Place-Based Point-of-Care Patient Education Reaching Ultra-Targeted Women, Digital OOH Advertising.


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Place-Based Point-of-Care Patient Education Reaching Ultra-Targeted Women, Digital OOH Advertising.

  1. 1. Place-Based Point-of-Care Patient Education<br />Reaching Ultra-Targeted Women<br />
  2. 2. DOOH Has Arrived<br />Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising combines the power of television with the power of place <br />ALIGNED WITH CONSUMERS’ DAILY EXPERIENCE<br />Of the 155 MM who recalled seeing a place based digital/video network, <br />76% <br />noticed them at multiple venues*<br />AIRPORTS / AIRPLANES<br />HEALTH CLUBS<br />HEALTH CLUBS<br />CAMPUSES<br />BOOKSTORES<br />ELEVATORS / OFFICE BUILDINGS<br />RETAIL / MALLS<br />SPORTS / ENTERTAINMENT VENUES<br />HEALTH CARE / DOCTORS/VETS OFFICES<br />RESTAURANTS / BARS<br />SUPERMARKETS<br />6PM<br />7PM<br />1PM<br />2PM<br />3PM<br />4PM<br />5PM<br />8PM<br />9PM<br />8AM<br />9AM<br />7AM<br />10PM<br />12AM<br />12PM<br />11PM<br />10AM<br />11AM<br />*Source: Arbitron National OOH Video Report 2009<br />
  3. 3. Precision Targeting<br />Arbitron Digital Place-Based Video Study 2010 indicates that 70% of U.S. residents 12+ have seen a digital place-based video display in the past month-more than have viewed internet video or Facebook!<br />Nearly one in five of those who have seen a digital place-based ad say they have made an unplanned purchase after seeing an item featured on the screen.<br />Fifty-eight percent of teen and adult U.S. residents have visited a medical office in the past month.<br />When compared to other place-based locations, digital screens in medical offices rank as the second most viewed among teen and adult U.S. residents.<br />The 2010 study also found that 34% of teen and adult U.S. residents who visited a medical office in the past month viewed digital video during at least one of those visits - approximately 51 million consumers.<br />Arbitron Out-of-Home Digital Video Display Study 2009 found that 21% of women with children reported having seen a DOOH display at a doctor’s office. <br />
  4. 4. Our Captive Audience<br />Sight<br />Create an emotional connection within relevant content at a time of heightened health awareness<br />SOUND<br />motion<br />Immune to ad skipping:Commercials on place-based video ad networks can’t be fast forwarded. <br />Engaged and receptive: Place-based audiences can focus on the program, because there aren’t any distractions. According to a MediaPost study, “Moms are distracted viewers. 70% reported doing other things while they watched [television], whether folding laundry, cooking dinner, or playing with their kids.”* <br />*Source: Megan Maguire for MediaPost’s Engage: Moms, May 12, 2010. <br />
  5. 5. Mom’s Rule….<br />Women-Expectant Moms—Newborns & Kids—Pet Parents<br />Desirable demographic group<br />Account for a total market value estimate to approach $12 trillion by 2012.<br />
  6. 6. KidCARE TV<br />Largest Broadband Provider of Patient Education Programming in Pediatric Waiting Rooms including: <br />2,500 Advertiser Supported Screens <br />Program Host<br />Original content – 3 to 5 minute segments <br />12 separate one minute pods for advertising<br />Arbitron Measured<br />Complies with DP-AA (formerly OVAB) Metric Guidelines<br />3 ad rotations per hour to maximize impressions<br />
  7. 7. Women’s HealthCARE TV<br /><ul><li>Largest Broadband Provider of Patient Education Programming in OB/GYN Waiting Rooms including:
  8. 8. Currently airing on 1,000 Advertiser Supported Screens, with another 500 scheduled to install by Q2 2011
  9. 9. Program Host
  10. 10. Original content – 3 to 5 minute segments
  11. 11. 12 separate one minute pods for advertising
  12. 12. Arbitron Measured
  13. 13. Complies with DP-AA (formerly OVAB) Metric Guidelines
  14. 14. 2 ad rotations per hour to maximize impressions</li></li></ul><li>PetCARE TV<br /><ul><li>Largest Broadband Provider of Patient Education Programming in Veterinary Waiting Rooms including:
  15. 15. Currently airing on 1,500 Advertiser Supported Screens with another 500 scheduled to install by Q2 2011
  16. 16. Program Hosts are “Star” Veterinarians
  17. 17. Original content – 3 to 5 minute segments
  18. 18. 10 separate one minute pods for advertising
  19. 19. Arbitron Measured
  20. 20. Complies with DP-AA (formerly OVAB) Metric Guidelines
  21. 21. 5 ad rotations per hour to maximize impressions</li></li></ul><li>Arbitron On-Site Audience Estimate Study Kids in the Household….<br />“What are the ages of the children who live in your household?”<br />Source: April 2009 Arbitron On-Site Audience Estimate Study of KidCARE TV viewers<br />
  22. 22. Reach mom on the Path to Purchase<br />After being exposed to CARE Media …<br />41% of visitors will shop at a grocery story<br />26% of visitors will shop at a drug store or pharmacy<br />10% of visitors will shop at a mall<br />
  23. 23. Transactional Customers<br />         <br />
  24. 24. Venue Attribute<br />Pediatrics, OB-GYN and Veterinary Offices<br />Women/Moms are the patients and caregivers.<br />Physician Implied Endorsement<br />Waiting Rooms are considered the physician’s sacred domain; therefore patients consider the environment a potential learning experience andteachable moment<br />High Waiting Room Or Dwell Time<br />12 to 27 minutes<br />Viewer Insurance Profile<br />A majority have medical insurance<br />10% of PetCARE TV viewers have health <br /> insurance for their pets!<br />
  25. 25. UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION<br />Programming<br />Award-winning human/animal health programming<br />Produced and directed by CARE Media under the direction of our Medical Advisory Boards.<br />Subtitles in English and Spanish within all programming and advertising<br />Guaranteed Segment Adjacencies with Product Placement<br />Accountability<br />Monthly Performance Reports<br />Surrounding The Patient <br />100% Broadband<br />Mobile Communications linked to sponsorship with texting and <br /> 10 sec streaming video<br />Literature Distribution<br />Commercial Production Available<br />
  26. 26. More Ways to Reach the Viewer<br />Mobile Marketing<br /><ul><li>Prompt the viewer to send a text message to the number on the screen.
  27. 27. The return text provides additional information, such as a website link or coupon code. The newest option is to send a short video to capable phones.
  28. 28. Mobile coupons are redeemed 10 times as often as are mail or newspaper distributed coupons.*
  29. 29. Value-added with all network campaigns.</li></ul>Literature Distribution<br /><ul><li>Supply the CARE Media venue with take-home brochures or coupons for the viewer.
  30. 30. Pricing ranges from $11-$15 per office.</li></ul>*Source: BorrellAssociates Local Mobile Advertising & Promotions: Mobile Coupons Set to Cash In (Apr '10) Executive Summary <br />
  31. 31. Sample Programming Segments<br />The Medical Advisory Board for each network approves all programming segments.<br />WHCTV segments<br />include: <br />Heart Disease<br />Insomnia<br />Prenatal Care and Nutrition<br />Breast Self-Exam<br />Prenatal Conditions<br />Pre-Menstrual Syndrome<br />Labor and Delivery<br />KCTV Segments <br />include:<br />Parent/Pediatrician/ Pharmacist Bond<br />Head Lice<br />Lyme Disease<br />Iron Deficiency Anemia <br />Water in the Diet<br />Introducing Your Pet to the New Baby<br />PCTV segments<br />include: <br /><ul><li>Fleas and ticks
  32. 32. Grooming
  33. 33. Nutrition
  34. 34. Pet First Aid
  35. 35. Dental Disease
  36. 36. Spay and neuter
  37. 37. Vaccines
  38. 38. House training
  39. 39. Aging</li></li></ul><li>Trust: Physician Office<br /> Testimonials<br />“My staff talks about the programming all of the time. I am constantly hearing them comment on how informative it is. The installation was done beautifully and it blends so nicely with our décor. We could not be more pleased.<br />Tonya Clark, Office Manager Statesboro, GA<br />“Women’s HealthCARE TV covers topics that are not widely talked about. One of our patients commented that she was so pleased to see the segment on Lupus.<br />Jeannie, Medical Assistant Union, SC<br />“The patients are really watching the programming. Every time I look in the waiting room or call a patient, they are watching the programming.”<br />Tara Athens, AL<br />“Everyone really likes the programming. It is exactly what our practice needed.”<br />Linda, Canton, OH<br /> Testimonials<br />“Our patients love the programming so much that occasionally when called to come to the exam room, they ask if we can take somebody else ahead of them so they can finish watching a certain segment in the waiting room.”<br />Dr. Jose Aguirre, San Antonio, TX<br />“All of your programming is very helpful to our practice. The parents comment that the segments on Car Seat Safety and Infant Feeding are very beneficial.” <br />Yolanda Coley, Office Manager, Atlanta, GA<br />“The programming is working out great in the waiting room. The parents comment on how helpful the material is in understanding the health of their children.”.<br />Dr. Philip Owusu-Ansah, Bronx,NY<br />“It has generated additional questions from the parents who watch it while they wait. I am very happy with KidCARE TV.”.<br />Dr. Kimberly Graziano, Sebastian, FL<br /> Testimonials<br />“PetCARE TV has helped our business because in a routine exam the doctor cannot cover everything. It’s the little things like the dog scooting on the carpet that helps the clients bring up specific issues they’re having with their pet. It’s good for them to see that some of their issues are very common.:<br /><ul><li>Karen Harris, Practice Manager, Libertyville, IL</li></ul>“It keeps the clients occupied and it’s very interesting.”<br /><ul><li>Lori Zufelt, Receptionist, Grand Rapids, MI</li></ul>“Even the kids are entertained by watching PetCARE TV.”<br /><ul><li>Kate Jessup, Receptionist, Chapel Hill, NC</li></ul>“One of our clients actually scheduled an appointment after watching a segment covering demodectic mange.”<br /><ul><li>Donna Brown, Receptionist, West Brookfield, MA</li></li></ul><li>Summary<br />CARE Media TV Networks are:<br />RELEVANT and ENGAGING<br />Provide Women with pertinent health information in this “teachable moment”<br />Create a dialog with Women “when and where” they’re most receptive to your messaging.<br />Provides your brands “exclusivity” and viewing away from traditional commercial TV clutter<br />