Internal components (technical)
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  • 1. Carl ToddDa Vinci 1
  • 2. Processors (CPU)A CPU is like the brain of your computer, it controlseverything that goes on inside your computer fromthe most basic tasks to the more complicatedaspects.
  • 3. MemoryRAM (Random Access Memory):This is the area of temporary storage for applications, the operatingsystem and other bits of data being used, this is for easier access.Flash memory (Card):A type of memory that can be deleted and reprogrammed, the unitsfor this memory is blocks.ROM (Read Only Memory):This is memory that once data has written onto the chip it cannot beremoved only read.
  • 4. Memory
  • 5. Adapter Cards Ex: A printer circuit card is needed to connect a printer. An adapter card is required to allow the computer to communicate with the peripheral device of your choice.
  • 6. BUS TopologyThe topology the network usescontrols what functions areavailable. Also how thenetwork reacts to set backs.
  • 7. Processor (Central Processing Unit)The CPU is like the brain of thecomputer and near enough anytask gets sent to the CPU fromthe more basic commands tothe more technical 1s.
  • 8. Storage DevicesThis is a piece of hardware that can store and readinformation, 1 of the main types of storage devices is ahard drive. The computers primary hard drives are theoperating system, application and folders and files for theusers of the computer. Can be used with nearly anyenergy. Input and output devices are also very popularstorage devices.
  • 9. Partitioning and FormattingPartitioning is the dividing of a hard disk so youcan create a group of different operating systems.