Live-in Care: Affordable 24 Hour Care at Home


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This slideshow defines live-in care while also highlighting how it works and how the family can benefit from having a live-in caregiver. Live-in care allows your loved one to stay in the comfort of their home and receive quality care for less cost than a facility. Check out this slideshow for more information on live-in care and see if it is right for you.

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Live-in Care: Affordable 24 Hour Care at Home

  1. 1. Live-in Care: Affordable 24 Hour Care at Home Presented by: Tom Knox January 20, 2014 CAREFAMILY.COM
  2. 2. Defining Live-in Care Live-in care is 24 hour care provided in the home at a significantly reduced rate, and it can provide advantages to the family, the caregiver, and the seniors themselves. With live-in care, you can keep mom and dad at home, have total peace of mind, enable yourself to be the son or daughter, and pay less than many facilities.
  3. 3. How It Works • Caregiver you choose stay in the home for an extended time – usually 2 caregivers splitting a week • Caregiver’s day is usually broken up into 3 parts, approximately 8 hours each • What does the caregiver do during these times? – During work hours, the caregiver can perform typical care tasks, such as bathing, dressing, running errands, meal preparation, and more advanced hands on care when needed. – During rest hours, the caregiver can receive down time, catch up on personal business, or get some alone time. The caregiver is available to assist in the event of an emergency or a need of the client. – During sleep hours, the caregiver should be allowed to sleep so he or she can remain fresh. However, the caregiver is still available in the event
  4. 4. Benefits of Live-in Care • Senior doesn’t have to move into a facility (can stay where they want – at home) • 1-3 caregivers the senior can get to know (opposed to 7-9 per week sometimes sent through an agency) • Caregivers can split time but still make an excellent wage…This allows for backup and keeps caregivers fresh. • Caregiver and senior have alone time during the day • Caregiver available at all times • Senior and caregiver often develop close bond • Less risk of depression in senior due to many of these factors • Sons and daughters DO NOT have to focus on providing care CAREFAMILY.COM
  5. 5. How Much Does It Cost? • Through CareFamily, live-in care typically costs $170-$200 per day (well below industry average) • Many agencies charge up to $250 per day for live-in care • Savings compared to other options: – Save up to $25,000 per year compared to a typical agency – Save up to $35,000 per year compared to a nursing home (which does not provide one-onone care) CAREFAMILY.COM
  6. 6. Requirements for Room and Board • The caregiver should have their own room and access to a bathroom in the home (living there for an extended time) • The caregiver will eat the same type of meals provided for the senior – If the caregiver wants extra snacks, he or she is responsible for purchasing them. – The caregiver will assist with meal preparation and home management as specified by the client CAREFAMILY.COM
  7. 7. Is Live-in Care the Right Option for You? • Great for families looking for a long term, 24-7 hour care option • Works really well for seniors who need 24-7 monitoring but do not require constant care • Great option for families to keep a healthy family dynamic (without someone in the family becoming a full time caregiver) CAREFAMILY.COM
  8. 8. Our Story … Your Story “ My beloved grandmother was neglected in a facility. It inspired me to start an agency that successfully hired and cared for thousands of seniors at home. Now, with CareFamily, we are revolutionizing senior care by bringing families and great caregivers together directly. We help you safely manage the process without a middle man. Caregivers make more, families pay less, we partner to make it work.” Held by my great grandmother … 5 Generations of my family. - Tom Knox, Founder CAREFAMILY.COM
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