10 skills to help you get the job - Part 2 (career advice - tips and tricks - insider information - job help)


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Discover 10 skills to help you get the job, from Boston tech insider CareerEncore. We’ll help you land your ideal job. More info: http://www.CareerEncore.com .

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10 skills to help you get the job - Part 2 (career advice - tips and tricks - insider information - job help)

  1. 1. Boston High-Tech Recruiter Presents… Top 10 Skillsto Help You Get the Job ( Part 2 of 2 ) Connect With Us: www.CareerEncore.com Recruiter@CareerEncore.com
  2. 2. Intro• Work history & experience are vital to landing a job – But hiring managers look for more – Abstract characteristics ultimately get you the job• Your resume & interview are vital – Prove you will thrive in a company’s culture & become an asset• Here are the remaining 5 of the top 10 most sought-after skills among job candidates & actionable suggestions…
  3. 3. Skill 6: Attitude & Personality• One angry employee can ruin a company’s morale – Express your upbeat, optimistic personality• Convey a sincere interest in the job• Show excitement to work with the company
  4. 4. Skill 6: Attitude & Personality• During an Interview – Explain why you want the job • Cite specifics about the company & position – Show enthusiasm to fill the opening• On a Resume – Word choice & format convey your personality – Be professional, but give a sense of who you are
  5. 5. Skill 7: Organization & Planning• Organizational skills are essential to daily operations• Exhibit the ability to stay aware of the big picture• Show a capacity to plan beyond the task at hand
  6. 6. Skill 7: Organization & Planning• During an Interview – Discuss how you completed a project with milestones – Offer specifics about the methods you used to stay organized• On a Resume – Highlight overlapping projects – Detail concurrent responsibilities
  7. 7. Skill 8: Reliability & Loyalty• Showing you can perform is not enough – Demonstrate you can perform consistently – Prove you are a dependable team member• Do not talk badly about previous employers• Do not bring up unresolved coworker conflicts
  8. 8. Skill 8: Reliability & Loyalty• In an Interview – Talk to how you went above and beyond for a coworker – Remember, you’re allowed to take vacation days • Be sure to convey you have work/life balance • Do not present yourself as a burn-out risk• On a Resume – Do not show a history of changing jobs every few months – Show a solid tenure at past companies
  9. 9. Skill 9: Honesty & Integrity• Hiring managers know… – Unbiased information allows decisions to be made correctly – Ethical professionals eliminate the risk of legal & PR disasters• Never imply willingness to act unethically
  10. 10. Skill 9: Leadership & Initiative• During an Interview – Give credit where credit’s due • Do not claim a group project was a solo effort – Be familiar with the company’s standards & ethics • Often posted on their website• On a Resume – Do not list false credentials – Do not exaggerate accomplishments
  11. 11. Skill 10: Self Confidence & Pride• Perhaps the most difficult skill to develop• Likely the easiest for a hiring manager to observe• Reflected in the way – You make decisions – You communicate – Your overall demeanor• Be confident in your weaknesses – Show you are self-aware & welcome the chance to improve
  12. 12. Skill 10: Self Confidence & Pride• During an Interview & On a Resume – This is not the time for modesty – It’s up to you to prove you’re the best candidate – You cannot convince a hiring manager if you don’t believe in yourself
  13. 13. Conclusion• There is a time & place for addressing these skills• It may not be right to bring up each in every interview• Tailor your resume to fit each unique opportunity• Consider & prepare to address each trait every time – You will never be caught off guard
  14. 14. Thank You for Viewing Our Presentation Brought to You By: Boston High-Tech Recruiter Connect With Us: www.CareerEncore.com Recruiter@CareerEncore.com (617) 242-4443