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Contains information about Military Resume services offered by We will help veterans get federal, corporate and contractor jobs, in addition to helping military spouses.

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Military Resumes

  1. 1. Military Resumes
  2. 2. MILITARY RESUME HELP THAT ELIMINATES MILITARY JARGON AND EARNS INTERVIEWS • We are America's leading military and veteran federal resume-writing team and winners of the "Best Military Transition Resume" in 2011, awarded by Career Directors International (CDI). • Our military resume-writing team members are industry experts in developing military resumes for federal jobs, corporate jobs, and government contract jobs. • For enlisted to military flag officers, we take the guesswork out of transforming your military career documentation into strong, "demilitarized," accomplishment-focused, and interview-winning military to federal resume presentations.
  3. 3. MILITARY RESUME HELP THAT ELIMINATES MILITARY JARGON AND EARNS INTERVIEWS • Generals, Colonels, Admirals, and Navy Captains will be marketed as CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and COOs in the corporate sector. We'll listen to your career transition desires and expectations and develop your military to corporate resume based on your future career transition objectives. • Our Master Military Resume Writers know just how to "demilitarize" military language into content-rich civilian terminology. If you are struggling to transform your military career into a strong military to federal resume, then allow us to help.
  4. 4. Military Resume Help • If you are like many who are leaving the military, the key next step in life is transitioning to a new career in the civilian world. Understandably, the idea of preparing resumes and cover letters, as well as going to job interviews, can be overwhelming. You might not even be sure if any of the skills you have developed while serving your country are even relevant in today’s work environments. Fortunately, the best possible military resume (like our army to civilian resumes) can help you find anywhere is readily available from CareerProPlus.
  5. 5. Military Resumes for All Branches of the Service • If you are unsure how to write a military resume, CareerProPlus gives you access to a team of military resume writing experts to help create a winning document that will attract the attention of any employer. Our Master Military Resume Writers specialize in writing federal, corporate and military resumes, so they are completely familiar with how to “demilitarize” your experiences into civilian terminology, making you a more marketable job candidate. Your Military Resume Writer will consult with you throughout the resume preparation process to ensure your most relevant skills and qualifications come to the forefront.
  6. 6. Effective Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, and Army to Civilian Resume Preparation • Returning Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, and Army veterans often face a difficult job market—even more so during challenging economic times. It is essential that you have the right resume to successfully compete against civilian candidates as well as other former Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, and Army personnel who are also seeking employment. Our Military Resume Writers possess knowledge of the skills that you obtained during your service and can prepare an Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, or Army to civilian resume that “translates” these skills into ones that meet the current needs of employers. Our comprehensive writer training program provides our writers with the most up-to-date Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, and Army civilian resume preparation tools to ensure your resume remains relevant.
  7. 7. Recognized Experts in the Preparation of Military Resumes • Since our beginnings in 1986, CareerProPlus has become a widely recognized expert in how to write a military resume, including Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, and Army civilian resumes. We’ve authored several publications on the topic of military resume writing, and we are the only career management service firm to earn ISO 9001:2008 registration and certification. We’ve written more than 55,000 military resumes over the past quarter-century. We’ve also received numerous awards, including for Best Cover Letter 2010 and Best Military Transition Resume 2011. But perhaps what is most important is the fact that 85% of the military resumes we prepare land our clients interviews that lead to job offers.
  8. 8. Military to Corporate • • • • • • Compete Against Your Civilian Applicants In the economy we face today, it is not enough for your resume to be good; it must be great. The biggest challenge for military members is how to describe their experience like that of their civilian counterparts in order to be competitive. "Demilitarizing" military jargon is one of the most important strategies in landing a corporate position. We wrote the book, Roadmap to Job-Winning Military to Civilian Resumes to guide you through this process. Your Success Is Our Success With 25 years of past performance, we have developed more military to corporate resumes than any other company. We find that most of our military clients are very humble and tell us that they just did their job or accomplished their mission. So it’s our job and mission to extract the myriad of experiences gained from your training, actual real-time missions, and, most importantly, accomplishments, that set you apart from everyone else in the military with the same MOS. Our writers have a vast amount of training and expertise to accomplish this on your behalf. Corporate America Wants to Hire the Military Now you can have a superior military to corporate resume that will crystallize your military experience into plain civilian language with a twist of excellence that is compelling, is accomplishment-focused, and describes your experience and the value you bring to any corporate environment. Contact us for professional military resume assistance to help you as you transition.
  9. 9. Military to Federal • • • • • The Federal Government Values Military Experience If you are about to leave the military, chances are you have thought of seeking your next career in the federal government. Why? Well, there are many reasons. The federal government values military experience, as many of the jobs are similar to work performed by military personnel. It's a natural transition for military personnel to apply for their counterpart civilian job in the federal government. Military to Federal Is a Natural Transition It is not unusual for a military member or veteran to be hired as a civilian for the same job or similar position once held while on Active Duty. Many of the skills and duties involved in military positions are directly transferable to civilian government jobs with DHS, FEMA, DoD, VA, TSA, DLA, FBI, CIA, and many other agencies and organizations. Many federal agencies also value the training and certifications gained in the military, not to mention those who possess and hold an active security clearance. Experience can substitute for college degrees in many mid- and senior-level government positions. Private-sector jobs often require a minimum four-year degree for mid- to senior-level positions, but the federal government recognizes that military experience can often provide invaluable real-world experience. A military member or veteran without a degree can often enter the government workforce at a higher level than in the private sector. With the federal government, you are less likely to start at the bottom and "work your way up."
  10. 10. Military to Federal • • • • • • Veterans' Preference Military veteran candidates are often eligible for special preference over non-veterans when applying for a government job. In some cases, even the spouses of veterans who were separated under honorable conditions can receive Veterans' Preference. New federal hiring initiatives have been established by President Obama in 2011 to ensure veterans have preference in landing federal jobs. What Federal Position Best Matches Your Experience? Our Career Advisors are standing by and will match you with the perfect WG, GS, or SES position based on your military skills, education, and experience. We do this evaluation FREE for our vets. We’ll provide you with the series, grade, and guidance you need to strategically apply for targeted federal positions. It’s All in the Military to Federal Resume There is not one particular military to federal resume that will apply to all federal jobs. However, our Master Federal and Military Resume Writers will develop your federal resume for up to two general series and grades and provide you direction on how to tweak your resume for other similar positions. Call us today to receive a Quick Quote, and prepare to begin your transition faster, more strategically, and very successfully.
  11. 11. Military to Contractor • • The "Demilitarizing" Factor has been successfully developing military to contractor resumes for more than two decades. Do you wonder if you should write your resume entirely in "military speak?" Or, should you totally "demilitarize" your resume so HR can understand the experience you bring? We have all the answers and more. Our Master Military Resume Writers know exactly how to develop a targeted military to contractor resume, drilling down hundreds of pages of military performance evaluations and writing the perfect balance of content that will catch the contractor's eye. • • Online and Job Board-Friendly Military Contractor Resumes Most Department of Defense contractors require resume submission through online systems. Our military to contractor resumes are built with important keywords and acronyms (if required) targeted to specialized equipment, systems, training, projects, names of programs, or missions that relate to or cross over to contracting job requirements. Our Master Military Resume Writers have 25 years of experience writing interviewingwinning military to contractor resumes with thousands of our clients "Getting Hired" every year.
  12. 12. Military to Contractor • Land a Job Overseas • Working in Afghanistan, Africa, Kuwait, Iraq, Korea, Germany, Guam, and many other countries is indeed a possibility. Contractors are always looking for great talent. Overseas jobs are abundant, and if you desire to work for a military contractor abroad, we have developed the perfect resume strategy, linking your balance of experience, skills, training, security clearances, and other value you bring that can immediately be appreciated and utilized by many government contractors around the world.
  13. 13. MILITARY SPOUSE RESUME • • • When military service members are transferred, most of the time, the spouses and families are moving, too. Quite often, this means the spouse of a military member will be leaving one job and scrambling to find another in the new location. It can be a stressful time, so prepare yourself with knowledge and assistance. A new military spouse resume will help the job search process. Our certified Resume Writers have written thousands of professional, military transition and federal resumes supported by advanced industry credentials and our rock-solid ISO 9001:2008 quality process. Our military spouse resumes land interviews. We are eager to help the spouses of our military clients find the perfect job, too. Request a FREE Quick Quote for information about our resume-writing and career-coaching services. In the meantime, read more about military spouses below. Today's military spouses are a viable solution to the shortage of dedicated, high-quality employees necessary in a volatile economy. While often overlooked in the past, military spouses are proving their value as they combine talent, training, and unique skills honed by the rigors of military family life. This might be the best time to press the advantage of being "married to the military" and secure quality work.
  14. 14. Get Started! • To get started, call us at 800-471-9201, or submit a copy of your current resume and federal application of interest, and we’ll do the rest.