2008 flicc career and job fair   resume tips from robert newlen
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  • 1. Resume and Interview Extreme Makeover: Quick Tips to Polish Your Skills Robert R. Newlen
  • 2. Some Resume/Cover Letter Bloopers
    • Reason for leaving last job: maturity leave
    • Failed bar exam with relatively high grades
    • Let’s meet, so you can “ooh” and “aah” over my experience
    • You will want me to be Head Honcho in no time
    • Am a perfectionist and rarely if if ever forget details
    • Marital status: often. Children: various.
    • Finished eighth in my class of ten
  • 3. Ten Deadly Sins of Resume Writers
    • Failure to account for periods of unemployment
    • All gaps, such as childcare or academic pursuits, should be explained.
    • When dismissal is in an issue……
  • 4. Ten Deadly Sins of Resume Writers
    • Myth of the one page resume
    • No hard and fast rule
    • Experience and background govern length
    • Don’t reduce margins to make everything fit on one page
  • 5. Ten Deadly Sins of Resume Writers
    • Resumes sent by fax or e-mail
    • Never fax or email unless specifically requested
    • Faxed documents don’t photocopy well
  • 6. Ten Deadly Sins of Resume Writers
    • Omission of non-professional experience
    • Can be useful for those more junior in their careers
    • Can demonstrate valuable skills
  • 7. Ten Deadly Sins of Resume Writers
    • Failure to describe involvement in professional associations
    • Indicate extent of involvement
    • Marketable skills – budget, planning, etc.
    • Attendance at conferences
    • Indicates interest in staying abreast of current developments
  • 8. Ten Deadly Sins of Resume Writers
    • Typographical, grammar, and punctuation errors
    • This is your first work product for the new employer
    • Review several days after you complete the resume
  • 9. Ten Deadly Sins of Resume Writers
    • Use of unfamiliar acronyms
    • Acronyms may have little or no meaning for the employer
    • Explain to reader if not readily apparent
  • 10. Ten Deadly Sins of Resume Writers
    • Omission of volunteer experience
    • Experience in volunteer organizations produces marketable experience
    • Develops skills such as fundraising, promotions, public speaking, leadership, etc.
  • 11. Ten Deadly Sins of Resume Writers
    • Hard-to-read resume layout
    • Make it easy-to-read
    • Use bullets
    • Bold headings
    • Make it easy to scan
    • Don’t make the type size too small
  • 12. Ten Deadly Sins of Resume Writing
    • Use of official position descriptions
    • Write your resume in your own words
    • Make it goal driven and action oriented
    • Quantify when appropriate
    • Used action verbs like “achieved, identified, improved, etc.”
  • 13. Interview Checklist
    • Anticipate questions that the employer might ask
    • Practice answering these questions
    • Rehearse in front of a mirror
    • Practice with a friend or colleague
  • 14. Interview Checklist
    • Prepare questions to ask at the interview
    • Be ready when the employer asks “do you have any questions about the position?”
    • Your potential employer is looking for someone with curiosity and interest in the library
  • 15. Interview Checklist
    • Do your homework about the library or organization
    • Research every aspect of your potential employer
    • Check newspapers, annual reports and talk to others in the library
    • Demonstrate to the interviewer that you have done your homework
  • 16. Interview Checklist
    • Use common sense in planning your wardrobe
    • Not a fashion statement opportunity
    • Err on the side of conservative
    • Avoid loud colors, too much jewelry, and perfume or after-shave
    • “Practice” wearing your interview outfit
  • 17. Interview Checklist
    • Know the exact location of the interview
    • Arriving late is the kiss of death
    • Stake out location well in advance
    • Arrive 10 minutes early
  • 18. Interview Checklist
    • Shake hands firmly
    • Smile
    • Stand up straight
    • Look confident
    • Maintain good eye contact
  • 19. Interview Checklist
    • Be enthusiastic and show energy
    • Look eager
    • Use tone of your voice and body language
    • If you are given a tour of the library, be sure to display curiosity by asking questions
  • 20. Interview Checklist
    • Do your best to look relaxed and comfortable
    • Try to look like you are enjoying the process
    • Trick to make you relax
  • 21. Interview Checklist
    • Know when to stop talking
    • Don’t be afraid to ask to have question repeated
    • If you have problem with a question, come back to it later in the interview
  • 22. Interview Checklist
    • Never say anything negative about yourself
    • Appropriate to say you have learned from past experiences
    • Not the moment for true confession
  • 23. Interview Checklist
    • Always close the interview with a succinct statement
    • Sum up your strongest qualifications
    • Thank the employer for the interview
  • 24. Interview Checklist
    • Send a thank you letter to each interviewer
    • Send a hard copy – not an email – immediately
    • Provide some brief statements about your qualifications for the position based on the information you obtained during the interview
  • 25. Robert R. Newlen
    • [email_address]