Developing Successful Patient Education for Digital Platforms in Healthcare


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Healthcare facilities symposium & expo 2011 Presentati

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Developing Successful Patient Education for Digital Platforms in Healthcare

  1. 1. Developing Successful Patient Education for Digital Platforms in Healthcare Wednesday, September 21, 2011 / 1:45 – 2:15PM
  2. 2. Presenter____________________________________________________________ Philip M. Cohen PRESIDENT/CEO CARE MEDIA HOLDINGS CORP.
  3. 3. Learning Objectives____________________________________________________________ 1. Be clear about your goals in order to build a cohesive and effective content strategy. 2. Establish the story you want to tell/your messaging. Select an expert content partner with proven experience. 3. Ensure that content is relevant to the environment and create a meaningful connection that appeals to their specific needs. 4. Test. Prove your audience and network value through third-party research data. Advertisers are buying results.
  4. 4. Average Wait Time____________________________________________________________ The average wait to see the doctor is 22 minutes* * Source: 2009 report by Press Ganey Associates.
  5. 5. Dwell Time is Opportunity____________________________________________________________ Dwell time is opportunity to… Deliver highly targeted messaging…
  6. 6. Goals for Digital Signage____________________________________________________________ Patient/Visitor/ Staff Reduce perceived Communication Inform & educate wait times
  7. 7. Value of Digital Signage____________________________________________________________  Impacts total patient experience  Ultra-targeted messaging – right time to the right person  Decreases perceived wait time  Motivates and impacts an action / behavior  Research proves people pay attention and respond/recall at increased levels
  8. 8. Why Content is Important____________________________________________________________ Content creates Targeted Good content media content can builds audience experiences deliver engagement. across all messaging with screens: online, impact and TV, mobile and impel an digital-out-of audience to take home. a desired action
  9. 9. Critical Success Factor____________________________________________________________ You are in the business of What is your delivering a objective? message…
  10. 10. Delivering Relevance____________________________________________________________  Create a meaningful connection with your audience through messaging that is relevant to their situation … a hospital cafeteria vs. outpatient waiting area vs. doctor’s waiting room, etc.  Leverage captive dwell times with relevant content: ◦ Patient education ◦ Additional patient services ◦ Relieve patient anxiety ◦ Establish your practice as a trusted resource ◦ Encourage patients to refer their family and friends ◦ Special announcements ◦ Call to action
  11. 11. Playlist Development____________________________________________________________ The right Playlist will evolve out of an in-depth understanding of key factors: ◦ Dwell time ◦ Environment ◦ What the audience is doing ◦ Loop Time
  12. 12. Sample Play List____________________________________________________________ Source: KidCARE TV
  13. 13. Planning & Management____________________________________________________________ Partner with the right Partners… Content/Hardware/Software Develop a targeted Test / Adjust / Refresh and sustainable Optimize Content Strategy Develop your “story” Keep message to respond to delivery fresh, audience needs, relevant and values, culture, engaging emotions
  14. 14. 5 Key Takeaways____________________________________________________________  Have an objective/mission – know exactly what you want out of your digital signage.  Create a plan that will offer long-term effectiveness and scale-ability.  Content must be the first priority in the planning process.  Select experienced and trusted partners.  Build a sustainability model.
  15. 15. Questions?____________________________________________________________
  16. 16. Contact____________________________________________________________ Philip M. Cohen President / CEO CARE MEDIA HOLDINGS CORP. 5625 W. Waters Avenue, Suite E Tampa, FL. 33634 (813) 888-7330