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Dale Carnegie's Training has impacted and influenced millions directly and indirectly. You would be surprised how effective and necessary his methodology is.

Dale Carnegie's Training has impacted and influenced millions directly and indirectly. You would be surprised how effective and necessary his methodology is.

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  • 1. Dale Carnegie TrainingDale Carnegie Training came to fruition in 1912, stemming from a man’s principle thatpersonal development can be enhanced through group-based experiential learning. The multi-faceted program is directed towards individuals, teams and corporations with the aim of helpingthem achieve constructive and sustainable results. Because of its profound influence, DaleCarnegie Training has now spread to numerous countries around the world and has reached atruly global audience through multilingual trainers and its social media presence.Road to Personal ImprovementThe proprietary program for individuals is based on Dale Carnegie’soriginal teachings and generally revolves around a continuous fivepronged cycle. Boosting self-confidence Developing leadership skills Bettering communication skills Enhancing social interaction (people) skills Mitigating stress and improving one’s attitudeFundamentally, the process utilizes group activities to foster favorable interpersonal relations,out-of-the-box problem solving deftness, and effective communication skills. Participants canalso become more able to handle high stress workplace situations and ever-changing businessconditions.Building Teams and BusinessesDale Carnegie Training incorporates innovative methods of understanding team dynamicsthrough a process called iMap. At the heart of iMap are five steps: Intent, Inquire, Involve,Innovate and Impact. Firstly, an organization is asked of what their strategic vision is. Second, anintegral conversation is initiated to establish where the team is at present, where the team wantsto go and what necessary steps should the team take to get there. Thirdly, the organizationundergoes an assessment process to determine points of vision alignment, competency gaps and
  • 2. degenerative attitudes. The fourth step involves designing aframework of intervention that lends to measurable results. Finally,long-term behavioral and organizational change is melded intocorporate objectives and workplace performance. This holisticprocess is not a one-size-fits-all formula; rather it strives to createspecialized solutions tailor-made for an organization.With its emphasis on practical solutions to real-world scenarios,Dale Carnegie Training programs have been employed bybusinesses to assist them in engendering a culture of passion andperformance – that is, helping businesses to genuinely benefit fromthe potential of its own people.Global Scope and Digital MediaDale Carnegie Training headquarters are located in Hauppauge, New York but its reach isprevalent in all 50 states of the U.S. and in roughly 80 countries. The program has been adaptedto around 25 languages and has touched a whopping 8 million people worldwide.More than just books and on-site training programs, some aspects of Dale Carnegie Trainingcan now also be accessed through their website dalecarnegie.com. The online Knowledge Centerincorporates free electronic newsletters, articles, guide books, videos and podcasts that have beenmade available to further supplement what is coached in actual workshops.As a step forward into the digital landscape, Dale Carnegie Training also has activeengagement in social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These networks are used not justto announce upcoming events and recent publications. They are also gateways for traininggraduates to continue to interact among each other as well as a means to propagate briefmotivational content.Accreditations and Relationships
  • 3. Dale Carnegie Training is deeply committed to upholdingthe quality of its programs such that the effectiveness of itstraining is consistently monitored through an ongoingworldwide survey. Graduates have continuously expressedgreat satisfaction of how the program has changed theiroutlook and their lives.Most of the local franchise organizations of Dale CarnegieTraining in the United States have been certified by the Accrediting Council for ContinuingEducation and Training (ACCET). ACCET, which is recognized by the United StatesDepartment of Education, is a group of dedicated educational organization that has volunteeredto promote the foremost standards of progressive education and training.I hope this article helped in understanding who Dale Carnegie is and what he’s contributed tosociety. I’ve learned how to apply the same concepts that Dale Carnegie teaches in my businessand that is the reason for my success today. If you’re looking for more strategies to achieve thesuccess you deserve and desire, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter and also be a part of teammastermind by clicking here.To Your successRelevant Videos:[1] Leadership & Self-Motivation – Human Relations: http://youtu.be/SoYltjHmyiQ[2] Secrets of Success: Dont Criticize, Condemn or Complain: - Dale Carnegie Training:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHvcLG936kw&feature=share&list=PLC43291DAD8B3DC75