Skyline Exhibits Capabilties Presentation


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This walks through our company capabilities with regards to Trade Show and Event Marketing.

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Skyline Exhibits Capabilties Presentation

  1. 1. Skyline Exhibits Dedicated to Your Exhibiting Success™
  2. 2. Skyline International Design Center, St. Paul, Minnesota
  3. 3. Seamless Manufacturing Providing the very best quality, fit and finish.
  4. 4. Worldwide Dealer Network Arizona 7460631 3248 7468 301 water 20 water 10 Canada Mexico With 144 Dealers in 45 countries, support is always near you. • Dedicated and exclusive Exhibiting Consultants • Local design expertise and art creation • Service and support where you are and where you exhibit North America Regional Service Center Design Center
  5. 5. 74601 3248 7468 301 water 20 water 10 Spain Poland Germany Italy Iceland France Serbia UK Guatemala Nicaragua Panama 7460631 3248 7468 301 water 20 water 10 7460631 3248 7468 301 water China India Thailand Argentina Brazil Peru Colombia Venezuela Turkey Pakistan Europe Central America Asia Australia South America Middle East / South East Asia
  6. 6. Regional Service Centers Exhibit rental and a full range of services in major venue cities. • Extensive rental inventory • Low delivery costs – local vs. shipping • On-site graphics (Las Vegas, St. Paul, Toronto) • Expert I&D supervision - Las Vegas - Toronto - Chicago - Beijing - St. Paul - Shanghai - Atlanta - Mexico City Skyline Regional Service Center – Las Vegas
  7. 7. Knowledge Resource Local Seminars: • Profitable Exhibiting • Better Booth Staff Training • Measuring Your Trade Show Results Trade Show Tips Monthly eNewsletter sharing exhibiting tips and techniques. Industry White Papers Exhibiting facts and trends in four major industries.
  8. 8. Skyline Awards Skyline is the only exhibit company to win all four major awards at both of its major indus- try shows! Best of Show Winner! TS2 Show 2005 Grand Award – Island Exhibits
  9. 9. Skyline Awards Best New Product 2003 Exhibitor Show Best of Show Honorable Mention 2003 TS2 Show Best of Show 2001 Exhibitor Show Best Booth Staff 2001 Exhibitor Show 2000 Exhibitor Show
  10. 10. Skyline Patents Skyline is the industry’s innovation leader with over 60 product and design patents. ISO 9001 Registered In 1993, Skyline was the first exhibit manu- facturer to be ISO 9001 certified. ISO 9001:2001 FM69896
  11. 11. Maximizing your exhibiting event ROI The Skyline Advantage
  12. 12. Exhibit Design Our solutions address your every need – from design and functionality to logistics and budget. • Distinct architecture for a powerful presence • Bold graphics that support your brand • Clear and concise messaging 3D animation
  13. 13. Flexibility Skyline systems recon- figure to fit varying booth spaces. • Use portions of your exhibit for smaller shows or events • Add rental components to your existing exhibit for a larger presence at major shows. Reconfig animation
  14. 14. Lower Exhibit Operating Costs Skyline systems are engineered to reduce costs and maximize ROI. • Packs small to reduce shipping, drayage and storage • Installs quickly
  15. 15. Seamless Manufacturing Providing the very best quality, fit and finish.
  16. 16. Skyline IDC Our state-of-the art 280,000 square foot facility brings together all aspects of exhibit design and production.
  17. 17. Component Fabrication Creating exhibit parts and components with stunning precision. • Full-service shop with laser-cutter, turret punch, shaper, more • Computer-controlled for tight tolerance • Experienced craftsmen
  18. 18. Robotic Welding The ultimate in accuracy and consistency. • Large capacity • Quality inspected
  19. 19. Custom Metal Shop Creating custom exhibit components to meet your unique needs. • Custom accessories
  20. 20. Custom Wood & Plastics Shop Exhibit customization for any look and function. • Custom countertops of any shape and size • Integral cabinetry • 3D signage, letters, shapes and logos • Variety of materials – wood, plastics, foam and more
  21. 21. Large-Format Graphics Lab No outsourcing! Skyline produces all of its own graphics for the best quality and a perfect fit. • Climate-controlled, dust-free environment • Latest technology • Variety of printers and materials • Laminating and finishing equipment
  22. 22. Fabric Graphics and Finishing Vibrant, durable and lightweight fabrics are the hottest look in exhibiting. • Variety of materials – opaque and sheer • Stretch-knit fabrics hold taut for best look • Skilled finishers provide accurate alignment of joined sections
  23. 23. Exhibit Set Up and Inspection At the heart of the IDC, exhibits come together to make sure every part is perfect before shipping. • 30,000 square foot space with 30’ ceiling • Client preview • Consolidation and packing
  24. 24. Project Management Managing the creation of your exhibit every step of the way. • Monitor all the details from concept and design to installation • Work in concert with your team, our exhibit consultants, designers, engineers and installers • Knowledgeable and experienced
  25. 25. Creative solutions for an impactful exhibiting experience. Our Clients and Solutions
  26. 26. Online Exhibit and Event Management Organizes all aspects of your trade shows and events. • Events • Inventory • Budgets • Resources • Staffing
  27. 27. Online Exhibit and Event Management Events information at your fingertips. • Year at a glance shows all scheduled events • Color-coded events reflect status • Ability to attach files, notes, URL addresses, etc.
  28. 28. Online Exhibit and Event Management View all information relative to a specific events. • Required inventory for event • Contact, event and shipping information • Ability to attached related documents
  29. 29. Online Exhibit and Event Management View estimated costs and real costs relative to a specific event for: • Booth space • Exhibit • Shipping • Show services • Promotions • Personnel
  30. 30. Online Exhibit and Event Management Estimated vs. real costs • View all events and their estimated vs. real costs • Ability to download to Excel spreadsheet
  31. 31. Design Ideas Reconfigurability
  32. 32. 50x80 Island
  33. 33. 20x30 Island
  34. 34. 20x20 Island
  35. 35. 10x20 and 10x10
  36. 36. Design Ideas Large Rental
  37. 37. 50x70 Rental
  38. 38. 50x70 Rental
  39. 39. 50x70 Rental
  40. 40. Design Ideas Feature Product
  41. 41. 50x70 Island
  42. 42. 50x70 Island
  43. 43. 50x70 Island Crates
  44. 44. 20x20 Island
  45. 45. THANK YOU