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Fourth Presentation for my TMD 427, Presentations and Portfolios class.

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Drawing Portfolio

  1. 1. Drawing Portfolio Carinne Kolbé
  2. 2. This portfolio was created to show my proficiency in the following skills:• Ability to observe and recreate a variety of textures• Attention to detail• Knowledge of human facial proportions• Ability to use shadow and light to create shape and form
  3. 3. The pieces in this portfolio were made over a period of fiveyears. The first pieces were made in high school when I firststarted drawing. Since then I have become interested inpainting, but I have also continued drawing. The gap in mydrawing work is due to my work from 2010 beingmisplaced. The pieces from 2011 are less structured to showmy experimentation with texture and loose composition.
  4. 4. Squished Graphite on Paper, 2006-Drawing of an elf and a fairy-Source: Lady Cottingtons Fairy Album-Exercise in drawing from a source found in a book and arranging two subjects on the page to create a satisfying composition
  5. 5. Charcoal on Paper, 2006Granadillas-Study of whole and half Granadillas-Part of an exercise in drawing vegetables and fruits with seeds-This drawing had to be drawn fast after doing blind contour drawings
  6. 6. Graphite on Paper, 2006Variations-Experimentation with five objects with interesting textures and details.-Objects consist of: a Guinea fowl feather, half of a paper doily, a piece of burlap, a piece of crocheted trim, and a crumpled piece of a paper bag
  7. 7. Pouty-L’Oreal advertisement used as source-Portrait of a girl looking directly at the camera to explore the proportions of the human face Graphite on Paper, 2006
  8. 8. Ghanaian Girl- Portrait of a girl- First drawing made using soft pastels- Drawn from a photo originally found in National Geographic magazine Pastels on Paper, 2006
  9. 9. Flag-Experimentation with chiaroscuro-Study of two draped American flags Charcoal on Paper, 2008
  10. 10. Bark-Drawing of a piece of bark-Goal of exercise was to capture the texture in the wood Pastels on Paper, 2011
  11. 11. Pastels on Paper , 2011Study in Ants-Drawing of an ant examining a dead ant-Experimentation with loose lines and unfinished textures
  12. 12. Thank You Carinne KolbeCarinneK@gmail.com