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Primis Missoni Nevis Design

Primis Missoni Nevis Design

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. Hotel Missoni, NevisNevis, West Indies, Caribbeanproposal for architectural servicedesign only submitted to: Mr. Frederick Morton Jr. Tempo Networks, LLC date: 29 April 2011 project number 114065
  • 2. contents SECTION    1 scope of services SECTION    2 professional fees + schedule SECTION    3 terms + conditions SECTION    4 project experience SECTION    5 teamMissoni Nevis – West Indies, Caribbean | Project #114065 Page 2
  • 3. scope of services PROJECT DESCRIPTION This proposal addresses architectural design services for the Missoni Boutique Hotel in Nevis, West Indies. This five-star, luxury development, which will consist of one hotel of approximately 88-120 keys, a designated meeting facility of approximately 520 square meters, and a spa component of approximately 1,400 square meters. Site description: TBD WATG’s proposal is to provide a Concept Design / Lender’s Package for the purposes of acquiring project funding.“The hotels designedby WATG in our globalportfolio successfully DESIGN ARCHITECT’S RESPONSIBILITIESand consistently WATG, as Design Architect, will provide design services as outlined. All drawings forbalance aesthetics, concept design will be hand drawn and/or computer-generated at WATG’s option.market needs andoperational imperatives CLIENT RESPONSIBILITIESwhile satisfying theowner’s objectives of design informationmaximizing value andprofitability.” The Client will provide all necessary design brief information including certified land survey, boundaries, contours of the site, locations and dimensions pertaining to existing buildingsLaurence Geller and features on the project site. In addition, the Client will provide data regarding siteCEO conditions including soil analysis and test borings, public utilities, geographical conditions,Strategic Hotel Capital climatic conditions, high and low water elevations, rights of way, restrictions, easements, and any environmental restrictions, reviews and/or approval requirements. zoning The Client will provide WATG with zoning and planning requirements and the Client will be responsible for securing planning, zoning and environmental approvals from the governing authorities having jurisdiction over the project. The Client’s consultant(s) shall prepare all environmental reports that may be required for the project. budget + schedule The Client and Client’s Quantity Surveyor will establish an overall project development and construction budget and schedule for development of the project and provide such information to WATG. client’s representations WATG is entitled to rely on the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of all information provided by the Client and their named representatives.Missoni Nevis – West Indies, Caribbean | Project #114065 Page 3
  • 4. client’s consultant(s) We anticipate that the Client will secure the expertise of other design consultants necessary for the successful design and implementation of this project. It is essential that the other consultants are engaged in a timely manner to ensure the flow of critical information during the design process. The Client’s consultants include, but are not limited to, civil, geotechnical survey, quantity surveyor, and other consultants that may be required for the Project. SCOPE OF SERVICES WATG will review the preliminary design brief and area program provided by the Client for the project. WATG will prepare conceptual architectural plans and layouts for the hotel. This will be reviewed with the Client and modified further based on their feedback regarding the conceptual design direction. WATG shall be responsible for establishing the overall architectural and aesthetic character of the Project. CONCEPT DESIGN Charrette / Site Visit | 1 week (2 days on site) Upon receipt of written notice to proceed and the mobilization fee, WATG will schedule the site visit. 1. Document Review: review documents, overall project goals, and plans of the project developed to date as provided by the Client. 2. Site Analysis: WATG will tour the site in as much detail as possible to understand the key features of the site including: a. Entry / Access points (including service entries) b. Establish primary and secondary views c. Note existing site features: i. Boundaries ii. Easements, height restrictions (if any) iii. Utility locations iv. Existing building structures on site to determine historical significance. Professional time for (1) one, two-person trip between California and Nevis is included in this phase. concept design | 7 weeks Following the site visit and Client design review meeting, WATG will further refine the design, drawings and prepare a Concept Design Presentation Package. This phase of the work is intended to establish the overall design, feel and character for the project and set the design language for all of the building components.Missoni Nevis – West Indies, Caribbean | Project #114065 Page 4
  • 5. concept design deliverables > Design Narrative – Project Description > Project program > Development numbers including site utilization and density > Illustrative site / roof plan showing all of the components of the project, including recreation amenities, landscape character and general circulation such as the entry, roadways, service areas and open space > Ground level plan > Typical guestroom level plan > Two (2) building cross sections describing vertical relationships > Two (2) representative building elevations illustrating overall massing and general character of the buildings > One (1) typical guestroom unit plan > One (1) typical suite villa plan (if necessary) > Three (3) computer-generated perspectives of massing (exact views to be determined) > Three (3) 11”x17” booklets of deliverables > One (1), 2-person trip to Nevis to present the final Concept Design. All final drawings will be at scale as deemed appropriate by WATG to convey the design intent. Project deliverables will be compiled in 11”x17” bound booklets. Electronic pdf format files will be included.Missoni Nevis – West Indies, Caribbean | Project #114065 Page 5
  • 6. professional fees + schedule DESIGN SERVICE FEES The total professional fee for design services will be a fixed fee of One Hundred Eighty Thousand no/100 US Dollars (US$180,000.00). We will require a mobilization fee of Thirty Six Thousand US Dollars (US$36,000.00) due and payable prior to commencement of services. (Professional Time) Stage Duration Included Trips Fees Concept Design (8) weeks (2) two-person trips $ 180,000“WATG turned an Total Design Fee (4) one-person trips total $ 180,000under-performingportion of our hotel intoa fantastic revenue In addition to our Professional Fees, WATG will be reimbursed for all project-relatedgenerator. The design is expenses as noted in the attached Terms and Conditions.timeless, unique andrefreshing. The spaceitself is our best sales PAYMENT FOR BASIC SERVICEStool.” The payment schedule requires monthly billings and payment of fees for services provided by WATG in approximate relationship to the phases of the project. Steve HallidayPresident All professional fees or any other compensation are net amounts, and do not include localPan Pacific Hotel & taxes or charges, if any. The Client will be responsible for any taxes due outside the UnitedResorts North America States; WATG will be responsible for any United States and state taxes relating to services provided by WATG. REIMBURSABLES In addition to our Professional Fees, we are reimbursed for our out of pocket expenses as noted in the attached Terms and Conditions, including the expenses associated with the trips and illustrations included in the scope of services referenced above. PAYMENT SCHEDULE An initial payment of Thirty Six Thousand US Dollars (US$36,000.00), which is included in the total professional fees, is payable prior to commencement of services as a mobilization fee. Thereafter, the balance of the fees shall be billed monthly for services provided by WATG in approximate relationship to the phases of the project, as outlined below. Mobilization $ 36,000 Month 1 72,000 Month 2 72,000 Total: $ 180,000Missoni Nevis – West Indies, Caribbean | Project #114065 Page 6
  • 7. ADDITIONAL PROFESSIONAL FEES Additional services will include the redesign of previously approved work, major revisions to the Project brief and expansion of the Architect’s scope of work beyond that set out in this proposal. WATG’s services are provided on the basis of a defined scope of work within an agreed time frame. Delay or acceleration of the project schedule may affect our services and require an adjustment to our fee. Additional services of the architect and its consultants can be provided on an hourly basis using our standard billing rates as set out in the attached Terms and Conditions, or at a fixed fee based upon an agreed scope of work, deliverable and time frame. EXCLUDED SERVICES The following areas are explicitly excluded from WATG’s scope: > Structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineering > Interior design > Landscape design > Kitchen and laundry design > Survey and geotechnical > Civil and utilities > Acoustical design > Audio-Visual / stage lighting design > Lighting design > Theater design > Marina design > Swimming pool design – (MEP systems) > Retail stores interior design > Hotel computer system design > Framed material boards and renderings > Color renderings, except as noted > Water feature consultant > Branding research and development of hotel brand standards > Digital fly through or video renderings > Spa equipment specifications > Fitness center equipment specifications > Negotiation with government authorities > Pricing evaluation and value engineering > LEED design and certification > Front-of-house and administration offices interior design and FF&E selection > Any other items not explicitly included in the scope.Missoni Nevis – West Indies, Caribbean | Project #114065 Page 7
  • 8. AC CCEPTANCE This proposal is v s valid until 6 July 2011. If this proposal corr s rectly states th scope of ser he rvices you wish WATG t provide and the terms ind u to d dicated above and in the att tached Terms and Con nditions are saatisfactory, please provide us with your wr s ritten acceptan of this pro nce oposal and the mobilizat d tion fee. The parties execu this Agreem e ute ment by signin below to ev ng vidence their aagreement to a the all term set out abo Those sign ms ove. ning below inddicate, by thei signature, th they have f ir hat full and final authorit to bind their respective pa to all prov d ty arty visions of the a agreement. Sinc cerely, Wim mberly Alliso Tong & Go NA, Inc. on oo Ma M. Yoshiz ark zaki Vice President AGREED AND A ACCEPTED Fred derick Morton Jr. n Tem Networks LLC. mpo s Sign nature Title e Dat teMisso Nevis – West Indies, Caribbe oni t ean | Project #114065 Page 8
  • 9. terms + conditionsA. PAYMENT FOR ADDITIONAL SERVICES 3. If WATG stops work on the Project under this provision and thenAdditional services will be provided on an hourly basis using the billing rates restarts the project, a remobilization fee will be charged. This fee will as follows: equal the costs of remobilization plus the amount of the next month of Senior Vice President ............................................................... $300.00 service. Vice President ......................................................................... $240.00 After receipt of the remobilization fee, WATG at its discretion, may Associate Vice President .......................................................... $220.00 allocate up to two weeks for its internal remobilization before Senior Associate ...................................................................... $195.00 recommencing work on the Project. Associate ................................................................................ $180.00 D. PAYMENT METHOD Senior Staff ............................................................................. $175.00 1. All payments will be made in dollars of the United States of America, Staff Level I ............................................................................. $145.00 deposited into: Staff Level II ............................................................................ $130.00 Beneficiary: WATG N.A. Inc. Staff Level III ........................................................................... $120.00 Bank: City National Bank, Los Angeles, CA Staff Level IV ............................................................................. $95.00 ABA Routing # 122016066 Staff Level V .............................................................................. $85.00 SWIFT CODE: CINAUS6L Graphics.................................................................................. $100.00 Account# 112987002 Administrative ........................................................................... $90.00 Reference Hotel Missoni Nevis - #1140651. Overtime rates for staff (over 40 hours per week) will be at 1.3 times billing rate; the above rates are subject to change. 2. Payments originating in the United States may be made by check drawn on a United States bank. All payments originating outside the United2. Additional Services will be billed monthly as services are performed and States must be sent via tested telegraphic transfer. will be due and payable on receipt of invoice. 3. Payments are received when WATG receives notice of deposit from City3. Failure to satisfy invoices for additional services within thirty (30) days of National Bank. invoice will be an authorization to WATG, at its discretion, to stop work on any additional services, in the same manner as upon default of E. TERMINATION OF AGREEMENT payment of monthly lump sum fees. 1. Either party upon reasonable written notice may terminate this Agreement. Should the Project be suspended, abandoned or assigned toB. PAYMENT FOR REIMBURSABLE EXPENSES another consultant, WATG will be compensated for all services1. In addition to the lump sum fee payable under this Agreement, agreed performed prior to receipt of written notice from Client of such reimbursable expenses will be charged at one point one five (1.15) times suspension, abandonment, or assignment together with any direct cost. reimbursable expenses then due.2. Reimbursables will include hotel, meals, business class airfare, ground 2. If the Project is suspended for any reason, and then resumed after being transportation, parking, incidental expenses associated with travel, suspended for more than two (2) months, WATG, at its discretion, may photographic expenses, long distance communication, telephone, re-negotiate with Client its compensation hereunder. In addition to any facsimile, postage, courier, shipping, reproduction costs, computer plots, adjustment to the Lump Sum Fee, WATG will be under no obligation to computer simulated videos, vehicle mileage for coordination meetings remobilize until it has received payment of a remobilization fee equal to near local WATG office and any other expenses identified in this the costs of remobilization plus the fee for the first month of service. The Agreement as such are reimbursable expenses. remobilization fee is a separate inducement for WATG to remobilize and3. Expenses for presentation character sketches, renderings, and scale is not a credit against amounts owed or to be owed by Client. After models not specifically identified as included in the basic fee will be receipt of the remobilization fee, WATG at its discretion, may allocate up considered reimbursable expenses and will be added to the fees quoted to two weeks for its internal remobilization before recommencing work in the Agreement. on the Project.C. PAYMENT DEFAULT F. GENERAL PROVISIONS1. An automatic notification of late payment will be made thirty (30) days 1. Power to execute Agreement: Each party warrants that it has full from invoice date, if payment has not been received by then. An annual power and authority to execute this Agreement, perform all conditions twelve percent (12%) interest charge will be added to payments due and deliver all instruments and payments described herein. more than thirty (30) days. If a controlling local law, regulation or rule 2. Entire Agreement: This Agreement represents the entire integrated imposes a lower maximum rate of interest on this charge at the time it is agreement between Client and WATG. It supersedes all prior due, that lower maximum rate will apply. negotiations, representations or agreements either written or oral. This2. When any invoice is outstanding and unpaid thirty (30) days after the Agreement may be amended only by written instrument signed by Client invoice is sent, WATG may, at its discretion, stop work on the Project. and WATG.Missoni Nevis – West Indies, Caribbean | Project #114065 Page 9
  • 10. 3. Termination by force majeure: If there occurs a force majeure, i.e., with respect to this Project, and, unless otherwise provided, WATG will be government orders, laws or regulations, strikes, sabotages, lockouts, deemed the author of these documents and will retain all common law, embargoes, war, acts of God (such as a flood or earthquake) or any other statutory and other reserved rights, including the copyright. Client will be event caused beyond the reasonable control of the parties of this permitted to retain copies, including reproducible copies, of WATG’s Agreement, allowing performance by either party under this Agreement drawings, specifications or other documents, including such expressed on impossible, the parties subject to the force majeure may terminate this electronic media; however, such copies will not be used by Client or Agreement by fifteen (15) days written notice to the other others on other projects, for additions to this Project, or for completion of4. Payment in event of force majeure: In a force majeure termination of this Project by others, unless WATG is adjudged to be in default under this this Agreement by Client, WATG will be compensated for all services Agreement, except by agreement in writing and with appropriate performed up to the date of termination and will retain all compensation compensation to WATG. Reuse without WATG’s professional involvement paid up to the date of termination. WATG will provide Client, upon full will be at Client’s sole risk and without liability to WATG. Client will payment as set forth herein, reproducible copies of all documents indemnify and hold harmless WATG, WATG’s consultants and agents and completed to the date of termination. employees or any of them from and against claims, damages, losses and expenses, including but not limited to reasonable attorneys’ fees, arising5. Notices: Notices hereunder are effective if sent by first class mail (or its out of unauthorized reuse of drawings, specifications, electronic data and equivalent), postage prepaid, courier or fax, to the addresses listed and to other instruments that are part of the Project. the individuals named first above, or to the different person and at the different address, if any, set out here. 10. Computer-Aided Design (“CAD”): In order to facilitate the design and coordination of the Project, WATG may draw in AutoCAD 2005, or6. Architect’s standard of care; disclaimer of warranties: WATG will later, CAD format, in which case, the following provisions apply: perform professional services in a manner consistent with that level of care and skill ordinarily exercised by members of the architectural profession WATG’s instruments of service hereunder are the printed hard copy practicing under similar conditions and circumstances. No other warranty drawings and specifications issued for the Project, whereas electronic or representation to Client or its contractors and subcontractors, media, including CAD files, are tools for their preparation. As a expressed or implied, is included or intended in this Agreement, or in convenience to Client, WATG will furnish to Client both printed hard any report, drawing, design, document, information expressed in copies and electronic media. In the event of a conflict in their content, electronic media, or otherwise. Without in any way limiting the generality however, the printed hard copies will take precedence over the of the foregoing, but only by way of example, WATG makes no electronic media. representation to Client with respect to (1) the effect on the Project of any WATG’s electronic media are furnished without guarantee of law, rule, regulation, ordinance, or mandate; or (2) the utility, readability, compatibility with Client’s software or hardware, and WATG’s sole accuracy, completeness or durability of any computer-aided design file or responsibility for the electronic media is to furnish a replacement for program. defective disks within thirty (30) days after delivery to Client.7. Limitation of architect’s liability: WATG’s liability, or that of its WATG retains ownership of printed hard copy drawings and consultants, to Client for any actions, damages, claims, demands, specifications and the electronic media. Client is granted a license for judgments, losses, costs, and expenses arising out of or resulting from the their use, but only in the operation and maintenance of the Project for negligent acts, errors, or omissions of WATG or its consultants is limited to no additional fee. Use of these materials for modification, extension, or the lowest of (1) the actual proceeds from insurance coverage provided by expansion of this Project or on any other Project, unless under the WATG and its Consultants professional liability insurance policies; (2) the direction of WATG, will be without liability to WATG and WATG’s amount of any settlement or judgment; or (3) the amount of compensation consultants. Because data stored in electronic media form can be altered, paid to WATG under this Agreement. either intentionally or unintentionally, by transcription, machine error,8. Client to indemnify architect, others: Client agrees to indemnify, defend environmental factors, or by operators, it is agreed that Client will and hold harmless WATG and each of its shareholders, directors, officers, indemnify, defend, save harmless WATG, WATG’s consultants, and the partners, employees, agents, subsidiaries, and divisions (and each of their officers and employees of any of them from and against any and all heirs, successors, and assigns) from any and all claims, demands, liabilities, claims, liabilities, damages, losses and costs, including but not limited to suits, causes of action, judgments, costs and expenses, including reasonable costs of defense, arising out of changes or modifications to the data in attorneys’ fees, arising, or allegedly arising from, personal injury, including electronic media form in Client’s possession or released to others by death, property damage, including loss of use thereof, economic loss, or Client and for any use of the electronic media and printed hard copy otherwise, due in any manner to the error, omission, negligence, drawings and specifications outside the license granted by this provision. recklessness or intentional act of Client or any of its agents, employees, or WATG will not be responsible to provide the input of any other contractors as a result of performance of the Project, whether any error, consultant discipline. omission, negligence, recklessness or intentional act of WATG or any other WATG reserves the right to choose which drawings are most appropriate indemnitee contributed thereto, except in a case where WATG or another to complete in CAD format and which drawings will be produced by indemnitee is the only negligent party, as determined by a court of hand. competent jurisdiction, in which case no indemnification is owed to the 11. Use of electronic media, in general: Use of the electronic solely negligent party. information contained on computer disks and tapes is made by Client9. Architect’s rights in certain property: Design drawings, renderings, with this written permission of WATG. Client will not copy these disks or models, specifications, electronic files (including, but not limited to, CAD, tapes and will return them to WATG upon demand. Client acknowledges databases and spreadsheets), and other derivations that are part of the that information provided in electronic media must be confirmed and Project are the intellectual property of WATG, are intended for use solely coordinated, and will be responsible for any use of this information. Missoni Nevis – West Indies, Caribbean | Project #114065 Page 10
  • 11. Since information contained represents works in progress, use of this solicit, induce or attempt to induce any employee of, or consultant to, information is the responsibility of Client. WATG assumes no liability for WATG or its subsidiaries, to leave the employ of, or consultancy to, usage subject to damages and reimbursement of all legal costs of WATG WATG or its subsidiaries, or in any way interfere with the relationship related to use outside this Agreement between WATG and any employee or consultant thereof; or (ii) hire any12. Architect’s right to publicity: WATG will have the right to include person who was an employee of, or consultant to, WATG or its representations of the design of the Project, including photographs of subsidiaries at any time during the such period (it being conclusively exterior and interior, among WATG’s promotional and professional presumed by the parties so as to avoid any disputes under this paragraph materials. WATG’s materials will not include Client’s confidential or that any such hiring within such period is in violation of this provision) proprietary information, if Client has previously advised WATG in writing 16. Disclaimer of Personal Liability: Notwithstanding anything to the of specific information considered by Client to be confidential or Project. contrary herein, neither the directors, officers, employees, members, nor WATG will be given credit for architectural services related to the Project. shareholders of WATG (except as otherwise provided herein), nor any All press releases and public relations materials with reference to the person or entity holding any interest in WATG, shall be personally liable, architectural design will credit the architectural design of the Project to whether directly or indirectly, by reason of any default by WATG in the WATG. Whenever possible, Client will consult with WATG concerning all performance of any of the obligations of WATG under this Agreement. promotional materials pertaining to the Project prior to the release of 17. Waiver of Consequential Damages: Client hereby waives to the such materials. WATG agrees to cooperate with Client to gain desired fullest extent possible any and all claims or rights to consequential media coverage for Project. damages arising out of WATG’s and its consultants’ performance under13. Severability: If any court or agency of competent jurisdiction this Agreement. determines that one or more portions of this Agreement is illegal or 18. Taxes: All professional fees or any other compensation are net unenforceable, such portions will be considered severed from the amounts, and do not include any Local Architect’s fees or local taxes, if Agreement and all remaining portions shall be enforced. any. Client will be responsible for any taxes due outside the United14. Jurisdiction and choice of law: Any dispute arising under this States. WATG will be responsible for any United States and state taxes.  Agreement will be submitted for decision to the law courts of the country where WATG is located, as first stated above, and be decided under the laws of that country.  15. Non Solicitation: During the term of this Agreement and for a period of two (2) years following the termination of this Agreement, Client shall   not directly or indirectly through another entity or otherwise (i) call on, Missoni Nevis – West Indies, Caribbean | Project #114065 Page 11
  • 12. Viceroy Anguilla Resort & ResidencesMeads Bay, Anguilla, British West Indies client Kor Hotel Group size 27 acres 100 resort residences ranging from 500 to 2,500 square feet each 31 freestanding villas ranging from 4,300 to 6,000 square feet each amenities Bluff-top restaurant and lounge; fine dining; world-class spa with outdoor treatment rooms; meeting rooms; fitness center; sports courts; tennis courts; two swimming pools; infinity pool; private heated plunge pools; beach pavilion services provided Architect of Design Architect of Record "Viceroy Anguilla Resort and Residences is an exquisite rendition of the residential resort concept, as well as an incomparable luxury addition to the island." –Brad Korzen, CEO Kor Hotel GroupchallengeThe design challenge was to create a premier residential resort property along Barnes Bay and Meads Bayto be home to innovative and stylish luxury accommodations.solutionThe design blends modern hospitality with Caribbean warmth and sophisticated luxury. Provocative oneand two bedroom blufftop resort residences are located at the resorts center, offering sweeping viewsof the bays white sand beaches. Low-rise beachfront resort residences showcase the stunning views ofMeads Bay. Freestanding blufftop and beachfront villas overlook Barnes Bay and the ocean.
  • 13. Viceroy Anguilla Resort & ResidencesMeads Bay, Anguilla, British West Indies
  • 14. Conrad Bali - Family SuitesBali, Indonesia client PT Oriental Indah Bali size 313 Guestrooms and suites amenities Full service business and conference centre; fitness centre; spa & wellness centre; library; retail village; wedding facilities; internet facility services provided Architectural design associate designers LTW Singapore, interior design
  • 15. Le Petit TrouGrenada client Capital City Leisure Investments size Site: 77 hectares 110-key hotel 122 villas amenities Conference centre; health & fitness club; hybrid spa; kids club; teens club; beach pool; beach club; tennis courts; jogging & walking trails; village square; seven restaurants services provided Planning Architectural design challenge The design challenge was to maximize the potential of a steep, rugged piece of coastal land in Grenada to create a resort environment. solution The low-scale hotel was located in a pocket of land above the main beach to provide all guestrooms with ocean views and access to a pristine, crescent-shaped beach in a protected bay. The luxury trophy villas were perched atop dramatic cliff side locations to maximize their value while the smaller villas were located further back on the site along valley ravines with distant ocean views.
  • 16. Le Petit TrouGrenada
  • 17. Emerald PointProvidenciales, Turks & Caicos client Leeward Development size 24 suite boutique hotel 12 condominium units Eight single family villas amenities 1,200-square-foot wellness spa with 16 suites; reception entry building; library; five-star restaurant and bar; casual dining; swimming pools; meditation garden; fitness center; two tennis courts; business centerchallengeThe design challenge was to create a boutique environment of 24 luxury guest rooms with primary views of the services providedemerald waters of Providenciales. The visual inspiration provided by the client was to imagine “millionaires with sandbetween their toes”. Architectural design Interior designsolutionThe white beach sand is pulled deep into the site to touch the front steps of the units. Dining is to occur under theswaying coco palms on removable dining platforms. And the private pool areas, for quiet reading, are surrounded bylow-rise colonial architecture.
  • 18. Emerald PointProvidenciales, Turks & Caicos
  • 19. Sasakwa Lodge - Singita Grumeti ReservesSerengeti, Tanzania client VIP Safari Club size 120,000 hectares (297,000 acres) Seven free-standing cottages: six suites, and one luxury villa amenities Lounges; library; wine room; billiards room; bar; dining room; retail shop; spa; sports pavilion including archery, tennis pavilion and courts; equestrian centre; verandas with views over the Serengeti plains services provided Architectural design Master planning Landscape designchallengeThe design challenge was to create a unique and exclusive sustainable destination consisting of luxurysafari lodges in various locations throughout the private Grumeti Game Reserve.solutionA hilltop lodge was designed in the style of an East African colonial manor home with awe-inspiringviews over the Serengeti plains. The resort was positioned on the renowned migratory route traversedannually by more than a million wildebeest and home to large herds of resident game that giveincredible game viewing all year round. The lodge can accommodate up to 30 people, with one to fourbed suites arranged across the seven cottages, each with their own infinity pool and private gardens.
  • 20. Sasakwa Lodge - Singita Grumeti ReservesSerengeti, Tanzania
  • 21. Anguilla Private ResidenceBarnes Bay, Anguilla, BWI client Brenkstone Ltd. size 2.5 acres (16,000 square feet) amenities Spectacular oceanfront site with small swimming cove; two master suites and four guest suites; media room; two pools; tennis court; staff quarters; and various water features services provided Architectural design associate architects Whitfield Associates, Inc. International Architects Ltd. resultschallenge The exterior character is a blend ofThe challenge was to design a residence that would allow for entertainment and leisure activities while traditional architecture and regionalretaining a sense of privacy. It also needed to be designed and constructed to withstand the potential Caribbean influences. Extensivedevastating forces of a hurricane. landscaping and water features complement the residence and allow it to blend into the site.solutionThe house was situated to take advantage of the spectacular views as well as the cooling breezes fromthe sea. It is broken up into four distinct wings connected by open breezeways. The lower level is cladin natural stone while the upper level has deep balconies and roof overhangs to shade the windows.Special building materials were utilized to reinforce the structure; windows and doors were custommanufactured to meet the stringent hurricane code requirements.
  • 22. Mark M. YoshizakiVice PresidentMark Yoshizaki graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Hawaiiand was the first recipient of the George J. Wimberly Scholarship for WATG.Prior to joining WATG in 1996, Mark worked with Walt Disney Imagineering in Glendale, wherehe was involved in concept and schematic design work for various Disney projects including:Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and Tokyo Disney Sea in Japan.Mark has served as senior project designer on many of WATG’s notable hospitality, leisure andentertainment projects throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Asia, and the MiddleEast. His more than 15 years of experience includes casino, residential, mixed-use, hospitality,entertainment, leisure, renovation and corporate design. Mark has served on projects throughWATG’s offices in Honolulu, Irvine, and Orlando.Among the many hospitality and mixed-use projects designed by Mark are: the Tropicana LasVegas Casino & Resort, a 2,500-room resort hotel with a 750,000 square foot podium containinga casino, retail, dining and entertainment facilities, the Emirates Hills Golf Resort, a prestigiousgolf clubhouse, academy and ultra-luxury residential development in Dubai; The Gold Souq, a educationtwo million square foot mixed-use hotel, entertainment, residential, and office development in University of Hawaii at Manoathe heart of downtown Dubai; and the Mohegan Sun Phase III Expansion, a 1,000 room hotel Bachelor of Architectureand casino expansion including retail, dining and entertainment venues. University of Colorado at Boulder, School of Engineeringproject experience honors / awards AIA Honolulu Chapter Award ofFour Seasons Dubai Angsana Samana Bay Resort & Spa Merit: Hawaii Living CulturalDubai, UAE Samana, Dominican Republic Center AIA Honolulu Chapter DesignFour Seasons Garden City Jumeriah Trump at Cap Cana Award: Stone HouseDubai, UAE Punta Cana, Dominican Republic USAA All-American Scholar Collegiate Award for AcademicMohegan Sun Phase III – Project Horizon Trump Int’l Golf Resort Scotland Work and AchievementsUncasville, Connecticut Aberdeen, Scotland speaking experienceTropicana Casino and Resort Burj Dubai Phase II Master PlanLas Vegas, Nevada Dubai, UAE • “Mixed-Use: Creating Real Estate Value by AncillaryTropicana Casino and Resort Expansion Arica Casino Resort Developments” – South AmericanAtlantic City, New Jersey Arica, Chile Hotel Investment Conference • “Integrated Project Delivery” –The Mansion at MGM Grand Medellin Hotel and Casino Central America Tourism &Las Vegas, Nevada Medellin, Colombia Hotel Investment ExchangeMGM Marriott Marquis Hotel Bridge of the AmericasLas Vegas, Nevada Cultural Center Master Plan Fort Sherman, PanamaRenaissance Hollywood HotelHollywood, California The Gold Souq Mixed-Use Dubai, UAEAngsana St. Lucia ResortMt. Pimard, St. Lucia Anaheim GardenWalk Mixed-Use Hotel-Retail-EntertainmentEmerald Point Boutique Resort Anaheim, CaliforniaProvdenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands
  • 23. Sarah J. CardozaSenior AssociateSenior Project ManagerSarah Cardoza, a graduate in architecture from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater Oklahoma,has contributed to various hospitality, entertainment, leisure and residential projects since joiningWATG in 1992.Sarah has had combined roles as a senior designer and project manager on various hospitality andresidential projects throughout California, Nevada, Indonesia, the Bahamas, Philippines, the MiddleEast and China. She has been involved in the development of several major urban and resortprojects including The Mansion at the MGM Grand, 30 high-end villas, penthouses and suites inLas Vegas; and the Shangri-Las Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa, three deluxe hotels with 680-roomsand a spa in Oman.Sarahs recent efforts as a project manager include Atlantis, Paradise Island - Phase IIIdevelopment in the Bahamas which includes a new 600-suite luxury hotel tower (Atlantis TheCove) and a 500-unit condo hotel (The Reef Atlantis), a water park, expanded casino, retail anddining; a 26,500 square-foot custom luxury residence in Los Angeles; the Ritz-Carlton SanyaResort & Spa in China; and several luxury hotels, spas and residences in Beijing. educationproject experience Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita Oklahoma State University Costas Banderas, Nayarit, Mexico Bachelor of ArchitectureFour Seasons DubaiDubai, UAE House of Blues Sunset Strip Hollywood, CaliforniaFour Seasons Hotel at the Pearl Doha InterContinental Midplaza JakartaDoha, Qatar Jakarta, IndonesiaAnaheim GardenWalk Mixed-use InterContinental WanXiang Resort & SpaAnaheim, California Thousand Lake, ChinaAn-Nasriyyah Resort Residential Le Meridien Nirwana Golf & Spa ResortSaudi Arabia Taban, Bali, IndonesiaAtlantis, Paradise Island Resort (Phase I) Li ResidenceWater Park Renovation Beijing, ChinaNassau, Bahamas The Mansion at the MGM GrandAtlantis, Paradise Island (Phase III) Las Vegas, NevadaAtlantis The Cove & Atlantis The ReefParadise Island, Bahamas R&F Luxury Villas & Retail Center Beijing, ChinaBachmann Springs ResortTombstone, Arizona The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore Bangalore, IndiaBakrie ResidenceBali, Indonesia Ayana Resort and Spa Bali, IndonesiaBeijing Abest Clubhouse & VillaBeijing, China The Ritz-Carlton, Sanya Resort & Spa Sanya, ChinaBoracay Beach ClubPhilippines Shangri-Las Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa Muscat, OmanFour Seasons Hotel AlmatyAlmaty, Kazakhstan US Okinawa Resort Okinawa, Japan
  • 24. Sharmila Tankha, AIASenior AssociateSenior Project DesignerSharmila Tankha joined WATG’s California office in 2005 and brings to the team over 20 years ofexperience in designing destinations and "Placemaking" for hospitality, gaming and entertainmentprojects at multiple scales.An extremely versatile, energetic and talented architect, Sharmilas experience as senior projectdesigner includes leading design teams on several complex mixed-used projects across theglobe and has deep expertise in the experiential, functional and aesthetic aspects of Urban andDestination Design.She has led the design of numerous urban and mixed-use projects at WATG, including MoheganSuns Project Horizon - a riverfront development with a 920-key Hotel, and over 150,000 squarefeet of Casino and Retail expansion in Uncasville, Connecticut. Other mixed-use projects includelocations as diverse as Nevada, Shanghai, Ciudad Real in Spain, the UAE and Addis Ababain Ethiopia. Most recently, Sharmila led the design team on an urban, mixed-use project inDamascus, Syria.Prior to joining WATG, Sharmila was senior associate and project designer at internationally educationacclaimed The Jerde Partnership in Venice, California, where she was lead project designer on University of Southern Californiathe Morongo Resort, Casino and Spa in California, and the Palms Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Master of Building SciencesShe was also involved in several award-winning mixed-use projects including Bahamar in Nassau,Bahamas, Dubai Festival City, UAE, The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas and Roppongi Hills Mixed-Use School of Planning andand Cultural Development project in Tokyo. Architecture Bachelor of Architectureproject experience architectural licensesMazzeh Hotel & Mixed-Use Uptown Cairo Urban Master Plan CaliforniaDamascus, Syria Cairo, Egypt affiliationsHilton Xiangshan Resort Hotel Prior to WATGXiangshan, China American Institute of Architects Bellagio Hotel & Casino (AIA)Haikou Resort & Conference Center Las Vegas, NevadaHaikou, China awards Morongo Resort, Casino & Spa • ULI Award for Excellence, AsiaShanghai Zhong Hui Plaza Palm Springs, California Pacific - Roppongi HillsShanghai, China • Global RLI Award - Dubai The Palms Casino and Resort Festival CityAl Jurf Golf Estate Las Vegas, Nevada • Best of California Award,Abu Dhabi, UAE California Construction Bahamar Destination Development Magazine - Morongo ResortAfrican Union Project, Nassau, Bahamas • Golden Nugget Grand Award -Addis Ababa, Ethiopia The Gateway, Utah Dubai Festival City • Gold Medal for OutstandingMohegan Suns Project Horizon UAE Undergraduate Thesis, SchoolUncasville, Connecticut of Planning and Architecture, Roppongi Hills Mixed-Use New DelhiThe Waldorf Astoria & Hilton Hotel Tokyo, JapanLas Vegas, Nevada media / publications MTVs The Real World Suite 1994 National Passive SolarHilton Hotel Expansion Masterplan Las Vegas, Nevada Energy Conference:Las Vegas, Nevada "The Indian Himalayan Energy Code as a Step Towards EnergyCaesars Spain Hotel & Casino (Harrahs) Conservation"Ciudad Real, Spain
  • 25. Shaun Hannah, LEED APAssociateDirector of SustainabilityShaun Hannah, project architect and director of sustainability, brings to the team over 10 years ofexperience in hospitality, leisure, residential and mixed-use design. He is leading WATGs internaland external sustainability initiatives, and is committed to finding sustainable solutions for clientsthat balance economic, cultural and environmental factors.Shaun has acted as lead architect and project manager on many of the firms urban andresort hotel destinations around the globe. He brings to each project an expertise in projectmanagement, construction documentation and construction administration.Prior to joining WATG in 1998, Shaun was at Fluor Daniel, Inc. and HOK, where he was involvedin programming and construction administration for various commercial developments.Most recently Shauns efforts have included a casino resort in Sonoma County; a luxury hotel andresidences in Dubai, UAE; and a new destination resort hotel and residences at Atlantis, ParadiseIsland (Phase III) in the Bahamas. education California State Polytechnic University, Pomonaproject experience B.S., ArchitectureAtlantis, Paradise Island Resort Phase III Saggio Hills Resort architectural licensesHotel (The Cove) & Residences (The Reef) Healdsburg, Sonoma, California CaliforniaParadise Island, Bahamas Garabu Mixed-Use ResortFour Seasons Aviara Resort Costa Rica accreditationCarlsbad, California LEED Accredited Professional Luxury Hotel & ResidencesTropicana Las Vegas Casino Resort Dubai, UAELas Vegas, Nevada Casino ResortGolden Door Spa at the Boulders Resort Sonoma County, CaliforniaCarefree, Arizona The Fairmont Willow Stream SpaMarriott Laguna Cliffs Resort BermudaSpa & Guestroom ExpansionDana Point, California Surabaya Development* Surabaya, IndonesiaPrivate ResidencesEdmonton, Canada Hengxi Plaza Development* Beijing, ChinaThe Fairmont Pierre MarquesAcapulco, Mexico Hansol Corporate Office* Seoul, KoreaThe Reserve at PortalonCosta Rica *prior to WATG
  • 26. Angela VanDeVelde Lindsay, Associate AIAProject DesignerAngela VanDeVelde Lindsay, project designer, brings over ten years of experience. In her time atWATG she has been involved with major projects in a variety of roles. She is familiar with creatingart packages, artist renderings, concept design, and master planning. Angela also demonstratedleadership in the Dry Creek Rancheria Resort Development project by leading her team throughdesign development.Prior to WATG, Angela tried her hand in all types of architecture and design; working on projectsthat ranged from healthcare, residential, at tilt-up, to computer graphics. By working with WaltDisney Imagineering and Legoland Development, she discovered her love and passion for themedarchitecture.Angela has shared her passion for architecture by teaching rendering techniques and perspectivedrawing to students at the University of Cincinnati. At WATG, she spearheaded the Itching toSketch program.project experience education University of CincinnatiAtlantis Dubai Al Birdi Tourism Resort Bachelor of ArchitectureDubai, United Arab Emirates Al Birdi, Libya Magna Cum LaudeDry Creek Rancheria Resort Development Al Jurf Palace Resort Golf Clubhouse affiliationsGeyserville, CA Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Associate American Institute of Architects (AIA)African Union Project Dalian Castle Hotel Leadership in Energy andAddis Ababa, Ethiopia Dalian, China Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited honors / awards • Award for Excellence in Visual Art, Urbscheit Gallery • AIA Award for Best in Show, DAAPworks • Critics’ Choice Award for Architecture Thesis • AIA National Honors Scholarship Recipient • UC Women’s Club Scholarship Honoree