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General Pos Sheets (5)

  1. 1. Cappo is proud to introduce a new versatile line of high quality dry powdered ice blended drinks featuring an impressive lineup often flavors. We use pure Colombian coffee, Dutch chocolate, Belgian white chocolate, and Japanese matcha green tea to produce aunique and luxurious flavor profile. Once you taste them, we think youll agree Cappo Drinks are the finest – and healthiest –gourmet ice-blended drinks.We go to great lengths to ensure that every package we manufacture has quality you can see and quality you can taste. The result isa naturally delicious, unparalleled product you’ll be proud to serve your customers. Cappo Ice Blended Drinks…a new way to say, “DELICIOUS!" • C APPUCCINO C OFFEE Get ready to experience a blend of 100% Columbian coffee, alongside a perfect balance of sugar and cream. An amazing drink to satisfy the true coffee devotee. • C HOCOLATE is created for the chocolate enthusiast in all of us. Pure European dark chocolate is used to achieve this velvety, rich and decadent drink. Unlike traditional chocolate mixes, we have a high concentration of cocoa, to ensure maximum flavor. Enjoy it anytime and anywhere, hot or cold! • M ATCHA G REEN T EA We have scoured the globe for the ultimate green tea, and have found it in Japan. Japanese Matcha green tea is naturally intense in flavor and color. Matcha green tea has very high levels of antioxidants proven to be beneficial to the body. Drink and enjoy! • M OCHA D OUBLE C HOCOLATE is a flavor not to be missed. Fudge and coffee are combined to create the ultimate taste experience. Intense European dark chocolate 100% Arabic coffee, cream, and a touch of sugar. One of our most popular flavors. • M OCHA is the cornerstone flavor within our line. Using mountain grown 100% Arabic coffee, pure European dark chocolate, and cream to produce the results we have come to be famous for. • S PICY C HAI T EA is based on an ancient Indian recipe. We combine cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardamon and other aromatic spices along with black tea. Drink it hot or ice blended, whatever suits your mood, Nourish your craving for something different, your will love it! • S TRAWBERRY A delightful flavor profile made of sun-ripened strawberries blended with the goodness of sweet cream. A perfect treat for a warm and sunny day! • V ANILLA L ATTÉ Take the time out to enjoy the many pleasures in life, one of them being a delicious Vanilla Latte. A beautiful blend of 100% Arabica coffee, vanilla, and cream balanced to perfection. Who could ever resist? • V ANILLA S MOOTHIE B ASE A rich and creamy vanilla base used to enhance the flavor of fruit smoothies. Add our Vanilla smoothie base, fruit, water, and ice to create a satisfying smoothie. Irresistible! • W HITE C HOCOLATE A chocolate lover’s paradise. We use pure European chocolate for an indulgent experience surely to satisfy. The Benefits of Choosing Cappo Ice Blended Drinks • EASY TO USE • TWO- YEAR SHELF LIFE • TOP- OF-THE-LINE INGREDIENTS • DOES NOT REQUIRE REFRIGERATION • ASSURES CUSTOMER SATISFACTION • A GROWING TREND FOR CONSUMER PREFERENCES • OFFERS VERSATILITY TO BE SERVED HOT OR COLD • UNIQUE FLAVOR PROFILE YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL ENJOY
  2. 2. UNIT CASE CASE CASE CODE DESCRIPTION UNIT UPC CASE UPC WEIGHT WEIGHT DIMENSIONS CUBE TIE HI TOTAL PALLET CONFIGURATION FS123 CAPPUCCINO COFFEE 894433-00673 894433-00674 4.5 LB 18 LB 16”X10” X6” .567 10 6 60 40”W X 48” D X 44” H FS456 CHOCOLATE 894433-00671 894433-00672 4.5 LB 18 LB 16”X10” X6” .567 10 6 60 40”W X 48” D X 44” H FS789 MATCHA GREEN TEA 894433-00677 894433-00678 4.5 LB 18 LB 16”X10” X6” .567 10 6 60 40”W X 48” D X 44” H FS010 MOCHA D OUBLE CHOC. 894433-00655 894433-00656 4.5 LB 18 LB 16”X10” X6” .567 10 6 60 40”W X 48” D X 44” H FS011 MOCHA 894433-00651 894433-00652 4.5 LB 18 LB 16”X10” X6” .567 10 6 60 40”W X 48” D X 44” H FS012 SPICED CHAI T EA 894433-00675 894433-00676 4.5 LB 18 LB 16”X10” X6” .567 10 6 60 40”W X 48” D X 44” H FS013 STRAWBERRY 894433-00679 894433-00680 4.5 LB 18 LB 16”X10” X6” .567 10 6 60 40”W X 48” D X 44” H FS014 VANILLA LATTÉ 894433-00667 894433-00668 4.5 LB 18 LB 16”X10” X6” .567 10 6 60 40”W X 48” D X 44” H FS015 VANILLA SMOOTHIE 894433-00661 894433-00662 4.5 LB 18 LB 16”X10” X6” .567 10 6 60 40”W X 48” D X 44” H FS016 WHITE CHOCOLATE 894433-00669 894433-00670 4.5 LB 18 LB 16”X10” X6” .567 10 6 60 40”W X 48” D X 44” H The Health and Nutrition Facts of a Cappo Ice Blended Drink! Cappuccino Coffee Chocolate Matcha Green Tea Mocha Double Chocolate Mocha Spiced Chai Tea Strawberry Vanilla Latte Vanilla Smoothie Base White ChocolateCappo is committed to product integrity and service every step of the way. We look forward to serving you! Baldwin Park, CA 91706