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Nanny Contract
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Nanny Contract


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Do you need a nanny contract? Find out with this presentation.

Do you need a nanny contract? Find out with this presentation.

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  • 1. Do You Need a Nanny Contract?
    The Benefits of Having An Official Employment Agreement for Your Nanny
  • 2. Why have a nanny contract?
    "The contract is essential for clarifying [salary] matters and detailing all the conditions necessary to ensure a healthy and productive work relationship,”
    Priscilla Gonzalez, director of Domestic Workers United (DWU), an organization of Caribbean, Latina and African nannies, housekeepers, and elderly caregivers in New York.
    When everyone is clear on a nanny's responsibilities and privileges, it reduces confusion and makes disputes easier to solve amicably when they do crop up.
  • 3. What Should My Nanny Contract Cover?
    Duties and responsibilities
    Work hours and schedule:
    Will she work full or part time hours?
    When can she take breaks during the workday?
    What is the scope of your nanny's childcare responsibilities?
    Will your nanny handle any cooking, cleaning, laundry or transportation?
    Nanny Privileges:
    When can she use her cell phone? Are guests allowed?
    Should your nanny bring her lunch from home or will you provide her meals?
  • 4. What Should My Nanny Contract Cover?
    Compensation and benefits
    o      Hourly rate of pay (and overtime pay for full-time nannies)
    o      Frequency of pay (weekly, bi-weekly)
    o      Benefits (vacation, sick days, personal days, paid holidays, plus any restrictions on when your nanny can take her time off.)
    o      Family vacation requirements (Must your nanny travel with you?)
    o      Health benefits
    o      Arrangement for taxes
    o      Schedule for annual employment review and reassessment of compensation
  • 5. What Should My Nanny Contract Cover?
    No cell phone use while driving a car with kids in tow
    Seatbelt/ child car seat requirements
    Nanny's car
    Must have valid driver's license
    Require regular maintenance of reliable car and insurance
    Plans for employer reimbursement for gas mileage and wear and tear on the car when it's used for work-related purposes.
    Family's car
    Must have valid driver's license
    Add nanny to household insurance policy
    Outline acceptable use of family car for work and personal use
    Agree to regular maintenance of car
    Employer will pay all car-related expenses or for one tank of gas per week. Anything additional covered by nanny
    Rules for the use of public transportation, if relevant in your area.
  • 6. What Should My Nanny Contract Cover?
    Discretion and confidentiality
    Personal, medical, career, and financial information of family will not be discussed outside of the family
    Nanny will not disparage family in any media
  • 7. Sample Nanny Contracts
    Your best bet is to hire a lawyer specializing in such matters to write your contract for you (fees will vary).
    You can also download the DWU's
    sample contract for full-time nannies or
    sample contract for part-time nannies as a starting point.
    Just be sure to consider the following:
  • 8. Learn More
    July 19, 2011
    To learn more about a nanny contract, read Do You Need a Nanny Contract?here:
    Want to learn more about child care and families? Go here: