Benefits of REPEL Technology Webbing in Fall Protection By Capital Safety


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This presentation outlines REPEL Technology Webbing. It also discusses its benefits when used in Fall Protection products such as Full Body Harnesses, Shock Absorbing Lanyards and Pole Straps.

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Benefits of REPEL Technology Webbing in Fall Protection By Capital Safety

  1. 1. The Benefits ofREPEL™ TechnologyWebbing in FallProtection The Worldwide Experts in Fall Protection Prepared by Capital SafetyAustralia & New Zealand
  2. 2. REPEL™ Technology WebbingBenefits at a glance • Uniquely repels water and stains • High level of abrasion resistance • Easily cleaned, affording significantly improved hygiene benefits • Offers reliable protection and improved levels of comfort • The repelling function is maintained even after numerous washing or cleaning cycles • Ecologically clean textile finish developed in accordance with the bluesign® standard
  3. 3. REPEL™ Technology WebbingLessons from Nature •The leaves of certain plants always stay clean, because dirt cannot adhere to their finely-structured surfaces and is easily washed off by rain. •This natural non-stick and cleaning process, also known as the self-cleaning effect, is permanently transferred to the webbing surface by means of nanotechnology. •The result is REPELTM Technology Webbing - an ecologically clean textile finish, developed in accordance with the bluesign® standard.
  4. 4. REPEL™ Technology Webbing Based on bluesign® standard•This Nanotechnology is based on the bluesign ® standard and guarantees thehighest possible exclusion of substances which are harmful to humans or theenvironment and promotes the economical use of resources in manufacturing. Elimination of all problematic substances Nano particles fixed into a coating matrix First class working hygienic production conditions
  5. 5. REPEL™ Technology WebbingBackground: Nano technology Nano uniqueness - the size Spider silk Human hair Nano particle
  6. 6. REPEL™ Technology WebbingBackground: Nano technology The nanoparticles in the REPELTM finish form a fine structure on the textile surface. Water or substances such as oil or dirt simply run off the REPELTM Technology Webbing surface, any residue can easily be rinsed off with a little water.
  7. 7. REPEL™ Technology WebbingA nearly perfect copy of natureLotus leaf surface in the Nano-range Textile surface with NanoSphere
  8. 8. REPEL™ Technology WebbingComparison of a conventional webbing surfacewith a REPELTM surface The classic surface: The contact surface of a water drop or a particle of dirt with the textile, and therefore the level of adhesion, is very large. As a result, water or dirt adheres to the textile. The REPELTM surface: Water drops or particles of dirt lie only on the peaks of the nano particles, and therefore have a lower contact area. Adhesion is significantly reduced, water runs off, dirt is repelled or can be simply rinsed off.
  9. 9. REPEL™ Technology WebbingWater and stains have no chance • Water and annoying stains have no chance on textiles with a REPELTM finish. • The nanotechnology-based webbing impregnation is characterized by a high level of water resistance, a natural self-cleaning effect and a durable protective function.
  10. 10. REPEL™ Technology WebbingREPELTM Advantages • High level of water resistance • Naturally self-cleaning • Durable protective function New Technology Provides Longer Lasting Web
  11. 11. REPEL™ Technology WebbingRepels liquidsOn REPELTM Technology Webbing, water drops, e.g. when it is rainingsteadily, run off simply and reliably. Prevents wicking of water – Fast drying – Repels water and other liquids – Averts dirt particles from penetrating webbing weave preventing premature wear – Ideal for Live Line applications
  12. 12. REPEL™ Technology WebbingNaturally self-cleaningOil, dirt and dust do not adhere to the REPELTM Technology Webbing surfaceand can be rinsed off with water.Enhanced Hygiene – Easy decontamination – Non saturated webbing avoids mold and odors – Ideal for Water & Sewerage applications
  13. 13. REPEL™ Technology WebbingEnhanced Durability REPEL™ Web Standard Web REPELTM Technology Webbing is After extremely hard wearing. 1,000 Abrasion Cycles – Provides up to 5 times more abrasion resistance – Ideal for heavy duty applications and harsh environments – Protective function retained even with frequent washing or cleaning
  14. 14. REPEL™ Technology WebbingFall Protection ApplicationsCapital Safety utilisesREPELTM TechnologyWebbing in a varietyof products in theirDBI-SALA range, suchas: Harnesses,Lanyards and PoleStraps.
  15. 15. Contact your local CAPITAL SAFETY office for more information on our REPEL™ Technology Webbing Fall Protection Products. Australia: 1800 245 002 New Zealand: 0800 212 505 Asia: +65 6558 7758 USA: 800 328 6146 Canada: 800 387 7484 Europe, Middle East, Africa: +33 (0)4 97 10 00 10 Latin America: +1 651 385 4301 Northern Europe: +44 (0) 1928 571234 Germany: +49 2634 8052