2009 unc chapel hill federal librarianship
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2009 unc chapel hill federal librarianship






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2009 unc chapel hill federal librarianship Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Federal Librarianship More than one Path.
  • 2. Best Advice – if you want a Federal Library Position, think outside of the DC Metro Area. 2 library schools and one heck of a lot of librarians. Look west, mid-west, south, overseas. You have to pay your dues. In the past 20 years, I’ve moved to SC, TX, OH, TX, Germany, FL, TN, DC Each move was for a promotion. Do not expect to get one job and move up the ladder. You will have to move unless you work at one of the major libraries.
  • 3. Federal Civil Service All Executive Branch Agencies After 3 Years – you get “Status” Excepted Service -- you do not get “status” -- you can not apply for any Exec Branch job that requires “status” Legislative Branch Judicial Branch All Intelligence Agencies Most Commissions, etc. Non- Appropriated Fund Positions DoD Library Positions
  • 4. First 90 days can be fired at will, no explanation necessary. First 91-365 can be fired but an explanation must be given. Second – third years – it is still possible to be fired but takes a lot of work. After 3 rd year in Federal Civil Service, when you have “status” – it takes an atom bomb or some serious malfeasance to get you fired.
  • 5. Various hiring authorities may interfere with getting a Federal library job: Veterans preference – 5 point vet has served during conflict; 10 point vet is disabled – if they qualify for the position, then they will likely be selected. Spouse preference – begins Jan 2010 for all Executive Branch agencies – not sure if the legislative, judicial & intelligence agencies will implement it or not.
  • 6. Re-instatement eligible: has prior federal service. Read the announcements thoroughly to see who may and may not apply.
  • 7. Contractors: Many Federal Libraries are run by contractors not Federal employees. (Search normal job sites) Most openings require US Citizenship but.. Occasionally there are openings that do not require it.
  • 8. Federal Job Classification & Qualifications www.opm.gov 1410 – Librarian 1412 – Technical Info Spec 1420 -- Archivist 1421– Archives Technician 2210 – Web Developer, Digitization other IT related library jobs.
  • 9. Think outside the 1410 box. The Library of Congress hires a lot of people to do a variety of things in many series. Financial, etc.
  • 10. Federal Salary & Locality Pay Charts are on www.opm.gov Overseas appointments get “Rest of World” pay.
  • 11. Types of Federal Libraries Academic Medical Financial Intelligence Legal Sci/Tech School Base / Public Libraries Special
  • 12. www.usajobs.gov -- set up a profile and get announcements sent to you automatically. www.mwr.navy.mil NAF positions www.afpc.randolph.af.mil/afcivilianjobs www.chart.navy.mil www.usmc-mccs.org/employ/ -- NAF positions www.lisjobs.com ( I post all jobs outside of DC on this listserv) Army advertises all jobs on USAJOBS AF does not have a centralized site for NAF positions. All AF APF jobs are on USAJOBS.
  • 13. Most Base Library Positions are moving to NAF. www.dodea.edu they have their own special way of hiring librarians / media specialists www.state.gov – do not hire librarians – they hire foreign service employees -- you may have to take the Foreign Service Test -- these libraries educate foreign nationals about the US – how to do business, etc. www.nsa.gov – do not hire libraries they hire Intelligence Analysts (GS-0132)
  • 14. Other Intelligence agencies may do the same thing There are 16 Intelligence Agencies in the US Government. ftp.fas.org/irp/official.html US Courts http://www.uscourts.gov/employment.html -- Librarians for the District Courts Administrative Office of the US Courts advertises all jobs on www.usajobs.gov Presidential Libraries – rarely hire librarians – they hire Archivists & Archives Technicians (1420 & 1421) – have to go to each library.
  • 15. Read Announcements Carefully new resume for every job
  • 16. Tailor it to the specific opening – look at the words they use in the opening and make sure you use them in your resume. Make sure you address the Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSAs)
  • 17. Many applications are being run through resume screening software
  • 18. We may not interview. We may hire off paper or go behind the applicant and call all the references to get more references
  • 19. Incentives -- always ask for them Signing Bonus Student Loan Repayment Relocation Expenses check www.opm.gov for more information
  • 20. Overseas Appointments -- usually 3 years and you might be able to extend your appointment. In addition to Salary you get: Household goods packed & shipped Car shipped Housing allowance (can be as much as $25K per year depending on where you are assigned) If you don’t stay the 3 years, you’ll have to ship it back on your dime.
  • 21. Clearances All Federal positions – Career, Excepted, NAF, Contractor – require at least a Secret Clearance. Keep a listing of all your prior addresses for 7-15 years. If the position requires a Top Secret Clearance – don’t quit your job. It can take up to 18 months to get it. h ttp://www.rotc.pitt.edu/sf86work.doc -- start filling it out now
  • 22. Listservs www.loc.gov/flicc/about/listservs.html Army Library Listserv Navy Library Listserv (send requests to me and we’ll add)
  • 23. Federal Librarians Handbook www.loc.gov/flicc
  • 24. National Libraries www.loc.gov (LC does not require a Masters for any of their 1410 openings – may need languages or other expertise) www.nlm.nih.gov www.nal.gov ies.ed.gov/ncee/projects/nat_ed_library.asp At these libraries the positions at the top are very narrow. Directing the ISSN program, etc.
  • 25. Large Library Systems: http://www.epa.gov/libraries/libraries.htm http://www.lib.noaa.gov/ US Army; US Air Force; US Navy; US Coast Guard, US Army Corps of Engineers
  • 26. Large Library Systems: http://library.usgs.gov/ www.nara.gov
  • 27. A bit of advice: “Dig your well before you need it” Read the book – it’s about networking.
  • 28. Another tidbit: Start learning to be an extravert – even if you aren’t one. You’ll be advocating for your library or libraries. One INTJ to others.
  • 29. [email_address] 202-433-9802 850-450-7243