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Painting Portfolio
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Painting Portfolio


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First Presentation for my Portfolios and presentations class.

First Presentation for my Portfolios and presentations class.

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  • 1. Painting Portfolio Carinne Kolbè
  • 2. This presentation is to show my work done in selected paintings. It is intended to show my skills in the following areas:Ability to arrange objects in a given field●Knowledge in color use●Attention to detail●Use of juxtaposition of different textures, colors and objects to create an●image that is aesthetically pleasing
  • 3. These paintings were done over a period of 4 years, at the end of high school throughout college. The paintings are in chronological order to show the evolution of my work.The selected paintings range from still lifes, portraits and figurative paintings. The time line of the paintings start at a time where I had little guidance, through a period of strict supervision and then returning to a period withless supervision. The pieces in this collection are done with various mediums and are in an assortment of sizes.
  • 4. Portrait Portrait of a hair mannequin,emphasizing techniques in color use and form. August 2006, 18” x 20”, Oil paint on Canvas Board
  • 5. Textures Still Life Still Life with buoys, brick, bone, cardboard boxes and a bocce ball toexamine the different textures occurring in each object. Fall 2009, 18” x 20”, Oil Paint on Canvas Paper
  • 6. Supplies Still LifeStill Life of my painting supplies, showing ability to paint draped cloth and glass. Fall 2009, 24” x 18”, Oil Paint on Vellum Paper
  • 7. Vanitas Still LifeStill life showing an arrangement of bones,a skull, woven blanket and a pottery bottle in the style of a vanitas painting with momento mori symbolism. Fall 2009, 24” x 18”, Oil paint on canvas
  • 8. Abstract Narrative SeriesSeries of paintings using three colors and black and white to express an abstract narrative. Fall 2010, 6 x 24” x 18”, Acrylic paint on canvas
  • 9. Complimentary Colors Figurative PaintingFigurative painting featuring a portrait and a narrative using a purple andyellow color scheme. Abstract roses on dress. Fall 2010, 28” x 36”, Acrylic paint on Canvas
  • 10. Symbolism Narrative PaintingArrangement with symbolic meaning attached to the objects with the subject matter being the state of the South African nation. Fall 2010, 24” x 36, Acrylic paint on canvas
  • 11. Thank Carinne Kolbè