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Presentation on the AIIM Capture Certificate Program and the AIIM Capture Practitioner Course

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  • 78% from NA18% from EMEA4% from ROW
  • Welcome to the AIIM Capture certificate program.
  • This is the AIIM Capture Practitioner course. Students who complete the entire course and pass the Practitioner exam will receive the AIIM Capture Practitioner certificate.
  • This course looks carefully at the key components of capture systems. Mod 1 Introduction and Overview Mod 2 Storage Formats Mod 3 Scanning Process and Scanners Mod 4 Capturing Electronic Documents Mod 5 Data Extraction and Output Options Mod 6 Media Options Mod 7 Metadata and Retrieval Mod 8 Long Term Preservation Mod 9 Conversion Mod 10 Organizational Issues
  • After learning the “what” of capture systems, the Specialist Course focuses on the “how to.” Modules include: Mod 1 The Capture Project Mod 2 Cost/Benefit Mod 3 Analysis and Functionality Mod 4 System Design Mod 5 Integration Mod 6 Implementation Mod 7 Legal Issues Mod 8 Paper-Intensive Applications Mod 9 Advanced Topics
  • Welcome to the AIIM Capture certificate program.
  • The course objectives include learning about:Capture technologies and capabilitiesStrategies for scanning, indexing/metadataStorage and RetrievalConversionNetwork planning for imagesLong term preservationOrganizational issues
  • Slideshare capture practitioner '11 04 14

    1. 1. AIIM Capture Certificate Program<br />Carl Weise CRM, ermM, ecmM<br />Industry Advisor, AIIM<br />Email:<br />Web: <br />
    2. 2. Learn the Why, What and How…<br /><br />The AIIM Certificate Programs are designed from global best practices among our 65,000 strong community<br />Skill sets and best practices are identified by Education Advisory Groups in North America and Europe <br />AIIM has grown to be the leading provider of training programs covering industry best practices and technologies<br />Don't get left behind, - join the AIIM community of experts by becoming an AIIM Practitioner, Specialist or Master.<br />
    3. 3. AIIM Education Advisory Group<br /><br /> Learning objectives are defined by the AIIM Education Advisory Group<br />Accenture<br />Albistur Consulting<br />Barclays Capital<br />Bill and Vieve Gore School of<br />Business, Westminster College<br />BP<br />CCRM Associates<br />Chevron Phillips Chemical Company<br />CIA<br />Crown Partners<br />Doculabs<br />Fujitsu<br />Gambro<br />Gartner<br />Gimmal Group<br />GlaxoSmithKline<br />Harris Corporation<br />Hartman Communicatie<br />Health First<br />Hewlett-Packard<br />Hyland Software<br />IBM<br />Inforesight Limited<br />JPMorgan Chase<br />Kodak<br />Marion County Health Dept.<br />Objective Corporation<br />Oracle<br />Ordina<br />Ricoh<br />Royal Mail Group<br />Shell<br />SpringCM<br />Sunoco<br />The National Archives of United Kingdom<br />The South Financial Group<br />US Courts<br />US Department of Treasury<br />ZyLAB<br />
    4. 4. AIIM Certificate Programs<br /><br />
    5. 5. Status after 5 years…<br /><br />AIIM Practitioner, Specialist and Master are now recognized designations<br />19,000+ attendees<br />8 Certificate Programs<br />Partners across the world<br />Job posting by Oracle Germany;<br />78%<br />4%<br />18%<br />
    6. 6. Sample of Program Students<br /><br /><ul><li>HP
    7. 7. Hyland Software Inc.
    8. 8. IBM
    9. 9. IKON Office Solutions
    10. 10. Kimberly-Clark
    11. 11. Kodak
    12. 12. Lexmark I
    13. 13. Liberty Mutual Insurance
    14. 14. Lockheed-Martin
    15. 15. Microsoft Corporation
    16. 16. Petro-Canada
    17. 17. Pfizer
    18. 18. ABBYY
    19. 19. Accenture
    20. 20. AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
    21. 21. Bank of America
    22. 22. Boeing Company
    23. 23. Booz Allen Hamilton
    24. 24. Bureau of Engraving and Printing
    25. 25. Canon
    26. 26. Chevron
    27. 27. CIGNA Healthcare
    28. 28. Deloitte
    29. 29. Eli Lilly and Company
    30. 30. Fannie Mae
    31. 31. Philip Morris USA
    32. 32. Price Waterhouse Coopers
    33. 33. Progressive Insurance
    34. 34. Ricoh
    35. 35. Shell Oil Products US
    36. 36. US Army Corps of Engineers
    37. 37. Department of Transportations
    38. 38. US Department of Treasury
    39. 39. US Environmental Protection Agency
    40. 40. US Mint
    41. 41. USAA
    42. 42. Washington Mutual</li></li></ul><li>AIIM Capture Certificate Program<br />7<br /><br />Copyright AIIM All Rights Reserved<br />
    43. 43. AIIM Capture Certificate Program<br /><br />Capture<br />Specialist<br />Capture<br />Strategy<br />Case Study<br />Capture<br />Practitioner<br />CaptureS<br />SPECIALIST<br />CaptureP<br />PRACTITIONER<br />CaptureM<br />MASTER<br />8<br />Copyright AIIM All Rights Reserved<br />
    44. 44.<br />Modules<br />Data Output & <br />Extraction <br />Long Term Preservation<br />Intro & Overview<br />Storage Formats<br />Conversion<br />Media Options<br />Metadata & Retrieval<br />Scanning<br />Capture Practitioner Course Outline <br />Organizational Issues<br />Electronic Documents<br />9<br />Copyright AIIM All Rights Reserved<br />
    45. 45.<br />Modules<br />The Capture Project<br />Analysis & Functionality<br />Cost/Benefit<br />Integration <br />Implementation<br />System Design<br />Paper-Intensive Applications<br />Legal Issues<br />Capture Specialist Course Outline <br />Advanced Topics<br />Copyright AIIM All Rights Reserved<br />10<br />
    46. 46. AIIM Capture Certificate Program<br />Practitioner Course<br />11<br /><br />Copyright AIIM All Rights Reserved<br />
    47. 47. Course objectives – learn about:<br />Capture technologies and capabilities<br />Strategies for scanning, indexing/metadata<br />Storage and Retrieval<br />Conversion<br />Network planning for images<br />Long term preservation<br />Organizational issues<br />Copyright AIIM All Rights Reserved<br />12<br />The Capture Practitioner Course<br /><br />
    48. 48. Learning Model<br /><br />
    49. 49. Standards and best practices<br /><br /><ul><li>The courses use and refer to standards when possible including benefits and disadvantages</li></li></ul><li>24-7 course access for 6 months<br /><br />
    50. 50. Online courses & resources<br /><br />
    51. 51. Online exam<br /><br />
    52. 52. Don’t be left behind…<br /><br />Join the AIIM community of experts by becoming an AIIM Practitioner, Specialist or Master<br />Understand market trends and available technologies<br />Identify and demonstrate the business benefits of starting new projects<br />Ensure progress by linking business strategy with a new vision and ways of working <br />Understand global best practices for managing information infrastructure<br />Be recognized as an industry expert by being an AIIM Practitioner, Specialist or Master!<br />
    53. 53. Remember to check out…<br /><br />The AIIM Essentials programs are short online courses that are focused on very specific topics applicable to any organization, and are a perfect complement to the AIIM Certificate offerings<br />Web Content Management Technologies<br />Digital Asset Management Technologies<br />Electronic Discovery<br />Web Analytics Technology<br />Imaging and Recognition<br />Enterprise Portal Technology<br />PDF/A<br />
    54. 54. Questions?<br />Visit:<br />To locate a classroom course near you<br />Sign up for an online course – available 24-7 for 6 months<br />Check how AIIM can deliver a class for your organization<br />Email:<br />Web:<br />
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