Recruiting With Social Networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Careerify, Twitter and YouTube


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Social Networking for Recruitment looks at how companies, from start-ups to large corporations, can incorporate social networking and media into their recruitment/HR branding practice. With social media being the fourth most popular activity online, companies are quickly looking for ways to incorporate social media. From Facebook, Careerify, Twitter, LinkedIn to YouTube and Blogs, this presentation provides company examples as well as pointers to source candidates through these networks. Presented by Harpaul Sambhi, CEO of Careerify.

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Recruiting With Social Networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Careerify, Twitter and YouTube

  1. 1. Presented By: Careerify Corp. Guest Speaker: Harpaul Sambhi CEO Careerify
  2. 2. Facts about Social Networking:  In March of 2009, a Nielsen study on Top Five Sectors Worldwide Ranked by Active Reach reported that users favoured social networking and blogs (68%) over e-mails (65%).  Social networks and blogs are now the 4th most popular online activity ahead of personal email
  3. 3. Source: 2009 Deloitte Survey – over 2000 professionals sampled
  4. 4. About the Presenter:  Harpaul Sambhi  Founder and CEO of Careerify Corp.  Past CEO of Harpaul Sambhi Talent Management Inc. - helped employers find the brightest Generation Y candidates across Canada  Founded HSTM at the young age of 19.  Managed over 26 corporate accounts across North America.  Speaker at many events and professional organizations across Canada such as: Youth-in-Motion, Shad Valley, and Impact Entrepreneurial Group.  Holds a Bachelor of Honours of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo.
  5. 5. Joke of the Day
  6. 6. Niche Networks  Def: Social Network that provides a specific need/value to the users  LinkedIn – business  Careerify – careers  Ning – custom built social networks  Plaxo – business/aggregator
  7. 7.  40 Million People Registered across the world  Predominately business professionals  Features:  Groups  Events  Forums – Questions and Answers  Jobs
  8. 8.  What we think LinkedIn is great for:  Head-hunting  Become a LION  Join Groups – increases visibility and access to others  Search – contacting those that you are interested in (cost associated - INmails)  Use Wordpress Blogs to broadcast jobs on your page  Create Alumni Groups
  9. 9. What is... Careerify? Matching Rewards Site Job-Board
  10. 10.  Careerify is also on the verge of aligning our social networks with others, such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, which would allow us to broadcast your brand and job opportunities to potentially millions of people.  Connecting with Passive and Active Candidates  Using Direct Marketing and Rewards to interest users  Future Outlook: To become an Automatic Career Coach
  11. 11.  Advantages:  Using Algorithms to match people to jobs  Incentivizing Users through Reward Points  Options for automatic job sourcing  E-mail blasts to user database  Canadian Company
  12. 12.  Over 200 Million Users – 100 Million Users Daily  Pro: Untapped potential  Con: Users use it as a purely social basis.  Question: Can we incorporate facebook in recruitment?  YES – but how creative can you be?  Think Viral  Linkage to your Twitter and YouTube Accounts  Company Examples: McDonalds, Ernst&Young, Puma, Pringles
  13. 13.  4th most visited website in the world.  Why recruit on this?  Create huge viral networking following  Allow Employees to video “blog” about:  The day in life as a ....  Company Example: Deloitte Film Fest  Employees sent to thousands of their family/peers
  14. 14.  Fastest Growing Social Media last year  What is it?  Analogy: SMS Text Messaging but online – to potentially thousands of people  Companies that do Twitter well:  Warner Brothers – close to 3,000 Followers  Type in: @WBCareers
  15. 15. Corporate Blogs  Not a waste of time  People love to hear/read real stories from “real people” (your employees).  Analogy: Think of us HR/Recruiter as a sales agent.  Employees start to feel more involved  Create a “A day in the life of...”  Company Examples:  IBM  Jim Estill, CEO of Synnex and Board Member of RIM
  16. 16. Q/A Period  How can we help you?  – job board meets a social network  Creating Strategic Recruitment Plans for corporations  Presenter Information: Harpaul Sambhi Founder and CEO Careerify Corp. W: 416-840-6216 E: