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Monthly Donors, Social Media, and Cross Channel Integration: Critical Tactics to Boost Your Fundraising in 2013



Make 2013 the year your fundraising comes of age.

Say good bye to "online fundraising" and "offline fundraising," there is only fundraising.

Leads acquired online are often best nurtured through social networks and converted in the mail, or over the phone if you're after monthly donors. Direct mail donors give more if they are hearing from you via email and social networks.

Join Paul Habig of SankyNet, Sarah Alexander of Food & Water Watch, and Eric Rardin of Care2 as they outline the critical and often easy ways you can boost your fundraising results in 2013.

In this presentation you'll learn about:
-Building social media into your email and website
-Finding out which people on your email list are on Facebook (without annoying them)
-Engaging on Facebook, converting in email...
-Using Facebook ads to drive online actions
-Phoning your email supporters

Presented by:
Paul Habig, Executive Vice President & Creative Director, SankyNet
Sarah Alexander, Deputy Organizing Director, Food & Water Watch
Eric Rardin, Senior Director of Nonprofit Services, Care2 **FOLLOW THIS LINK TO WATCH OR DOWNLOAD THE FULL WEBINAR VIDEO**

Published in: Education
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  • Blackbaud - State of the Nonprofit Industry study 2013 (SONI)
  • Source: DoubleClick ad planner
  • Social media appending - Flowtown, SalesInsideTwitter tools – Hootsuite, Fuji, FollowerWonk
  • -Field to Online- Online to Mail/Phone-Post your actions on Facebook, and ask your supporters to like you on Facebook
  • -Automated Welcome series with fundraising ask-Post your actions on Facebook, and ask your supporters to like you on Facebook
  • -Survey your supporters (Then ask them for support)-Honor their preferences-Make sure your pages are optimized where people are engaging with you (website, facebook)-Retargeting ads
  • What we’ve learned about age append from our list.Also can append social media data
  • -Fracking acquisition test (list acquisition with care2, welcome series, online fundraising ask, followed up by mail piece.)
  • -Monitor results closely (and don't waste time on a channel if it isn't working)
  • Transcript

    • 1. Monthly Donors, Social Media, and Cross-Channel Integration: Critical Tactics to Boost Your Fundraising in 2013 Presented by: Paul Habig, SankyNet Sarah Alexander, Food & Water Watch@Care2Team #C2Webinar Eric Rardin, Care2
    • 2. aboutCitizens use Care2 for: Starting or signing petitions Nonprofits use Care2 for: Volunteering Donating $ Recruiting Donors & Supporters Spreading news Traffic/Branding/Awareness Commenting on blogs Starting group (organizing) Advocacy Joining nonprofits Building Facebook fan base
    • 3. Meet our Presenters Paul Habig Executive VP & Creative Director SankyNet Sarah Alexander Deputy Organizing Director Food & Water Watch @Care2Team #C2Webinar
    • 4. State of Integrated Fundraising Dramatic shift towards online giving Typical nonprofit now receives 10%-25% of income online Many charities seeing 30%-40% of direct mail recipients making their gifts online
    • 5. State of Integrated Fundraising 55% of current Facebook users are over 45 Facebook‟s growing at the fastest rate among over-50 demographic
    • 6. State of Integrated Fundraising 2/3 of major donors report looking at a charity‟s website before giving.
    • 7. Why Integration? Coordination of channels Same message, different mediums
    • 8. Why Integration? Increases response rate Increases average gift Increases long-term value of donors
    • 9. Building Social Media into email and website Include Facebook „share‟ and „like‟ buttons in all emails
    • 10. Building Social Media into email and website Make sure content is sharable throughout your website
    • 11. Building Social Media into email and website Create social media contests and partnerships
    • 12. Building Social Media into email and website Use social media to increase brand awareness Tell the story of your organizations history with the Timeline
    • 13. Investigating without annoying Methods for determining which people on your email list are on Facebook – without annoying them! Manually search for high-dollar donors Use Facebook insights to see your demographic Use Twitter tools to identify most influential followers Social media appending
    • 14. Engage on Facebook, convert in emailEngage followers with mission-specific contentIntegrate social media basedfundraising messages tocoordinate with email campaignsUse email campaigns to convert
    • 15. Facebook Advertising Use Facebook ads to drive action on your site (or Care2) Increase your likes Promote your fundraising posts Use Facebook in general to drive traffic Don‟t forget that Care2 can help drive traffic too!
    • 16. A Funnel for Conversion Create an email series that engages your supporters on why they originally joined your email list
    • 17. Create a Funnel for Conversion Begin with the story Find non-donation ways to engage Video is a powerful tool!
    • 18. A Funnel for Conversion Use a powerful e-appeal for your first conversion Resend a week later to reiterate
    • 19. A Funnel for Conversion Follow up with telemarketing with your warmest leads Test a monthly vs. single ask on the phone
    • 20. Converting supporters to Monthly Giving Find the appropriate segments to try and covert (not a one-size-fits-all) Integrate on all channels Be “creative” with your approach Premiums work sometimes Reinforce the message on social media
    • 21. What else will 2013 bring? Movement across channels will accelerate and integration will be more important than ever. What other fundraising/marketing channels will emerge, especially for a high value long-term channel? We must be nimble…to embrace the future while not losing sight of what we already know.
    • 22. Food & Water Watch
    • 23. 1) Get Your House In Order
    • 24. 2) Bring The Right People Together
    • 25. 3) Build Your Systems
    • 26. 4) Always Be Recruiting
    • 27. 5) Guide People through a series
    • 28. 7) Meet People Where They’re At
    • 29. 8)Append Data!
    • 30. 9) Have a testing plan
    • 31. 10) Monitor Results and Adapt
    • 32. You Can Start TodayPull together a meeting of people in yourorganization that are involved in your“channels”Make a list of things that you‟re alreadydoing that you could integrateStart small, but build up to a plan for betterintegration and testing by the end of theyear.
    • 33. thank you! questions? contact us! Paul Habig @paulhabig Sarah Alexander @sarahatfww Eric Rardin @care2team