor Review

  1. 1. Your own online community
  2. 2. Why build your own online community? Social networking is an essential communication tool for the travel industry. There are hundreds of online communities already in existence that organisations should engage with including; BUT ultimately the aim of using these should be to drive traffic back to your website to encourage conversions
  3. 3. Why build your own online community? If you have good brand awareness and a high loyalty factor, then why not make the most of this within your own website, under your own branding There are many great benefits of building your own community on your website Image: Salvatore Vuono /
  4. 4. Benefits of building your OWN online community Provides a long term marketing and communications channel Provides your customers with a sense of ownership and trust Helps to encourage repeat visits to your website Increases browsing time on your website Image: Graur Razvan ionut / Significantly increases the interaction on your site as a whole Collect rich and varied content about your members experiences
  5. 5. Benefits of building your OWN online community Gather extensive valuable and relevant information about your members Gather targeted information about destinations or member experiences Deliver relevant information to your members to help inspire conversations and repeat bookings Encourage member activity by rewarding with points or providing incentives
  6. 6. Benefits of building your OWN online community Deliver targeted advertising based on what your members have told you about where they want to travel next Reviews and comments from trusted members of your community has an influencing power far greater than any brochure or advice from travel agencies, so an online community will enhance your online conversion rates ....
  7. 7. Our solution: Visitor Review A white-labelled social media and social networking solution As well as bringing all the benefits of social media and user generated content to your website, Visitor Review now also provides you with your own social networking solution Features all the functionality you would expect from a social networking website, however it does all of this within your own brand
  8. 8. Our solution: Visitor Review Enables organisations to create their own unique own online community Organisations can gather important and relevant information about their customers Reinforces your brand whilst building strong customer loyalty and trust
  9. 9. Visitor Review: members area features Profile page Each member can create a profile page including information on ‘next places they want to visit’ or the next services of yours they would like to experience. You set the questions and so gather information that is highly valuable and relevant for your business Internal mailbox Members can communicate with other members through the internal mailbox. Members can also receive messages from you with special offers or competitions, increasing customer loyalty Create photo albums Members can create photo albums that they can share with other members which increases browsing time, encourages repeat visits & activity within your community. These photos can be used in other marketing
  10. 10. Visitor Review: members area features Subscriptions to destination or activities Members can subscribe to certain destinations or categories and any reviews added to your site tagged with these criteria will be sent to them automatically. This can be delivered to them daily, weekly or monthly. Members can subscribe to multiple destinations or categories. This encourages repeat visits Create Groups Members can create their own interest groups to share information with other like minded travellers & invite others to join, increasing your site’s interactivity
  11. 11. Visitor Review: members area features Create playlists Members can save photos, videos and reviews for later Upload reviews viewing, encouraging repeat Members can upload reviews, visits photos and videos of their experiences and share these with their ‘friends’ within the community, increasing Awards & Points browsing time You can create awards to help gather targeted content and award member prizes to incentivise members to enter. Points can also be awarded to encourage member activity
  12. 12. ROI for your social networking solution Build a valuable loyal membership base. One member of your OWN community is worth more than one Facebook member Gather the information you want to know from your members and incentivise Communicate offers to members and monitor click through rates to offers and enquiries Find out more about your customers, for example, where they want to travel next? You can then deliver relevant advertisements and offers based on this information Monitor increase in repeat business Long term communication opportunities
  13. 13. Generating traffic from offsite social media Crossing over content from your onsite solution to offsite social media solutions such as Facebook can generate additional visitors to your site For example, crossing over just 10 reviews to your Facebook page per month will generate extra visitors up to 2 ½ times your community per month Your own social media delivered on these sites, makes offsite campaigns even more effective but... Ultimately the aim should be to direct traffic back to your own website
  14. 14. Clients include...
  15. 15. Get in touch For further information, or to discuss how Visitor Review can benefit your organisation, please contact: Anthony Rawlins, Managing Director Simon Jones, Marketing Director t: +44 (0)117 9055 195 e: | w: