Belton independent school district tech plan
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Belton independent school district tech plan

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Final assignment for EDLD 5362

Final assignment for EDLD 5362

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  • This past week BHS teachers received iPads as a start toward the one to one initiative. These ipads were funded through grants. Belton ISD has been an excellent steward of the funds stakeholders of our community have entrusted us with. Through the many past bond elections be ISD has been able to build new schools, redesign another one for new tech high school, and improve the technological infrastructure. BISD took these loans and refinance them at a lower rate saving even more money for the taxpayers of Belton. Every aspect of education has been able to benefit from the forethought and excellent planning of our leaders.
  • “By 2020, America will once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world.”—President Barack Obama, Address to Congress, February 24, 2009
  • Student can learn from everywhere and everyone –parents to experts around the world. The will allow for differentiated instructional environment.
  • As stated in previous section, BISD continues to be an excellent steward. Using funds from various sources, such as grants, e-rate, and bond elections the district has and will carry on technology implementation – infrastructure to the tablet. Just yesterday the stakeholders voted for the new bond allowing for two new elementary schools and a replacement middle school as the high school takes over the middle school next door. This bond will also allow for technology improvements.
  • Several schools have achieved exemplary status, while BHS, a 5A High School, attained Recognized- a difficult task at best for such a large school! We continue to make strides everyday, as can be seen in US News and World report.
  • This summer is chalk full of workshops for staff, faculty and administration to choose from. Since we just received our iPads, there will be an iPad boot camp to assist the 21st century learner with integration of technology into the classroom.
  • Each year we improve on our Safe and Civil Schools plan, practice for emergent situations- including the utilization of the SIS to inform parents, and teach our students about cyber saftey.
  • BISD uses Skyward to keep parents informed of grades, attendance, assignments, GPA, lunches, and even nurse visits.


  • 1. Belton Independent School District Technology Plan 2011-2014
  • 2. Belton Region 12 Independent School District 12 campuses Student enrollment of 9255 District size is 5000 to 9,999 Percent of economic disadvantage students 46.70%Technology Expenditures –$4,275,000Technology expenditure per pupil- $461.91Budget by category Teaching and Learning Budget- $990,000 Educator Preparation and Development Budget-$405,000 Leadership, Administration and Support Budget- $1,395,000 Infrastructure for Technology Budget-$1,485,000 o
  • 3. The Plan This three-year plan represents an alignment of technology services to the Belton Independent School District’s district improvement plan. By designing this plan with the same goals as the Belton ISD District Improvement Plan, this plan exemplifies the philosophy that technology services is an integral part of the success of Belton ISD in accomplishing its mission of ensuring that every student achieves their maximum educational potential. In order to be successful, there must be well-planned and implemented processes and procedures for the use of technology in the district. When technology tools and resources are effectively integrated into instructional processes, student achievement will improve. The availability of appropriate technology resources increases staff productivity, satisfaction, and commitment. Technology tools are an integral part of the development of safe and supportive schools as well as facilitating the communication between students, parents, schools, community and alumni. Federal, state, and local resources including formula, competitive and bond funds from throughout the district will be corrugated to ensure that technology equipment is well- maintained and current and that the appropriate tools are available to all student and staff. (TechPAC, 2010)
  • 4. BISD Tech PAC “Education is the only business still debating the usefulness of technology. Schools remain unchanged for the most part, despite numerous reforms and increased investments in computers and networks.” Rod Paige U.S. Secretary of Education •Belton ISD has accepted this challege! Through grants, e-rate and other funding -BISD is moving toward one to one with iPads Macbooks netbooks o
  • 5. The technology application Texas essentialknowledge and skills (TEKS) standards areintegrated into Belton ISD scope and sequencecurriculum guidelines for kindergartenthrough eighth grade to reflect the corecontent areas standards. Data from ClassroomWalk-throughs, Teacher and Campus STaRCharts, surveys, and student assessments willbe used to evaluate the use of technology andimprove instructional practices.
  • 6. National Education TechnologyPlan “The NETP accepts that we do not have the luxury of time: We must act now and commit to fine-tuning and midcourse correction as we go. Success will require leadership, collaboration, and investment all levels of our education system-states, districts, schools, and the federal government as well as partnerships with higher education institutions, private enterprises, and not-for- profit entities(NETP, 2010)
  • 7. National Plan meets Belton ISD Learning, Engage and Empower Productivity; Assessment, Redesign and Measure What Transform Matters Infrastructure; Teaching; Prepare Access andEnable and Connect
  • 8. What learning should look like Engagingenvironments, Tools forunderstandingGame based learning This is a model of learning powered by technology. In contrast to traditional classroom instruction, which often consists of a single educator transmitting the same information to all learners in the same way, the model puts students at the LEARNING center and empowers them to take control of their own learning by providingUNLIMITED!! flexibility on several dimensions. A core set of standards-based concepts and competencies form the basis of what all students should learn, but beyond that students and educators have options for engaging in learning: large groups, small groups, and activities tailored to individual goals, needs, and interests (NETP, 2010)
  • 9. Tech PAC Goal 1Belton ISD will implement and Objective monitor well-designed processes, including long-range planning Develop and and budgeting, to communicate policies address future growth, changing and procedures on student needs, and effective processes for the maintenance of utilization of effective and efficient operations. technology.
  • 10. Tech PAC Goal 2• Belton ISD will Objective achieve TEA •Identify, evaluate, and implement resources in curriculum and Exemplary Statues instruction whereby all •Increase student achievement using technology tools to provide students achieve differentiated instruction and appropriate accommodations and their maximum modifications. educational •Coordinate planning and budgeting processes to maximize funding potential. sources and increase student achievement.
  • 11. Central Texas Students Shine• Belton High School was recognized this week with a Silver Medal Recognition in U.S. News and World Report. The areas that are judged are the student to teacher ratio, the percentage of students taking and passing an advanced placement test and the proficiency in math and reading as measured by state test scores. Nearly 22,000 high schools were ranked. Two percent of those high schools received gold awards and the next seven percent received silver awards. Belton High School received a silver award.• “Being recognized with this honor validates the great work of our Belton High School teachers and staff," said Dr. Kincannon, BISD superintendent. "Because of commitment to the success of every student, it is no surprise that our students are ranked among the top in the state and the nation.”• Great success comes from great support.• "Because our community values the excellent education that the students get at Belton High School, our teachers are able to implement much more rigor into the curriculum each day," said Kathy Cook, BHS principal. "The increased rigor for all of our students allows them to be prepared for their post- secondary endeavors. We are so proud to be recognized for an accomplishment that is really a standard expectation at Belton High School.” (McMullen, 2012)
  • 12. Tech PAC Goal 3• Belton ISD will Objective attract and retain high-performing •Provide professional administration; development for faculty, faculty and staff who administration and staff reflect the values of based on district needs the community, and and aligned to state and are committed to national standards. achieving excellence for all students
  • 13. Tech PAC Goal 4Belton ISD will sustain Objective safe and supportive schools that provide Utilize technology to secure, nurturing, nonthreatening, support the District Crisis respectful and Management Plan; disciplined learning Provide a safe environments where environment for students all members excel and teachers to utilize and exhibit moral technology. excellence.
  • 14. • Belton ISD will promote shared partnerships of Objective students, parents, Design an implement schools, community and online resources that BISD alumni, to include will convey critical clear, informative, timely information to parents communications and and community recognition of the members, and include achievements of all stakeholders. community and parents in the technology planning process.
  • 15. AssessmentSTaR Chart Integration of technology into instruction as measured by classroom walkthrough data and lesson plansTechnology CoordinatorsProvide meaningful professional development for instructional staff.
  • 16. References• 2004 National Educational Technology Plan - A New Golden Age In American education: how the internet, the law and today’s students are revolutionizing expectations. Retrieved on May10th from offices/list/os/technology/plan/2010/plan.pdf• National Educational Technology Plan. Retrieved on May 10 from• Belton ISD Technology Department. (2010). Three-year plan of belton isd. Belton, T: District Technology Committee• President Barack Obama, Address to Congress, February 24, 2009• McMullen, L. (2012, May 8). U.S. News Ranks Nations Best High Schools. U.S News and World Report.