inTTENSITY Federal Social Media Summit


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inTTENSITY Federal Social Media Summit

  1. 1. Agenda & Speaker Bios
  2. 2. Agenda08:00am-08:45am Registration and Breakfast08:45am-09:00am Welcome09:00am-10:00am Transforming Commercial Social Media Use for Federal Agency Needs10:00am-11:00am Break11:15am-12:15pm Opportunities and Risks of Social Media in Government12:15pm-01:00pm Lunch01:00pm-02:45pm Improving Social Media Usage to Better Understand and Interact with the Public02:00pm-03:45pm The Science of Forecasting Societal Unrest
  3. 3. Keynote SpeakerDan Zarrella is the award-winning social media scientistat HubSpot and author of three books. He has abackground in web development and combines hisprogramming capabilities with a passion for socialmarketing to study social media behavior from a data-backed position and teach marketers scientificallygrounded best practices. Webinars in his “Science of…”series have drawn upwards of 30,000 registrants. HisScience of ReTweets Report analyzes the when, whyand how Twitter users ReTweet things, and explainshow marketers can effectively get more ReTweets.
  4. 4. SpeakerDylan Schmorrow is a Captain in the US NavyMedical Service Corps, and serves as the ActingDirector of the Human Performance, Training, andBioSystems Research Directorate at the Office ofthe Assistant Secretary of Defense, Research &Engineering (ASD(R&E)) at Office of the Secretaryof Defense. He is also Specialty Leader of theAerospace Experimental Psychologist communityand an Acquisition Professional in the NavalAcquisition Corps. He has previously served as theExecutive Assistant to the Chief of Naval Researchat the Office of Naval Research.
  5. 5. SpeakerIan Hersey, in his role as Chief Product Officer forinTTENSITY, brings 25 years of experience deliveringinnovative research technology into the commercialmainstream. He is responsible for providing thetechnical and strategic product vision for InTTENSITYssolutions. Prior to InTTENSITY/Attensity, Ian was vicepresident of technology development and strategy atSAP BusinessObjects, via its acquisition of InxightSoftware. As co-founder of Inxight, Ian led the definitionand development of what became the industry’sbroadest text analysis platform, serving manycommercial and government organizations..
  6. 6. SpeakerDr. Nahum D. Gershon is a Senior Principal Scientist atThe MITRE Corporation. A world renown expert andinnovator in information visualization of massive &complex data and information, Gershonoriginated the idea and co-founded the IEEE Symposiumon Information Visualization and served a ProceedingsEditor as well as chaired the Program Committee. Hehas chaired numerous international conferences oninformation visualization and edited books oninformation visualization. He also served as a memberat large in the NATO Human Factors and Medicine Paneland is a member of the IEEE Consumer ElectronicsAdministrative Committee.
  7. 7. SpeakerKalev H. Leetaru’s award-winning work centers on theapplication of high performance computing to grandchallenge problems using news, social media and opensources intelligence. He holds three U.S. patents andmore than 50 University Invention Disclosures, and hasbeen an invited speaker, panelist and discussant atvenues including the Library of Congress, Harvard,Columbia, Stanford and UC Berkeley. His work has beenprofiled in venues as diverse as Nature, the New YorkTimes, BBC, Discovery Channel, MSNBC and US News &World Report, along with media outlets in more than100 countries.