Data Center Virtualization


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Speaker: Skip Farmer, Distinguished Systems Engineer, Symantec

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  • Backup operations can affect performance and availability of the virtual environment if a traditional backup application agent is installed on each and every virtual machine. With multiple virtual machines on the same physical host, network bandwidth is much more limited than in physical environments. Thus, moving backup data across the network can quickly exceed available bandwidth. In addition, backup agents on virtual machines consume virtual machine memory and processing resources and require administrative overhead to maintain. NetBackup’s off-host image backups accomplished through our integration with VMware’s vStorage API for Data Protection (VADP) virtually eliminate the overhead of backup processing on virtual machines and network bandwidth requirements. This translates into greater backup performance while removing the need to install, maintain and upgrade agents on every virtual machine. NetBackup supports full and incremental backups of virtual machines and works with any backup storage. This includes support for VMware’s Change Block Tracking (CBT) and Block Optimization features. By only backing up what has changed or is active – backups are faster, and backup storage capacity is maximized.
  • Let’s face it, VMs are dynamic. They are easily created, cloned and migrated making protecting them a challenge. It also explains why virtual machine sprawl is a growing management challenge within IT organizations today. Many IT managers would be hard pressed to give an accurate count as to how many virtual machines they’re running or whether or not they’re all being protected. And, as the number of servers being virtualized grows, management of backup and recovery becomes more problematic. Avoid time consuming backup administration, unprotected VMs and overloading VM hosts with NetBackup VM Intelligent Policy (VIP). VIP leverages V-Ray to automatically discover, identify and protect VMs as they come online - whether they are new, cloned or migrated from another location. This means that VMs can be protected wherever they may reside, WITHOUT having to edit the backup policy. It basically let’s you put virtual machine protection on “auto-pilot”. This is significant because we’ve talked to customers who have a dedicated person doing nothing but aligning backup policies with datastores. Why waste a headcount doing something that can be automated with NetBackup?With VIP you can easily select (or filter) virtual machines for backup based on over 25 different VMware attributes for easier management. For example: Backup all the machines in Power On stateBackup all the machines where OS type is RedHat LinuxBackup all the virtual machines for which display name starts with VMprodIn addition, this filtering can allow VMware vCenter to balance the backup load across the various ESX servers thus improving performance while reducing impact. VIP automatically adjusts for any other changes that VMware technologies such as VMotion, Storage Vmotion, Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS) etc. have made to every virtual machine. VIP is available with VMware and NetBackup 7.1.
  • OpsCenter, a free monitoring and reporting tool, and OpsCenter Analytics, its chargeable extended option, were introduced in NetBackup 7.0.NetBackup 7.5 introduces three new features for OpsCenter, Search, Restore and view based access controls. View based access control is simply a mechanism to control what clients and policies individual users can report on and restore from, however it is a significant step in terms of “multi-tenancy” support as it allows responsibility for selected clients to be delegated to individuals or groups.The restore feature extended the “Oracle cloning” feature introduced in NetBackup 7.1 and provides a much simpler, easier to use restore interface than the current BAR GUI .NetBackup Search – the third major new feature in NetBackup 7.5 – is a separate, linked application with it’s own server component. Like OpsCenter Analytics, NetBackup Search is a chargeable option (although the two components are licenses separately from each other). It is also important to note that the NetBackup Search server uses embedded technology that is only supported on Windows 2008R2 .
  • For large organizations or enterprises with multiple locations and data centers, managing backup and recovery can be a challenge, especially if the goal is to improve efficiency and use of resources. NetBackup OpsCenter, introduced in NetBackup 7.0, offers out of the box reporting, alerts, and monitoring screens designed to streamline the operations of data protection.New in NetBackup 7.5 are two features; Restore and Search and Hold. These features transform OpsCenter from a reporting, monitoring, and alerting tool into a product that can be used for administration purposes.NetBackup Search is an e-discovery tool which allows backup administrators to easily complete requests from the Legal department to find information stored on backup tapes in the event of litigation. The current process is very expensive and manual in nature. NetBackup Search UI is integrated into OpsCenter with means customer can quickly and easily search across their entire NetBackup environment.Now that we’ve covered the legal use case, let’s take a look at operational restores.  In today’s IT environment, companies are continually looking for way to reduce complexity and operational expenses. Operational Restore using OpsCenter is a great new feature that significantly reduces the time and complexity involved with restoring an accidentally deleted file or folder. Operational restore can find delete files/folder in virtual images as well as snapshots. Now, enable your front-line ticketing engineers to perform restore which will significantly reduce the load on the backup department.
  • OpsCenter 7.5 offers a restore user interface that is available to operators in a Web browser. Not only can you browse the NetBackup catalog as you have in the past, you can now search across multiple client and multiple NetBackup domains. That enables you to search and find the files or directories, even with limited information and service the restore request as quickly as possible. All of that is accomplished without any additional NetBackup infrastructure. Search results appear within seconds and you can refine or cancel them as needed to find the files fast.
  • Symantec offers flexibility and choice when it comes to deduplication. With NetBackup 7, deduplication is built in. That enables you the flexibility to choose where to deduplicate. What’s unique with NetBackup, is you can deduplicate everywhere – the source or target – from ONE SINGLE INTERFACE. No more having to cobble point solutions together. Our recommendation is to deduplicate as close to the source as possible – so in this instance, within the virtual machine itself. Why? Because network bandwidth is optimized as you are only sending unique data over the network. However, we also understand that as customers virtualize more and more business-critical applications – it may require deduplicating elsewhere as all server resources should be dedicated to running that particular business-critical application. In these situations – you need the flexibility to deduplicate off-host – either at the media server or via a target appliance. As deduplication is built in – NetBackup can deduplicate at the NetBackup media server ensuring that only unique data is ported off to disk or tape. If you prefer an appliance form factor – NetBackup integrates with third-party deduplication appliances via our OpenStorage API, or, offers our own NetBackup 5200 series deduplication appliance.
  • Data Center Virtualization

    1. 1. Data Center VirtualizationSkip FarmerDistinguished Systems Engineer
    2. 2. Agenda 1 V-Ray Technology 2 Application Protection 3 VM Intelligent Policy (VIP) 4 Reporting 5 Summary and Q&ASymantec Government Technology Summit 2
    3. 3. Imagine having to do your job without being able to see your tools. Working in virtual darkness.Symantec Government Technology Summit 3
    4. 4. No visibility.Symantec Government Technology Summit 4
    5. 5. With a lot of money at stake.Symantec Government Technology Summit 5
    6. 6. It’s what IT departments are forced to do when they virtualize business-critical applications without production quality data protection technology.Symantec Government Technology Summit
    7. 7. Introducing V-Ray technology from Symantec. An entirely new dimension in virtualization.Symantec Government Technology Summit 7
    8. 8. Don’t Let Poor Visibility and Silos Slow You Downand Cost You More Time, Resources, and Storage• V-Ray – a group of Symantec technologies with: – Patented visibility into virtual machines and applications – Transparent backup and recovery across physical and virtual environments – Third-generation granular recovery Unified Protection, File & Application Recovery, Deduplication, & Automated ProtectionSymantec Government Technology Summit 8
    9. 9. VMware? Hyper V? Both?Symantec Government Technology Summit 9
    10. 10. VMware? Hyper V? Both? Disk Tape VM2 VM1 x86 OSSymantec Government Technology Summit 10
    11. 11. VMware? Hyper V? Both? Disk Tape VM2 VM1 x86 OSSymantec Government Technology Summit 11
    12. 12. V-Ray Visibility into the VM Image for Fast and EfficientBackup & RecoveryNetBackup Seamlessly Integrates with VMware vStorage APIs NetBackup Server SAN/ ESX LAN ESX Datastore• VM image (vmdk) moves directly to the backup destination (disk or tape) in a single step Backup• Snapshot and deduplication process done off-host Destination• Change nothing! Use existing HW and proceduresSymantec Government Technology Summit 12
    13. 13. Why Is Our Single File Restore Different? Backup Server Single File VCB Framework Discovery ESX SAN ESX Datastore • NetBackup discovers single files before vmdk data is written to backup target • This allows us to: • Backup to any storage technology Backup Dest • Restore from any storage technologySymantec Government Technology Summit 13
    14. 14. V-Ray Visibility to Protect VMs “On the Fly”Wherever They May Reside • Automatically discover and protect VMs as they move, change or come online − Filter VMs by physical and logical attributes − Balance the backup load across ESX servers − No editing of the backup policy required − vMotion, Storage vMotion and DRS aware VM Intelligent Policy (VIP) Available with VMs VMs NetBackup 7.1Symantec Government Technology Summit 14
    15. 15. ESX Server Load – Client Backups vs. Off-host w/VADP Std Client Backups NetBackup 7 for VMware Off-host Backup Std Client BackupsSymantec Government Technology Summit 15
    16. 16. New Virtualization Policy TypesSymantec Government Technology Summit 16
    17. 17. New VMware & Hyper-V Policy Types• 3 separate policies for 3 different uses – no more overloading – FlashBackup-Windows – VMware – Hyper-V• Can now create, manage, and report on “real” policy typesSymantec Government Technology Summit 17
    18. 18. VMware Policy Type• New VMware policy type – not FlashBackup-Windows• New VMware tabSymantec Government Technology Summit 18
    19. 19. VMware Tab• All VMware settings consolidated on new tabSymantec Government Technology Summit 19
    20. 20. Fewer VMware Advanced SettingsSymantec Government Technology Summit 20
    21. 21. Hyper-V Policy Type• New Hyper-V policy type – not FlashBackup-Windows• New Hyper-V tabSymantec Government Technology Summit 21
    22. 22. Hyper-V Tab• All Hyper-V settings consolidated on new tabSymantec Government Technology Summit 22
    23. 23. Fewer Hyper-V Advanced SettingsSymantec Government Technology Summit 23
    24. 24. Application ProtectionSymantec Government Technology Summit 24
    25. 25. Application Protection in VMs• Easy checkbox setup• Automatic application discovery via VM intelligent policy• Application-consistent VM backup• Optional database transaction log truncation• Any-level Recovery: VM, Files, Databases, ItemsSymantec Government Technology Summit 25
    26. 26. Application Protection - Details• Supported VMs: Windows Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server• SYMC VSS Provider required for log-truncation (optional)• NetBackup Windows Client in VM provides – Application cataloging and optional log-truncation – Application granular recovery (same NFS client GRT requirement)• NetBackup for VMware provides VM backup• Types of recovery from VM backup Recovery Exchange SharePoint SQL Server Media VM    Any File    Any Database    Not Tape Item   n/a Not Tape• Available for VMware (Hyper-V support in a TBD future release)Symantec Government Technology Summit 26
    27. 27. VM Intelligent Policy ImprovementsSymantec Government Technology Summit 28
    28. 28. New vCenter Fields• New query builder variables, including: – Datastore Cluster: part of Storage Dynamic Resource Scheduling (SDRS) – Custom VM Attributes: user-defined vCenter variablesSymantec Government Technology Summit 29
    29. 29. Resource Limits• New limits related to Datastores, DS Clusters, and NAS DSSymantec Government Technology Summit 30
    30. 30. VIP Customer Requested Enhancements You asked, We listenedSymantec Government Technology Summit 31
    31. 31. Media Server Load-Balancing• VMware policy now leverages media server load-balancing• Adds redundancy; eliminates backup host single-point-of-failureSymantec Government Technology Summit 32
    32. 32. Media Server Load-Balancing - Overview ESX/i Hosts VM backups jobs automatically select the least busy media server.Backup Hosts - Windows Media Servers This provides the best possible backup performance, and scheduled jobs run even if a media server is down.MSDP Tape Off Host Dedupe OST Devices Shared Storage Pools Shared Backup StorageSymantec Government Technology Summit 33
    33. 33. VM Disk Exclusion• Exclude boot disk – When VM is provisioned from template (e.g. WS2008 R2 template)• Exclude data disks – When data is protected via agent in-the-guest (e.g. Oracle)• Supported for Windows, Redhat, SuSE VMsSymantec Government Technology Summit 34
    34. 34. Post Backup Events into vCenter Server• NetBackup option to log events into vCenter – Backup Success – Backup Failed – Snapshot Delete FailedSymantec Government Technology Summit 35
    35. 35. vCenter UI - Backup Failed EventSymantec Government Technology Summit 36
    36. 36. OpsCenter Reporting for Your Backup EnvironmentSymantec Government Technology Summit 37
    37. 37. OpsCenter Makes Backup Better Monitor Report AlertSearch & Hold RestoreSymantec Government Technology Summit 38
    38. 38. File Restore Using OpsCenter Operational RestoreQuickly find files across multiple clientsand multiple domainsBuilt into NetBackup 7.5 - no additionalinfrastructure or license key requiredAbility to restore from multiple sourcesand to alternate locations withoutleaving OpsCenter • Disaster Recovery Drills • Restore from SnapshotsRestore cart allows user to batch uprestore job for future processingSymantec Government Technology Summit 39
    39. 39. Virtual Client Summary ReportSymantec Government Technology Summit 40
    40. 40. SummarySymantec Government Technology Summit 41
    41. 41. NetBackup & Backup Exec Powered By V-RayIndustry 1st “End-to-End” VMware & Deduplication Solutions NetBackup Backup Exec Physical Infrastructure Virtualized Infrastructure Unified Data Protection NBU 5200 Series 16TB – 192TB NBU 5000 Series VMs BE Appliance Series VMs VMs VMsBuilt-In Client Dedupe Built-In Media Server Dedupe Scalable Global Dedupe Across Virtual/Physical On your equipment or Symantec Appliances Symantec Dedupe Appliance “End-to-End” Scalable Global DeduplicationSymantec Government Technology Summit 42
    42. 42. Deduplicate Everywhere with NetBackup V-RayYet Manage Centrally As It’s Built Right In 1 Client Servers 2 Media Server 3 Target Device Places to Dedupe Choice of Built-In Dedupe Built-In Dedupe Dedupe to a target at the client at the media server backend storage target More Choices on a Single Platform Form Factor Choice ofSymantec Government Technology Summit 43
    43. 43. Questions & AnswersSymantec Government Technology Summit 44
    44. 44. Thank you! Copyright © 2011 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. Symantec and the Symantec Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. This document is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as advertising. All warranties relating to the information in this document, either express or implied, are disclaimed to the maximum extent allowed by law. The information in this document is subject to change without notice.Symantec Government Technology Summit 45