The Cold War- Carl Clouse
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The Cold War- Carl Clouse






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The Cold War- Carl Clouse The Cold War- Carl Clouse Presentation Transcript

  • The Cold War Carl Clouse
  • The Cold WarIs a period that the US and the USSR were in a time of political and military tension.Against the US and the USSR.
  • Yalta and PotsdamThe Yalta and Potsdam conference were a conference that decided which country got Germany, bringing Nazi war criminals to trial. Russia would join the war that was occuring in the Pacific, in return for zones in North Korea and Manchuria.Took place in 1945.
  • The Truman DoctrineWas a policy to help keep Greece and India from falling into Soviet control.The Marshall Plan was a plan to restore Europes economy.
  • The Berlin WallThe berlin wall was erected in order to keep East and West Berlin separated. West Berlin Aircraft dropped off food and supplies to East Berlin that was terribly poor and staving. The Iron Curtain was a political wall between the Democratic and commune society.
  • Mao zedong•  Was the Communist ruler of China who introduced the “Great Leap Forward” a Chinese form of Communism. The Great Leap Forward was mobilization of labor to improve agricultural and industrial production. He also created the “Cultural Revolution” in 1966 which aimed to ‘cleanse’ of impure elements and established to revive the revolutionary spirits?
  • Space/ Arms race•  After the cold war, the US and USSR were competing.•  The space race was a race for the first country to claim space.•  The Nuclear Arms race was also between the US and the USSR. It was when both countries built up their nuclear weapons and threatened each another.
  • Korean War•  The Korean war “1950-1953” was fought between the US, North and South Korea. This war left Korea economically and socially damaged.•  The 38th Parallel was the very beginning of the Korean war.
  • Vietnam•  Was fought between North and South Vietnam.•  Containment was a major part in the Vietnam War. The US entered and fought because of their quest to contain North Vietnam. Over 50,000 Americans were killed.