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Hello! My name is Carla Blumenthal and this is my application to StartingBloc 2012.

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StartingBloc Application

  1. 1. INSPIRATION My StartingBloc Path Application, 2012 Carla Blumenthal
  2. 2. MY INSPIRATION PATH I believe inspiration causes individuals to take action and create change. Throughout my life, there have been key moments, people, and organizations that shaped the development of who I am and who I want to become. April 2012:2008:Alternative 2009: Big 2011-2012: She’s the MISSION.TV 2010: Read Nicholas First Ambassador Director ofSpring Break Brothers/Big Kristof and Sheryl Marketing Sisters Program WuDunn’s ‘Half the Sky’ Mission: Empower youngMission: Learn Mission:Empower Mission: Mentor people to creativelyabout homelessness action through Mission: Learn more fundraise for girls’in the US. Boston youth. about women and girls’ sponsorships in the content. Inspiration issues around the world. developing world.Inspiration InspirationTakeaway: Small, Takeaway: Inspiration Takeaway: Takeaway:Just Mentorship is key Inspiration Takeaway:organized actions We need to act now to getting started, socan create change. in young people’s Start small & do what you advance girls & women. TBD! development. can with what you have.
  3. 3. MY INSPIRATION PATHHAS MOLDED MY BELIEFS My experience as a Big Sister and at She’s the First has transformed me into an advocate for girls’ education. I believe that education is a key factor in unlocking unrecognized potential in girls. In its most simplistic formula, I realized that: EDUCATION=OPPORTUNITY OPPORTUNITY=VOICE & ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE VOICE & ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE=CHANGE CHANGE=BETTER WORLD
  4. 4. MY INSPIRATION SHAPES WHO I AM TODAY AND WHAT I CAN CONTRIBUTE TO STARTINGBLOC At a young age, I was interested in what drives people to act. Whether it’s purchasing a product, using a service, or beinginvolved in a grass-roots movement, I’ve been fascinated with the psychology behind human action. I studied communications and marketing in college so I could understand the theories and strategies that influence action. Today I work at a social media agency, Mr Youth, managingcommunities and word of mouth campaigns that influence people to adopt certain services. The world’s most important issues need smart technology and communication strategies to drive awareness and action. As a StartingBloc Fellow, I will contribute my knowledge, marketing insights, and curiosity through a social change lens.
  5. 5. MY CONTRIBUTION TO THE STARTINGBLOC COMMUNITY WILL COME IN MANY FORMS I’ve been described as having a ‘zest for life’. I have an an insatiable appetite to learn, grow, and experience the world.As a StartingBloc Fellow, I will bring these qualities and my marketing experience to the table. My career experience will provide a web and marketing viewpoint to conversations and case study discussions. Social media strategy Online community-buildingCareer Experience Word of Mouth Blogging Campaign development campaigns ENFP Enthusiastic Team-oriented ‘Zest’ for lifePersonality Traits Curious Appetite to learn CompassionatePassions/Interest Personal Travel Writing Girls’ education Areas development
  6. 6. STARTINGBLOC WILL BE THEFOUNDATION FOR TOMORROW’S PATH While at the NY Institute of Social Innovation, I hope to gain from the StartingBloc experience in three key areas: Myself, Community, and World. I hope to... Myself Community World ...fully immerse myself in ...gain clearer relationships understanding the issues our direction for my with people who have similar world faces and be a part ofpassions, interest passions from various sectors. building the solutions.areas, and goals. ...gain mentoring relationships ...shape my understanding on with the StartingBloc speakers how social media and networks and my peers. of people can help solve the world’s issues. ...assist other Fellows in their ventures and goals.
  7. 7. STARTINGBLOC WILL BE THENEXT STEP IN MY INSPIRATION PATHI’ve seen the difference I can make on a one-on-one and organizational level. StartingBloc will be the next step in my journey to make a larger social impact. The relationships, idea-sharing, and mentorship I willreceive at StartingBloc will be the catalyst to realizing my social impact.
  8. 8. I hope StartingBloc canbe the next step in my path. Thank you for your consideration. Feel free to connect with me on my inspiration channels: Web Tumblr Twitter Photo image can be credited here.