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*Watch or download the full webinar (with audio and slides) at: http://bit.ly/WelcomeMsgs

Are you getting the most out of your new email subscribers?

Are your open and click rates suffering, and you can't figure out why?

Learn how you can make your new subscribers feel right at home!

Join this webinar with Dane Grams (formerly of nonprofit GLSEN) and Emily Logan (Senior Campaigner at Care2) as they reveal findings about what really works when it comes to welcome series messaging, so you can start your new online relationships with a bang. Using examples and statistics from our partners at the Center for Reproductive Rights, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and Just Label It, we'll share our best secrets on how to hit a welcome series home run.

-Why early communication with a new supporter is so important
-Subject lines and focused messaging that lead to higher open and click rates
-Which images will make the biggest impact
-How to use language to represent your organization’s style and mission

About the Presenters:

Emily Logan -- Senior Campaign Manager, Care2

Dane Grams - Director of Nonprofit Services, Care2

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  • I might add a few pointers to this slide that are really broad (Brand Awareness, Immediate Engagement, Establishing Voice, Unsub/Spam)
  • We broke down our top 5 open rates for welcome messages, and here are the themes
  • I might add a few pointers to this slide that are really broad (Brand Awareness, Immediate Engagement, Establishing Voice, Unsub/Spam)
  • Welcome Messages That Work

    1. 1. Presents:Featuring examples from:Presented by:Dane Grams & Emily Logan from Care2 @Care2Team #C2Webinar
    2. 2. aboutCitizens use Care2 for: Starting or signing petitions Nonprofits use Care2 for: Volunteering Donating $ Recruiting Donors & Supporters Spreading news Traffic/Branding/Awareness Commenting on blogs Starting group (organizing) Advocacy Joining nonprofits Building Facebook fan base
    3. 3. What We’ll Cover • Why Welcome Messages/Series matter • Some Recurring Themes • Subject Lines • Tone and Focus • Links • Images • Extras • Examples: ACLU, CRR, HRC, Just Label It • Questions
    4. 4. Why do Welcome MessagesMatter? Brand building and familiarization Establishing your voice Maintaining engagement (send asap after someone signs up) Reducing unsub/spam Filtering out “slackers”
    5. 5. Recurring themes to keep in mindas you’re crafting… Gratitude Engagement Strength Conciseness Empowerment
    6. 6. What Makes a Great Subject Line? Appreciation “Thank You For Joining the National Wildlife Federation Community” (84.8%) Looking Forward “Welcome to the „Be Out There‟ Movement” (65.83%) “Welcome to the PBS Community” (64.89%) Grabbing Attention “We‟re Taking on Harper” (71.27%) “Help Local Wildlife with National Wildlife Federation (63.47%) Words that represent your brand “community,” “movement,” “social,” “action”
    7. 7. Setting Expectations: Tone and Focus Thank your new supporter Look forward, not backward re: member actions Educate your new supporters about you Reasons to continue to show support – examples of previous work and successes Clear action to take if possible / compelling link
    8. 8. Take New SupportersOut on a “Date”Don’t just talk about yourself –focus on them tooFill them in about what’s important about youDon’t rush the relationship – save donation orregistration asks for 3rd message at leastOffer them an out – clear unsubscribe links!Ask for a second date – give them something to doto keep them interested
    9. 9. Links More and bigger links never hurts! BUT, by “more” we mean multiple of the same link – don’t overwhelm with too many destinations Have a link in the first paragraph (get to the point asap, then elaborate) Link all images and buttons Clarity vs. mystery
    10. 10. Images Use them if you can! Faces, eyes, close-ups (human or animal) Avoid overly stock-y images To try or test: - Video screenshots - Photos of staff or volunteers (if they’re good photos!) - Graphics - Shocking vs. optimistic
    11. 11. Extras Celebrities Signed by someone important Videos Tell-a-friend / asking for shares Special projects/offers
    12. 12. Some Examples(what we’ve seen work)
    13. 13. ACLUVideo FeatureCelebrity support with photoSigned by EDTwo action optionsStrong language – “Welcome to the mostdetermined and dedicated community ofcivil rights advocates in America”Talks about supporter – “Every one ofour… activists plays a crucial role…”25.61% CTR
    14. 14. Center for ReproductiveRights Blends Tell-a-friend with welcome Long, clear links Compelling, timely topic Signed by President / CEO Demonstrate effectiveness – “For more than 15 years…the Center…has used the law to advance reproductive freedom as a fundamental human right…” Chose not to have an image as opposed to stock image Extra – survey new members 22.22% CTR
    15. 15. Just Label ItDeadline – 24 HoursSingle, clear, strong message –“Current policy does not provide uswith the ability to make informedchoices about GE foods because theyare not labeled.”Specific example – geneticallyengineered salmonTell-a-friendSigned by campaign directorLack of photo – sometimes best ifthere’s no great option13.37% CTR
    16. 16. Human Rights Campaign
    17. 17. Human RightsCampaign
    18. 18. Human Rights Campaign
    19. 19. Human Rights Campaign
    20. 20. Welcome Best Practices• Immediate Welcome Notice (within 24 hours) with low level engagement• Followed by two additional communications over the next two weeks (including another action, followed by a fundraising ask)The onboarding process doesn’t end here…• Monthly emails including: • 1 Educational • 1 Engagement • 1 Newsletter • 1 Fundraising -Seize any opportunity to communicate breaking news, or crisis, etc. -Track/source all communications -Include online subscribers in your offline mail and phone programs
    21. 21. thank you! questions? contact us! Emily Logan emily@care2team.com @emilyrlogan Dane Grams daneg@care2team.com @care2team
    22. 22. http://bit.ly/c2webinar12