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La Tomatina Fiesta. La Tomatina Fiesta is the World Biggest Food Fight Festival where thousands of people from all over the world come together for tomato fight.

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Spain car hire

  1. 1. Take Car Hire and Be a part of the La Tomatina Fiesta 2011Spain has some of most charming villages, vibrant cities, stunning coasts and the best island in theworld. This exotic country is a perfect destination for any kind of trip as it is filled with numerousattractions and has the second largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The country hassomething to offer for every age group. To explore all that this amazing country has to offer, availcar rental service in Spain.Spain is known for its rich heritage and numerous cultural events. The country hosts several livelyand colorful festivals and events throughout the year. One such fun-filled festival is La TomatinaFiesta. La Tomatina Fiesta is the World Biggest Food Fight Festival where thousands of peoplefrom all over the world come together for tomato fight. Nearly 20,000 to 40,000 people come everyyear to be part of this tomato fight. This year’s festival will be held on 31st August in the Valenciantown of Bunol, Spain. It is the last event of the weeklong festival of Bunol which features music,parades, dancing and fireworks. The La Tomatina Fiesta starts around 10 in the morning when thereis a signal to start the tomato fight with the firing of water cannons. Traditionally the fight beginsonly when someone reaches the top of the greased pole and gets the ham on the top.Before the start signal, several trucks throw huge quantity of tomatoes in the Plaza del Pueblo. Thetomatoes are got from Extremadura as they are less expensive there. It is strongly advised to wearprotective safety goggles and gloves while attending this event. You should also make sure that yousquish the tomatoes before throwing, for safety precautions. After one hour, with the second firingof the water cannons the festival ends. Fire trucks are used to spray down the water and clean thestreets full of tomatoes. Participants clean themselves with the hoses provide by the local or washthemselves at the Bunol River.As the city of Bunol has limited accommodation, you would get a place to stay at the nearby cities.Hence it is advisable to avail car rental service to move around the cities in Spain and explore thesurroundings.For more details visit .